A little about myself:
Hey, I’m Stuart! I’m based out of Toronto and am a huge fan of Japanese games. From arcades & home consoles, to Smash Bros & Sekiro, I love it all. My biggest accomplishments are being able to keep up with One Piece for over two decades, going up Mt. Fuji, and having a Japanese chef look amazed when I talked to him in Japanese for the first time. Outside of Japanese interests, I play guitar & ukulele, I create animations on Adobe After Effects, and I love to cook.

Favorite J-pop/J-rock Artists: Uso, Kenshi Yonezu, ALI, Crush 40

Email: stuart@jtop10.jp


10 random questions about yourself:

1. If you can interview any JTop 10 artist/band, who would you like to interview and what would you ask them?

I would love to interview Crush 40. How do they consistently make the best hype songs?

2. You really need a 12 hour car ride with your annoying friend to get from college to home. He says only if you allow him to play PPAP or Purin Purin on repeat the whole trip. Which song would you choose and why?

Definitely PPAP

3. What’s your favorite Japanese dish?

Beef Donburi

4. What’s your favorite decade for Japanese music?

Early 2000s

5. What’s the first concert you ever attended?

In University, somebody named Tommy Trash. Never heard of him, but a free concert is a free concert right?

6. Most memorable or enjoyable podcast episode you have participated in so far?

I haven’t participated in anything yet, but I’m looking forward to the special episodes.

7. If you got free an all inclusive 7 day trip vacation to any part of Japan, where would you choose and what would you choose to do?

Tohoku would be amazing; would love to see more of Northern Japan with hot springs.

8. Best anime series you have ever followed or seen?

One Piece or Gurren Lagann

9. If you got 1000 USD to spend at Akihabara, what would you buy?

Old school SNES & N64 games, & the rest on arcade games

10. What western artist/band would you love to see collaborate with a Japanese musician?

Glass Animals has an amazing vibe to them; would love to hear them collaborate with some strong Japanese musicians, like Kenshi Yonezu or Skoop on Somebody