A little about myself: 

Hey there folks! My name’s William and I’m a host on Japan Top 10. I first heard about the podcast from fellow previous host Shane and jumped at the opportunity to be a part of it. Outside of Japan Top 10, I’m a budding Youtuber who goes by the name The Writer Sits in the Back. I upload anime reviews, analysis videos, and parodies on my channel. I’m also a freelance writer, contributing articles to sites like GoBoiano, Honey’s Anime, and Geek Insider. I’m currently studying English at Ryerson University.

Follow me on Twitter @thewriterSITB. I hope we can be good friends. (^o^)

Some of my favorite J-Pop artists and bands: Babymetal, Asian Kung Fu Generation, Hatsune Miku, One Ok Rock, Hikaru Utada.

YouTube channel: youtube.com/thewritersitb

Email: william@jtop10.jp

9 random questions about yourself:


1. If you can interview any JTop 10 artist/band, who would you like to interview and what would you ask them?

I’d like to interview Gen Hoshino if given the opportunity to do so and I would ask him about the success of his career so far and how he got to where he is.

2. What’s your favorite Japanese dish?

I really love Japanese chicken karaage.

3. What’s your favorite decade for Japanese music?

I guess I’m really into the 2010s since that was when I really started listening to it.

4. What’s the first concert you ever attended?

I can’t remember my first. But most recently, I attended a Gorillaz concert.

5. Most memorable or enjoyable podcast episode you have participated in so far?

It was definitely that Top 50 collaborative episode where we recorded live and in studio.

6. If you got free an all inclusive 7 day trip vacation to any part of Japan, where would you choose and what would you choose to do?

The clichéd answer would be Akihabara where I will waste all my money on merchandise I probably don’t need.

7.Best anime series you have ever followed or seen?

Tough to answer, but I’d say Clannad.

8. If you got 1000 USD to spend at Akihabara, what would you buy?

Anime figures and a room to rent in that area.

9. What western artist/band would you love to see collaborate with a Japanese musician?

Skrillex and Yojiro Noda from Radwimps would be an awesome collaboration.