A little about myself:

Hi, my name is Christine and I am a content producer on Japan Top 10. I have never had any experience developing a podcast before but thought it would be a fun to learn since I like Japanese music and podcasts!

My introduction to Japanese music was when I was pretty young, through cute anime-like singers, Vocaloid. I first listened to Triple Baka (sung by Hatsune Miku) religiously as a kid and after that, started getting into more Vocaloid music subbed on YouTube and then onto NicoNico directly. Now, I mainly just listen to songs I find through anime or on my YouTube recommendations still. Aside from listening to music, I also like to spend my time reading manga or watching anime, Vtubers, and Netflix.

Some of the Japanese artists/groups I listen to: Yoasobi, Yorushika, Kenshi Yonezu, SHISHAMO, Aimyon, Chanmina, takayan, Nogizaka46, AKB48, etc

Email: christine@jtop10.jp