A little about myself: 

Hey, everyone. I’m Mike and I’ve been a fan of Japanese culture for about 15 years now. Like many fans, it started with anime but then it built up to a love for everything Japan had to offer. In 2015 I started studying Japanese and am hoping to visit someday. I first got introduced to Japanese music through Puffy’s involvement in Teen Titans before being introduced to groups like Morning Musume, TM Revolution and Gackt. As a singer myself, I appreciate the hard work that goes into making every song and have even been working on some Japanese songs of my own. Would that be called American J-Pop…AmeriJ-Pop…AJ-Pop…hmm. Anyway, as a current on-air host of J Top 10, it gives me the opportunity to discover new groups all the time and really build on my love of the genre. I can’t wait to see what I’ll hear next.

Some of my favorite J-Pop performers: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Ladybaby, EXILE, SMAP, AKB48

Email: mike@jtop10.jp