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1 minute. 6 questions. Get at least half of them correct, get a free month to our Patreon Donor’s Club. Get all of them correct, win a JTop gift prize! Think you got what it takes?

If you know Japanese music or anime very well, this is the game for you!

We are currently taking contestants for our first scheduled game sometime in April (next month). If you are interested, please read the rules and apply below.

How to play:

1. A random contestant will be chosen once every 2 months to participate in the game.

2. The game can be administered either in English or Japanese and contestant can select either or both to participate in a Japanese music or anime themed list of questions (see contest rules for more details on this).

3. When the contestant comes onto the show, the host will announce the “theme topic” that the list of questions will feature. Ex. if the contestant selected to be questioned for their anime knowledge, the host will tell the contestant at the time of the game that the list of questions will focus on 90’s anime shows.

4. Once the rules have been read and acknowledged, the 1 minute timer will start and the contestant will have a minute to answer all the 6 questions.

5. Contestant may pass on a question and if they do, the host will come back to it once all other questions have been answered. However, if the one minute runs out, the questions that the contestant passed on (and was not able to answer) will be considered incorrectly answered. Contestant can also request the host to re-read the question, but this counts towards your one minute (see contest rules for more info).

6. Contestant will hear a ding for a correct answer and a buzzer noise for an incorrect answer. When the one minute time has completed, the contestant will hear an alarm sound go off.

7. Prizes are of the following (please see contest rules for terms with the prizes):

a). 3-4 questions answered correctly: One free month of Premium in our Patreon Donor’s Club (including those who are already in the Patreon club, see rules for more details)

b). 5 questions answered correctly: One free month of Premium Plus in our Patreon Donor’s Club (including those who are already in the Patreon club, see rules for more details)

c). 6 questions answered correctly: A free Japan Top 10 gift (*please note this gift does not effect those who are already receiving gifts from our Patreon club, see rules for full details)

How to apply and participate:

Just fill out this form to indicate your language of preference, your name, your location, email, time & dates of your availability for the next month in EST, preference of  the theme you want to participate in (Japanese music or anime) and how you wish to participate.

Contestants have 2 choices to participation:

a). Most preferred way to participate is to connect with us through Google Hangouts. Make sure you have a fast and secure internet connection along with Gmail address. If your internet has issues, please see the other option. We don’t want you to be lagged with hearing us and lose your full minute. Please see contest rules for full details on connectivity issues. If you wish to use another online platform to talk (ex. Skype), please inform us ahead of time, though we cannot promise to accommodate your alternate online applications due to technical issues on our side.

b). If you are able call us, you can give us a ring on our number at +1-415-371-9299 (phone line will be opened on the scheduled time that you will be participating). We can also call you from our number as well, if you have a Canadian or United States phone number. Please make sure you have a good signal to hear us, see contest rules for full details on connectivity issues and fees related to phone calls.

If the form isn’t working for you above, please click here to submit your entry.

PLEASE READ these rules before you enter! We’ve made them as clear as possible and as fair as we could.

Full contest rules:

1. ONE ENTRY per person. Entrants are advised NOT to submit multiple entry forms. Multiple submissions from the same contestant will become nullified and result in disqualification from participating in this contest. All contest entries will be kept for the entire duration of the contest period.

2. If you are selected as the participant, you will receive an email regarding more details on how you will be able to participate in the game. If you do not reply back our email within 3 days, a new participant will be selected and your contest entry will be nullified.

3. We are not responsible for the following:
a). Connectivity issues- if the participant is disconnected during the game, the participant will be automatically disqualified from the contest and a new participant will not be selected for that period. If the participant experiences lag during the conversation, we are not responsible for any lost time within the one minute as a result of the lag. However, if the connectivity issue lies on our side (ex. we disconnect from the participant during the game), we will reschedule the contest with that participant in another suitable time but with different set of questions (though general theme will continue to be the same as the participant indicated in their entry).
b). Inability to hear well- while the host will do a sound test with the participant before engaging in the contest and will make an effort to make sure the participant can hear the host well, we are not responsive for lost time within the minute if the participant cannot hear the host well and need a question to be repeated.
c). Service charges- any service charges or fees related to the participation of this contest (such as but not limited to long distance calls) will not be refunded by our organization.
d). Any changes to the allotted time or number of questions given to the participant- all participants will only be given a full minute to answer the 6 questions; no exceptions will be given to this rule.

4. We reserve the right to determine whether the answer to a question is considered correct or incorrect. Although we will make all attempts to fact check our answers, if a contestant provides partially correct answer, we have the right to determine whether it is considered correct or not. All attempts will be made to have questions  made as short as possible, thus not to intrude on the contestant’s granted time period of one minute.

5. The contest entry period will be considered from March 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018 (inclusive). This period may be adjusted accordingly to contestant entries. The contest will run once every 2 months within the contest entry period, however at the discretion of the organization (MTI Countdowns) where there is an insufficient amount of entries to adequately hold the contest, the organization can choose to modify the period that the contest will run.

6. While the Japanese version to the contest will be as similar to the English version, we reserve the right to modify questions and answers between the 2 versions that would match the level of difficulty between both languages.

7. The Japanese version will be administered by Japan Top 10’s translation team while the English version will be administered by one of our hosts.

8. Selected participants to the contest may not request a revision to their theme topic once it is announced by the host (ex. if contestant selected to focus on anime in their entry form, they cannot request a revision once the host announces to the contestant that they will be tested on anime music for the contest). However, contestants may revise their theme (anime or Japanese music) before the host announces to the contestant their theme topic during the contest. We would prefer if you could let us know ahead of time, if you want your theme topic to be changed after submitting your entry form, through email.

9. Contestants may select to participate in both main themes (Japanese music and anime) in their entry form but this WILL NOT increase their chances of getting selected to participate in the game.

10. Contestants may ONLY choose to participate the game in one language, English or Japanese.

11. Prizes will be administered through our Patreon program. For details on the program, please click here. Free month of Premium or Premium Plus will be given when the winning participant signs up for our Patron program (in the respective level of their prize). When Patreon charges the winning participant for the first month of service, a refund will be initiated on our side. For existing Patreon donors who receive a free month of Patreon, you will receive a refund of your upcoming pledge, charged at the first of each month. Subsequent months will not be refunded, if the winning participant chooses to continue their subscription to our Patreon program. The Japan Top 10 gift will be determined by our organization and shipment of the product will follow the same terms as the gifts for our Patreon donors (winners do not need to pay for the shipment of the product). For those who are part of the Patreon Club, the Japan Top 10 gift prize will not impact the gifts you will already receive as being a member of the club. Value of prize are as the following:
a). Free month of Premium- $1 USD
b). Free month of Premium Plus- $10 USD
c). Free of Japan Top 10 gift- varied, approximately from $3 to $20 USD (excluding shipping costs, though it will be included with the prize)
Prizes must be claimed within 30 days of winning the contest. Prizes will become nullified after the 30 day period. There will not be any prize substitutions with this contest.


13. This contest is open to any resident of any country, however, restrictions on prizes will be placed on those who are located in a country mentioned in the terms of the Patreon program (see here).

14. By participating in this contest, you give us permission to broadcast your voice along with your first name and your country of origin to the public.

15. Eligible contestant must follow the rules outlined on this page or will be disqualified if one of the rules mentioned becomes broken.

16. Winners or participants selected for this contest or winners of past Japan Top 10 contests are not eligible to enter in for this contest.

17. Rules of this contest may be changed, depending on our decisions, at any time during the contest period.

18. Patreon and its subsidiaries are NOT affiliated with this contest.

19. Current and past MTI Countdowns, KTop 10 and Japan Top 10 hosts ARE NOT ELIGIBLE TO ENTER INTO THIS CONTEST.

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