Japan Top 10 October 2016 Artist Of The Month: ONE OK ROCK

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Japan Top 10 October 2016 Artist Of The Month: ONE OK ROCK

October's Artist of the Month: ONE OK ROCK

October’s Artist of the Month: ONE OK ROCK

5) “Deeper Deeper”

This song was used in commercials to promote the 2013 Suzuki Swift Sport, which has heated wing mirrors that can actually fold in to allow for ease of entry into tighter spaces and has been praised for its keyless engine start-up system. In models aimed at the Japanese market, the car featured the “dual jet engine,” which increased efficiency of combustion by channeling fuel to two intake ports.

Everything about the music video for this song places it in the horror genre, from the sepia tint that places the images along the fine line between monochrome and color to the austere gears of a clock through which the main character traverses, to say nothing of the multiple mysterious orbs that appear throughout. However, ONE OK ROCK does manage to inject a little bit of humor into the video with a recurring visual reference to the classic Beatles film A Hard Day’s Night.

4) “Re:make”

This song was arranged in part by Koichi Korenaga, one-half of the band 4 Peace, which composed the soundtrack for the anime version of the fantasy manga series まぶらほ. Korenaga can also be heard doing session guitar work on the soundtracks of a handful of other anime series, including the first season of Fate/Zero and the entirety of Madlax.

“Re:make,” like some of ONE OK ROCK’s biggest singles, has a majority of its key lyrics sung in English. Their tone is decidedly bitter, as they describe the inner turmoil of someone who has lost all trust in the object of their affections. The lyrics employ some downright depressing instances of self-deprecation in which Taka sarcastically blames his vanity for his belief in predestination and offers an insincere apology.

3) “アンサイズニア”

This song was used as the ending theme for all February 2011 episodes of the TV Tokyo music program Japan Countdown. Since October 2011, the show has been broadcast by TV Osaka, and is perhaps best known for televising multiple appearances from alt-hip-hop group Dragon Ash and J-Rock superstars Bump Of Chicken— both of which are bands known to steer clear of making frequent television appearances.

The fourth track on the CD single for this song was actually a cover of a Stevie Wonder song, “To Feel The Fire.”

2) “Mighty Long Fall”

This song was also just one-half of a double-A-side single used to promote ONE OK ROCK’s 2014 concert film Fool Cool Rock!, directed by Hiroyuki Nakano.

This song was the theme song for the 2014 film, るろうに剣心: 伝説の最期編. It is the final film in the るろうに剣心 trilogy, adapted from a major story arc in 和月 伸宏’s shonen manga series るろうに剣心: 明治剣客浪漫譚.

1) “The Beginning”

The music video for this song is allegedly the most popular J-Rock music video on YouTube, with over seventy million views to date.

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