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A little about myself: 

Hey there folks! My name’s William and I’m a host on Japan Top 10. I first heard about the podcast from fellow previous host Shane and jumped at the opportunity to be a part of it. Outside of Japan Top 10, I’m a budding Youtuber who goes by the name The Writer Sits in the Back. I upload anime reviews, analysis videos, and parodies on my channel. I’m also a freelance writer, contributing articles to sites like GoBoiano, Honey’s Anime, and Geek Insider. I’m currently studying English at Ryerson University.

Follow me on Twitter @thewriterSITB. I hope we can be good friends. (^o^)

Some of my favorite J-Pop artists and bands: Babymetal, Asian Kung Fu Generation, Hatsune Miku, One Ok Rock, Hikaru Utada.

YouTube channel: youtube.com/thewritersitb

Email: william@jtop10.jp

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