Our iTunes page was recently changed into a new one, so if you subscribed to us on iTunes in the past, make sure to re-subscribe to us on there by visiting this page: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/japan-top-10-ri-bennotoppu10/id1065197068?l=en&mt=2

A light note about third party apps that feature our podcast: Depending on where you listen to our show, if you are not seeing new episodes of our show on the app you’re currently using, then you should contact the support for that app to let them know they need to update the source feed for our podcast. Since our page on iTunes recently changed, third party apps that source our show from iTunes may not have caught on and have not updated their source feed. We do not control what goes on in these third party apps, we only control what goes on in our iTunes page. If you do not like using iTunes or cannot use iTunes (Android phones), we recommend you to try out TuneIn Radio to listen to our show (we have control what goes on in TuneIn page).

If you have any questions or have issues with this change, please do not hesitate to email us at info@jtop10.jp or contact us on our Facebook page.

-Producer Jack December 29, 2015.