Hey yall,


Honestly I find that recently I’ve been quite content with life. I mean school is crazy as always, and shit’s still hitting the fan and flying everywhere, but recently I suppose I’ve been quite good at taking a step back and enjoying the view I suppose. I mean sure this is like hell right now, but one day we’ll all look back and realize how silly we were and all that good stuff. I think, if I look back, these recent 2-3 years has been the happiest. I’m quite fortunate really, to have made great friends, mediocre grades (well maybe not grades -.-), well dressed (questionably in terms of fashion … but hey, as long as you’ve got clothes :D) and well fed (usually overfed thanks to my dad’s over cooking habits :/), warm, happy and sappy.

And University of Toronto oh ho! As much as this institution gives me grief (which i must state I’m partly at fault for considering my near nonexistent studying habits), I’m quite glad I came here. Recently I saw some posters around school featuring comments students have written on pieces of paper stuck on a series of Bristol boards. Some, or most, were rather negative sadly :/ People stated depressions, how they felt useless, hopeless and lonely. But among them were also some positive ones, how people were glad to come here, and how they actually enjoy the academically stimulating and competitive environment!

My comment?

“Academically challenged, socially happy!”

That’s what I wrote.

I felt that university really opened up the world for me, I met and befriended a whole variety of different people.

From the me of then, born in a class of 15, to now- it feels nothing short of a miracle.
I’m probably being cheesy and over dramatic as always, but I’m truly thankful. Doesn’t mean I don’t get stressed and stuff, just that I’ve gotten a bit better at appreciating the present.

So I’ll leave my last words there (and perhaps a bit of a different context), “39!” 😀


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