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2015 is here and these songs are now 10 years old!

Hi everyone! This is Producer Jack here and I usually don’t do my blogs on Japan Top 10’s website but I thought this might be something our listeners can all relate with, especially if you are from an English speaking country!

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OUR LISTENERS! On behalf of everyone on the show, we want wish everyone the very best for 2015.

So I had my reality check done and knowing that 2005 is now officially 10 years ago, I really feel that many of the songs I grew up listening to is now 10 years old. Unfortunately, I didn’t listen to J-Pop music while growing up, though I was quite obsessed with Inuyasha’s Change the World song (I remember videotaping the opening of the show when it aired on TV and I did it in front of my parents who were awfully confused). I grew up listening to English songs and 2005 was the first year that I began to actually deciphering the songs I heard on the radio. For the first time, I began to remember song titles and song artists from songs on the radio that might not been super duper popular. I also remember buying Pizza Pockets to get free downloads of songs and that kinda also opened my world of more songs.

Anyway, here are 30 songs that I really enjoyed in 2005 and really cannot believe they are now 10 years old. Seriously guys, time flies.


1). Sheryl Crow- Good is Good

Huge fan of Sheryl Crow. I love her voice and all of her songs are amazing. I only realized recently how much I loved this song when it was overplayed on the radio back in 2005. It was the summer of this year when I heard this song again on the radio with my friends in the car and complete nostalgia fluttered around me.  When the chorus kicked in, I had felt full goosebumps all over myself and thus, this is still one of my favorite songs (as of right now). Take a listen, hopefully you’ll like it as much as I do!

2). Keane- Somewhere Only We Know

I don’t have too much memories that pertain with this song, but it’s just one that I really recommend everyone to hear. This song was recently covered by Lily Allen for an advertisement and she did a wonderful job in the cover. And this song was stuck in my iPod classic for a while (meaning I never took it off because of how awesome it was).

3). Sum 41- Pieces

Gosh, I never knew how many depressing songs I liked back in the day until recently… But none the less, this song is amazing and has an amazing message in it. My memory of this song back in the day probably has to be in 2007 (though I knew this song since it came out), when I requested a song on the radio that the DJ ended up not having so she compensated instead for this song (I requested Click Five’s Jenny, quite the opposite from this song). And it went on air. And my voice was on the radio. Yippie. Other than that, still a great song I really enjoy listening to.

4). Gwen Stefani- Cool

I feel like I didn’t give enough respect to this song when I first discovered it back in the day. I think I gave too much attention to Gwen’s stupider songs like Hollaback Girl and Wind It Up and not enough to this one and 4 in the Morning. But yea, this song is super duper cool (haha puns) and I recommend everyone to check out the music video of this song, the intro instrumentals are really cool as well.

5). KT Tunstall- Suddenly I See

Suddenly I began to see a wonderful song. Suddenly, ok I’ll stop… Actually when this song first came out and I heard it, I didn’t feel connected with it but the more I listened to it (as it was overplayed on the radio, of course), it grew on me. Catchy song, interesting lyrics and mature instrumentals make this a song that will entice you guys to check out!

6). Hedley- Trip

Gosh, I really don’t know where to begin with this song. But let me begin with saying that Hedley’s first 2 albums were amazing and it is a little disappointing to see them going into mainstream pop and losing their alternative, rock sound. Whenever this song ends, I keep thinking that someone from CHUM-FM (one of our radio stations here) will say something like “And that was Hedley and Trip”, probably because this song was so overplayed on that station (and I listened to it very frequently). Great song, give it a listen and you’ll see how Hedley became a Canadian icon.

7). Arcade Fire- Rebellion (Lies)

Now I’m not a fan of Arcade Fire, I only know them for this song (though I’m quite aware they have an extensive collection of hits). What makes this song so good is the beat and instrumentals. Plus it’s very catchy song that really grabs your attention when you hear it. My memories with this song doesn’t just come from the radio, it also comes from Much Music which played this song’s music video quite a lot. What surprised me recently was when I listened to Live 105 in SF Bay and they played this song. I thought this song was only popular in Canada, but apparently alternative stations in America also play it! That’s great! Supporting our country’s music!

8). Bedouin Soundclash- When The Night Feels My Song

So catchy. Like it’s really hard not to say that this song is super catchy. The instrumentals and beat really make this song one that cannot be matched with other songs alike. Hence why I feel there is a big difference with the music 10 years ago to the current ones. I think I got to see them perform this song live either in the New Year’s Eve celebration in Nathan Phillips Square or at a Canada Day’s celebration at Downsview Park (one or the other). But I’m pretty sure I saw them sing this live at one of those free concerts. Not that they are mediocre or anything, I really feel they should have had international success with this song.

9). Philosopher Kings- Castles In The Sand

A great song to chill to, I remember specifically my grade 6 teacher brought the album to this song and played it on the boombox while we worked on in class work. Because myself and one of my classmates was able to name this song when the teacher played this song on the boombox and she was quite amazed that we could of done so. I thought to myself, it’s really not that difficult to ID songs on the radio. But nice way to lie to us that we’re super smart for knowing a few songs, eh? I also love the singer’s vocals, it sounds very powerful.

10). Divine Brown- Old Skool Love

I seriously was not aware of this song’s title until I accidently clicked this song on Spotify a few years ago. I knew about Divine Brown’s Sunglasses song from 2009 but I didn’t know she also sung this song. Until I listened to it. And then pure OMG nostalgia hit. Overall really amazing song with great vocals and nice R&B beat. Take a listen!

11). Imogen Heap- Hide And Seek

Alright, I’ll be honest. I didn’t know this song until Jason Derulo sampled it with Whatcha Say. But once I knew about this song, I wasn’t instantly enticed. I’m not used to songs where heavy autotune is used with a lack of instrumentals but I didn’t give up on this song. For some reasons, I kept listening to it even after I thought it wasn’t my type of music. And this song began to grow on me and I began to respect her vocals much more even with the heavy autotune. It is one of those songs where autotune + singing = amazing. But this song actually has a special formula that most autotuned songs do not have: autotune + singing – instrumentals = this song. Anyway, I hope you can appreciate her vocals as much as I do.

12). Depeche Mode- Precious

It’s quite surprising how Depeche Mode never seemed to change their style of music, since their hits from 80’s. This song still has very similar instrumental elements as their back in the day hits like Personal Jesus and Enjoy The Silence. And for that, I want to give an accolade Depeche Mode for not selling out their style of music. With regards to my memories of this song, it was just one of those songs that was played on the radio but never really was into. But seeing how so many bands sell out their style of music (ehmm Hedley), I can give big respects to Depeche Mode for keeping their style of music intact.

13). Black Eyed Peas- Don’t Lie

I don’t know why I was so into My Humps back in the day. It was like my jam and a song I really loved. It was even played on my CD playlist. This is a much better song, to my current tastes, and plus it has a great message to it. Fergie’s parts really glamorize the wonders of this song and the chorus makes this song extremely easy to identify. Sure I knew about this song back in the day, but I took more into attention to My Humps (which I regret).

14). Maroon 5- She Will Be Loved

Sure Songs About Jane was released in 2002 and this single was technically released in 2004, but it had better success in the earlier part of 2005. I miss this Maroon 5. I really really do. But I never gave this song much attention back in the day, it was just “one of those songs”. However, seeing how mediocre Maroon 5 has become with their mainstream singles, I can only give more love to this song.

15). Coldplay- Speed of Sound

I could not finish this list if I didn’t put a Coldplay song on it. And very convenient to have X&Y released in 2005 as well! This song is the epitome of all Coldplay songs and one of their most popular songs. But back in day for me, this was more of a filler song on the radio, nothing that stood out for me at least. Now that has pretty much changed as Coldplay has changed a lot of their music style (not entirely, but definitely some changes had ensued).

16). Rihanna- Pon de Replay

Oh gosh. How much has she changed from this to where she is now? Seriously. From a girl who just wanted a DJ to turn up the music in the club to stripping in music videos and making sexual songs from cake, you guys can all agree this innocent Rihanna is much more preferred? With regards to my memory of this song, it was during the summer of 2005 when I was enrolled in computer camp and all we did was be on the computer to use software. But there was a lot of free time so I used it to go on Yahoo Music (remember that?) and I kept seeing this song on the playlist when I shuffled what I listened to on that site. Never really liked this song, but I have more respects for this song seeing where she is right now.

17). Chris Brown- Yo (Excuse Me Miss)

Another example of how people change with time. Now I’m not completed against current day Chris Brown (his songs are pretty catchy), but I do miss this style of Chris Brown. And this song is a great smooth R&B hit that is not so common in the mainstream music world anymore. My memory of this song stems from the music video of this song, where the girl in it was very attractive. LIKE REALLY ATTRACTIVE. Go see for yourself if you guys don’t believe me.

18). Fall Out Boy- Dance Dance

Did I mention the Pizza Pockets story? I think I did. So this album was another that I could have downloaded off that website for free. Super catchy and did I mention how I enjoy Patrick Stump’s vocals? I’m not sure if I downloaded this song, but I definitely remember this song was on the site. And by the way guys, I’m quite satisfied with current day Fall Out Boy’s music; they have retained their same style of music.

19). Madonna- Hung Up

Probably one of the most memorable songs from 2005 during my childhood. This was the first (I believe) Madonna song that I knew and listened to, with great thanks to Much Music for airing this music video all the time. And more thanks is to our middle school which played this song before class started everyday (or every other day). That changed when I took hold of morning announcements in grade 9 where I finally changed the cassette tape to more current and up to date music that wasn’t the same all the time. But I love Madonna. And this song is quite fitting to get in the morning rush.

20). Crazy Frog- Axel F

Shoot, you probably forgot about this song, eh? Remember how this was the most viral thing in 2005? And as a kid back then, I was really enticed with the dance music of Crazy Frog, even though haters are everywhere. I was enticed to the point that I got the album to this song (still have it with me to this day) and I really enjoyed the covers of the 90’s dance hits. I didn’t even know they were covers when I first heard it back in the day, but I just loved all the songs on the album. I was so into Crazy Frog to the point where I remember in the summer of 2006, I was really excited when I heard that ?he? released a second album. But I was a little disappoint with it. And with regards to the Pizza Pockets thing, I got (for sure) Crazy Frog’s Jingle Bells cover. I couldn’t find it anywhere else on the Internet so being able to download it back then was probably an amazing Christmas gift.

21). Backstreet Boys- Incomplete

This was one of the first Backstreet Boys songs I knew. Weird isn’t it? I mean I was also aware of their 90’s/early 00’s hits back then, but I think this was one of the first songs I heard, special thanks to the radio. I didn’t even know back then that this was a new song! Even though the boy band fad was pretty much done by 2005 (it ended after Nsync disbanded :P), this was a great comeback song from the Backstreet Boys.

22). Mariah Carey- We Belong Together

MC is one of my favorites. And this was probably the first song I heard from her. I’m very glad she had big success with this album after her previous albums weren’t doing so well. I love her vocals in this song. And the instrumental beat also is so meticulously composed that I really feel this song deserved the success it had back in the day.

23). Ashlee Simpson- Boyfriend

The first thing I think about when I see this song is the fast car that speeds in the music video of this song. Not really sure why, but it really is what helps me think of this song. I wasn’t even aware of the lips syncing controversy until after I watched the MadTV skit on YouTube. I think Ashlee is still a talented singer and I don’t know why she hasn’t had any success after around this era (mid-2000’s). I loved a lot of her songs, Pieces of Me/Invisible/L.O.V.E, etc… Anyway, I hope you can agree this Ashlee is someone to be missed.

24). Shawn Desman- Let’s Go

Wow, what a great dance track! Elements of disco (with the electronic synthesizer) and rap are fused together to create this amazing, super cool song from a very talented Canadian artist! Again, my memories with this song stems from the music video, which got a lot of airplay on Much Music back in the day and it shows Shawn Desman dancing around a giant, sorta like DDR board. Like he’s almost playing DDR on the machine! Super cool, check out the music video if you are interested in finding out more info!

25). Green Day- Jesus of Suburbia

One of my favorite songs of all time, this song is one of most well composed, rock anthems ever to be composed (in my opinion of course). Like you can’t fathom how Green Day was able to create such a masterpiece that lasted almost 10 minutes long and you, the listener aren’t even aware that it is a 10 minute long song, you are just drawn into the music. Sorta like Bohemian Rhapsody. Oh and I also recommend everyone to check out the music video as well, quite rare to have a music video this long to have airplay on Much Music, but it did and it aired quite a few times (that’s how I knew about this song). Now that I watch it, I get all the messages in it.

26). Avril Lavigne- Nobody’s Home

This song makes me sad. It makes me sad because I grew up listening to this Avril Lavigne, not the one in Hello Kitty. To see her in Hello Kitty is just degrading. This is one of my favorite songs from her and I have mad respects for her 2004 Under My Skin album. This is how I gotten to love Avril and become a fan of her music. If she was a new artist and released her last album, I would ignore her like the rest of many mainstream artists out there. I hope you guys can all agree the old Avril was much better.

27). Rob Thomas- Lonely No More

Probably one of the most overplayed songs on the radio back in 2005, even though I never liked it that much, I have bigger respects for this song nowadays. Pretty catchy song and I’m quite a fan of Rob Thomas’ vocals, thanks to growing up with Matchbox 20’s Unwell.

28). Pussycat Dolls- Don’t Cha

This was their first single and also my first song that I knew from them, ehmm thanks to Much Music again… I was glamorized by Nicole’s looks in the music video and their attractiveness really does sell! That said, the Pussycat Dolls are still a similar style that we see with less popular girl groups nowadays like Fifth Harmony and GRL. So kudos to them for starting the trend? Anyway, this is a good song, good beat, but I do personally prefer their other hits which are more catchier like Beep and I Don’t Need A Man (very very female oriented music, wouldn’t you guys agree?). Also kinda stumped that the group only came out with 2 full length albums before breaking up. That was even less than Nsync! Come ladies! You sold a lot on your first album and your second was doing pretty decent as well! Why give up after 2009?

29). Eminem- Ass Like That

The music video is probably the most memorable part of this song. It got good amounts of airplay on Much Music and I enjoyed the comedic side of Eminem’s music. Though my favorite song from him is Stan (which is on the serious side), I still have fun watching his comedic music videos. I still liked Mockingbird and When I’m Gone, but those music videos and subject matter is really… uhh dark for me. I enjoy Stan for Dido’s parts, not for its message.

30). Hilary Duff- Wake Up

I’ll end this posting on an artist that many of you guys grew up listening to, special thanks to the Disney Channel. Though this song has a more mature sound to it than her previous song, I have mad respects for Hilary Duff, even her current day music, which has many elements to her old stuff. In terms of memories, I remember in grade 3, one of my classmates did a review of her Metamorphosis album for an assignment in music class. Then in 2005, when I got to really get a grasp of mainstream music, I asked my grade 5 teacher to do a similar assignment, but she just gave me a question mark because she was not aware of the assignment I did in grade 3. So obviously, it didn’t end up working.


I hope everyone can at least related with a few of these songs! I tried to pick a variety of songs, popular ones, less popular ones, Canadian ones and various genre formats (except for country).



-Producer Jack January 5, 2015.


About the Author:

Producer Jack has been keep track of the Top 40 music charts since 2005 and also has been an avid member of the radio industry since 2006. Before starting the MTI Countdowns in 2008, he did some amateur radio broadcasting ("DJing"). In his spare time, he likes to listen to JPop, terrestrial radio and hanging out with friends. Connect with Producer Jack through sending him an email at info@jtop10.jp!
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