Our annual survey is now completed! Thank you for everyone for participating in our annual listener survey!

Congrats to listener, Axl M for winning a $100 USD gift card to a retailer of their choice!

Thank you to everyone who participated in this survey. Here are some of your comments and how we are responding to them:

  1. Most of you guys are interested in hearing a news focused episode on JTop 10.
    A: These episode types are coming out starting in September 2021. We will continue to pilot these episodes and welcome any suggestions that you guys have to make these episodes better. The pilot will continue onto the new year and sometime in 2022, we will decide how to carry forward with these episodes.
  2. Most of you guys aren’t sure how you’ll feel about a rebranded JTop 10.
    A: We are working to rebrand ourselves to have a more professional feel to our podcast. We are still in the works with this but once it’s finished, we welcome feedback from our listeners about it!
  3. Most of you guys are interested in a YouTube channel for our podcast, if one existed.
    A: Once Japan Top 10 news has finished its pilot, we will feature it on a YouTube channel. We look forward to your comments on these episodes once they get released onto YouTube.
  4. In terms of listener comments and feedback about our show, the majority of you guys indicated that this was a good podcast and you enjoy listening to it. Additional improvements vary across survey participant responses, but range from audio editing improvements, liking dual hosts vs. single host, want the show to be longer.
    A: We continue to welcome any feedback you may have about our show and where we can improve on! Each listener’s comments will be assessed and evaluated by our team once we have a chance to discuss them further.


We want to thank all our listeners who contributed to our 2021 listener survey! We can only improve our podcast with your comments and we want to thank you for bringing your constructive comments forward. If you have any other suggestions or comments about our podcast, please feel free to send us an email at info@jtop10.jp!


今年のリスナーアンケートは無事終了しました!アンケートにご協力いただいた皆さん、どうもありがとうございました!そして、プレゼントの当選者はAxl Mさんです!おめでとうございます!ここからはリスナーの皆さんから多く寄せられたご意見にお答えしていきます。

  1. ニュースに特化したエピソードについて
  2. J-Top10のブランド変更(再編)について
  3. YouTubeチャンネルについて
  4. リスナーの皆さんから寄せられた番組へのご意見について、多くの方からご好評の声をいただきました。改善点としては編集技術の向上や司会者の人数、放送時間の延長など様々なご意見が寄せられました。