Does anybody else get hungry at midnight?

For the past 4 months, I’ve been sleeping really late  (like 4-5 am .__.) mainly due to a mixture of  insomnia, league, pre-exam stress, and group assignments. During this time, my roommate and I would go out for pizza/snacks, arrive back in our apartment, and then proceed to ‘not sleep’.

Surprisingly, I don’t get sleepy in class o_o. In my first year I would always fall asleep in my business lectures to the point where I had to develop methods to try to keep myself awake. For instance, I would try to unwrap a candy bar really loudly so that people would look at me, and then attempt to use my own embarrassment as a means to stay awake. Weird, right?

Onto more interesting topics… I brought my classical violin to my apartment at university! I stopped playing for a while due to school, but I now have a bit more time because classes end this week =). Hopefully I can do a few covers and show you guys someday ^_^.

I just thought I’d share that with you guys tonight. If you guys have any comments or questions then shoot me an email!


Tim Liu