A little about myself:

Hello, there! My name is Danilo Siqueira and I’m an audio editor on Japan Top 10. I love audio and Japanese culture. It was amazing to discover Japan Top10 and all the podcast’s programs, interviews and huge library available online! It shows a lot of commitment to the audience, and I ultimately love that.

I was very fortunate in my childhood to play video games, watch anime and listen to music made by Japanese artists. From the very beginning, the music and funny sound effects in games got me and they still are a huge influence for me as a composer and recording artist. Besides Pop music, I’m also a huge fan of orchestral soundtracks, chiptunes and experimental Japanese music.

Some of my favorite Jartists/Jcomposers: Ai Takano, Yuzo Koshiro, Susumu Hirasawa, Hiroki Kikuta, Koji Kondo, Shunsuke Kida, Saki Kabata, Masato Nakamura, Yui Asaka, Happy End, Gen Hoshino, Lazy, Yeti, Michiru Yamane, Ryo Fukui, Midori Takada, Zutomayo and last but not least the ultimate master Nobuo Uematsu


Email: danilo@jtop10.jp