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A little about myself:

Salutations, you weary travelers who plod along the road of existence.

My name is Jordan, and I responded to Producer Jack’s request for a internal staff member for Japan Top 10 posted on the MTI website. I am mainly responsible for writing the scripts and preparing song charts for the podcast. My experiences with Japanese music actually began with my discovery of the nation’s celebrated hip-hop artists during my middle school years, but as I matured, I began to find an incalculable amount of joy in straight-up J-Pop, especially in its exclusively female acts, and sought to immerse myself in that which gives me that glorious, blissful feeling. I am currently studying screenwriting at Columbia College Chicago, and am an Exhibit Interpretation volunteer at the Shedd Aquarium. In my spare time, I write, draw, collect vinyl records, watch and discuss films, extol the virtues of Zen Buddhism, admire the beauty of marine life, and dream of acquiring a boat.

Some of my favorite J-Pop/J Hip-Hop performers: Denpaigumi, Inc., Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Dragon Ash, KM-Markit, Oomori Seiko, Zeebra, Dream.


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