Japan Top 10 is going to be celebrating our 400th episode in October 2021!

We want you to be part of this episode, regardless of the type of listener you are!

Send us a shoutout, song request or anything whacky you would like us to include in our 400th episode!

We would prefer to get a voice recording of you, but if you would prefer to stay away from the microphone, you can always send us a message for our host to read and we would be happy to include it into the episode as well.

Please include your name (first name is fine), where you are listening to us from, song request (if you would like) and your message of our 400th episode. You can include details like how you started to listening to our show and where you would like to see Japan Top 10 be in the future! These are just examples of what you can include; you are welcome to come up with your message of thoughts.

Send your information (ie, voice recording, written message) via email at info@jtop10.jp, no later than October 1, 2021.


Please note:

  1. We have the right to decline messages that do not align with the values of our organization. If there is derogatory or controversial messages noted, we will decline to accept it onto this episode. This includes the use of ANY vulgar language.
  2. Messages must be in either English or Japanese. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate messages of any other languages.
  3. Voice recordings are preferred to be in either MP3 or M4A format. Other formats, like WAV are not preferred due to the file size transfers. You can either attach the file into the email or provide us a link to a cloud file sharing service to download your voice recording.
  4. We ask your voice recorded messages to be kept to a limit of up to 2 minutes. If you are writing us a message, a small paragraph would be best preferred. We have the right to reduce or modify the content of your message, in order to fit the length of the episode.
  5. Please only include ONE song request, if you wish to do so. You do not have be a Patreon donor to submit a song request for this episode. Be specific the name of the artist and song name; we cannot accept song requests that are too general, ie, “any song from Utada Hikaru”.


That’s all! We hope you will join us for this joyous milestone!