A little about myself: Hello everyone! My name is Edward and I’m one of the hosts of Japan Top 10! I live in Toronto, Canada and I’m thankful that Canada is as multicultural as it is because it’s how I got into J-Pop music.  I watched a lot of TV growing up (shout out to my fellow latchkey kids!) and one day landed on MuchMoreMusic’s international music video show Clip Trip which had a spotlight on Japanese music.  The first video was Pizzicato Five’s ‘Tout va bien’ music video which features Nomiya Maki in a purple afro wig on a green screen.  Definitely not the typical western music videos of the day.  Afterwards it was Mika Nakashima and Ayumi Hamasaki which had great music as well and I was hooked.
I work as a music teacher, an accompanist for ballet and modern dance classes, and as a music director for a church.  I try to sneak in J-pop, video game music and anime themes wherever I am performing.  The music is too good to not be enjoyed by all!
Favourite J-pop Artists: aiko, Angela Aki, Mika Nakashima, m-flo, anything produced by Yasutaka Nakata, Chara, Crystal Kay, Nobuo Uematsu, Koichi Sugiyama… but I am always open to listening to new stuff!


Email: edward@jtop10.jp