Spring 2015 Updates!

Spring 2015 Updates!

Update June 8, 2015:

Main email contact has been switched from info@mymti.org to info@jtop10.jp. If you guys accidentally emailed to info@mymti.org, I will still get your emails, so no worries. I placed a forwarding option on info@mymti.org.


Update May 30, 2015:

Some of you guys have been asking us so to clarify, the last music lottery contest did not have a winner because we didn’t receive enough entries from you guys for a draw to take place. We apologize for any inconvenience and confusion this has caused.


Update May 24, 2015:

Have you guys checked out our position opening for our podcast? Take a look and if you think you are able to take this position, please apply! More details here: http://jtop10.jp/services/joining/


Update May 12, 2015:

We are welcoming Nick to Japan Top 10! He comes from our sister show, MTI Countdowns and you might have already heard him before as a guest host here, but now it’s official! He will stay as a permanent host. Shane has already moved over to dedicate his focus on the artist of the month countdowns.


Update April 14, 2014:

We’ve upgraded our schedule calendar for information regarding our future episodes! Now with a more visually appealing look that clearly outlines when and what episode is being released; we hope everyone will be more efficiently able to guide through getting information on our future episodes. Comments and feedback are always welcome. Click on schedule to see our new design.


Update April 4, 2015:

Secret code word episode is out! Check out episode 277 of our sister show, MTI Countdowns right here: http://hipcast.com/podcast/Hq22Z3X7

I also found our song reviews from when we first started back in October 2013 on our sister site, mymti.org! So I put them up and you can read through our reviews while listening to some past hits! Check it out here: http://jtop10.jp/new-j-pop-music/october-december-2013-song-reviews/


Update April 3, 2015:

PLEASE NOTE: I sincerely apologize to everyone who emailed me at info@jtop10.jp; I was not aware that our email forwarder machine did not work. If you used the contact option at the footer of our page, I would have received your message, but if you manually sent it to that address, it would not have worked.

SO PLEASE, EMAIL ALL YOUR FUTURE SONG REQUEST, MESSAGES, COMMENTS TO: info@mymti.org! Or use the contact thingy at the bottom of our site. Again, I apologize to those who tried to email me and was not successful at doing so. Hopefully this will be made clear now!


Update March 31, 2015:

We’ve picked our first Music Lottery contest winner and for the rest, we’re revamping the contest! See details here: http://jtop10.jp/contest-rules/the-music-lottery/

Also if you guys aren’t interested in entering the contest, we would like you guys to still fill out our survey to know how everyone listens to our show. Complete it right here:


Update March 30, 2015:

J-Pop reviews on our website will be released on the first day of each month, from now on. You will still get 10 song reviews/month, just a small time adjustment change.


Update March 21, 2015:

Summer special episodes are now up on our schedule page, for up to end of June 2015.


Update March 18, 2015:

Hi guys, so I took some corrective measures to edit out the mistakes that I have noticed on our podcast episodes. I have made revisions to the following episodes to correct mistakes:

1). Episode 75: The J-Pop Flashback has been properly placed and corrected.

2). Episode 72: I think it was a glitch with our podcast service provider, but I have placed the correct audio for this episode. It was previously playing Episode 73 for some unknown reasons.

3). Episode 22: Yes this one is back in the day, but back in 2013, I have made a mistake with a Shishamo song, thus I corrected that one and now it is the right Shishamo song!

You should notice these changes very soon. If you still notice that you are still hearing the old episode with the mistake by March 22, please contact us immediately!

Now if guys notice ANY, I MEAN ANY mistakes on our podcast, PLEASE PLEASE reach out to us as soon as possible! I will make a corrective effort to fix the mistake so that you guys are getting the utmost quality podcast out there! I will be also making random audits from now on to make sure that we do have everything properly edited and make any possible fixes, if necessary. Thanks!


Spring is not in the air YET, but this winter has been so bittersweet, we’d like to forget about it at the moment and focus on our plans for the upcoming months!


1). We’re almost reaching our first draw date for our Music Lottery contest! Make your song request now if you haven’t done so yet and don’t worry if you guys don’t win this time because we’re going to do this contest all over again (and of course you guys can re-enter)! And just a hint, we are going to revamp some aspects of the contest (but I didn’t tell you that).

2). We’ll be doing an exchange program between our Japan Top 10 hosts and our sister show hosts, MTI Countdowns for the month of April! Sandra & Tim will move over to MTI Countdowns for the month of April while 2 hosts, Nick and Zilin (from MTI Countdowns) will say hello to all of you guys for the first half of April! Please note that Tim will still be hosting April’s Artist of the Month Countdown and that the latter half of April will be regularly hosted by Manjima. Sandra & Tim will be back on Japan Top 10 in May while Nick and Zilin will be back on MTI Countdowns once they finish their gigs here. Details are all on our schedule page.

3). And to add onto the notes above, Sam (one of our MTI Countdowns hosts) will be giving you guys an incentive to listen to our sister show, MTI Countdowns. Trust me, you’ll like what he’s going to offer. It may not be the jackpot in the “lottery” but it’s not too far off!

4). Summer Special Countdowns will start again in May of this year! However, we have yet to plan out these episodes that we’ll be doing, so stay tuned to this page and our schedule page to get all the latest information! But we promise that we will make as many episodes as we did last year (which was one episode each week that a regular episode was not released) 😀


That’s about it for now, remember stay tuned to this page for all the latest updates and changes to our show for the upcoming months!


-Producer Jack March 12, 2015


About the Author:

Producer Jack has been keep track of the Top 40 music charts since 2005 and also has been an avid member of the radio industry since 2006. Before starting the MTI Countdowns in 2008, he did some amateur radio broadcasting ("DJing"). In his spare time, he likes to listen to JPop, terrestrial radio and hanging out with friends. Connect with Producer Jack through sending him an email at info@jtop10.jp!
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