A little about myself:

Hi, I’m Dean! I’m originally from Australia (g’day!) but I currently live in London, UK where I work as a musician, songwriter and producer.My relationship with Japanese music began when I was a high school exchange student in Japan in the mid-1980s (I’m showing my age!), and it became a full on love affair when I returned there for a working holiday a few years later and worked as a ‘host’ in a karaoke bar where I was exposed to Japanese popular music of all eras and genres. I also busked on the streets in Japan at that time, and I befriended local musicians who turned me on to different artists that I might not have otherwise heard.These days I listen to everything from traditional Shinto ritual music to enka to visual-kei to EDM to hip hop, but I particularly love ‘70s artists like Happy End, Tulip, Yōsui Inoue and Takurō Yamashita, and J-Rock from artists such as Qururi, Elephant Kashimashi, The Yellow Monkey, Tamio Okuda and Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi. I also consider Keisuke Kuwata from Southern All Stars to be one of the best songwriters in popular music, not just in Japan but anywhere in the world.My interests lie in Japanese tradition rather than modern popular culture such as anime and video games, so I read a lot about Japanese history and Zen Buddhism and I’m always cooking up some Japanese dish that I haven’t tried making before (I also make my own Japanese pickles!), and I never miss the 朝ドラ (morning drama series) on NHK every day!I love working on Japan Top Ten as it gives me an opportunity to share some of my musical and cultural knowledge as well as keep up with the trends in Japan, and they’re a great team to work with!