We love our listeners. And we definitely appreciate them for tuning into our podcast. So we wanted to create something to demonstrate our appreciation for our listeners.

Introducing our listener appreciation months!

But exactly what are listener appreciation months? They are selected months in the year that listeners will notice more content on our podcast, ability to engage more with our staff and participate in great prize giveaways!

We release episodes that our highest leveled Patreon leveled (Premium Platinum tier) supporters enjoy to everyone on our podcast for that month only! And during some listener appreciation months, we also hold contest giveaways to our listeners! Don’t forget to add your song request in for our listener appreciation months too!

Thank you for all your song requests for April 2020’s Listener Appreciation Month. We have featured them on the April 2020 Late Top 10 Countdown episode (which normally would be reserved only for our Patreon Premium Star & Platinum donors). We also hoped everyone enjoyed the extra talking & music on all episodes released within the month April 2020. We will announce in the near future when our next listener appreciation month will be! Remember to join our Patreon program to get all the benefits you enjoyed within the month of April 2020!

Got some questions? Let us answer them!

It totally depends. We cannot give a concrete number of months in each year because our ability to provide a listener appreciation month will all depend on our staffing levels and whether we are able to ask staff to engage in more production work. But with all that said, we will do our best to aim for at least 2-3 listener appreciation months within a given year.

Again similar to the first question, it depends with our staffing levels. We will do our best to spread them around the year but whether that will be feasible will depend on our staffing levels.

We will always give our listeners at least a 2 month notice on our announcements section in our episodes before moving into a listener appreciation month so that listeners will have time to provide their song requests.

Unfortunately, no. As there would be only one specially themed episode (ie, Cultures) and one artist of the month episode released that month, it would not be fair to select one public listener’s suggestion for that episode’s theme/artist. Making artist of the month and specially themed episode suggestions will continue to be reserved for only our Patreon Donor’s Club.

We giveaway a variety of prizes, tailored to the likes of our listeners. For details on how to enter and what merchandise will be given away will be announced during the listener appreciation month. We promise to keep the contest easy to enter!

It depends on the number of top 10 episodes released that month. If the month is arranged in a way that putting in a bonus regular top 10 would not be intuitive, such as if the top 10 episodes were arranged in a way that made them close to each other during that month, then to avoid duplication of songs, we would choose to present a special episode instead. We will announce the type of bonus episode that our Patreon Donor’s will receive prior to going into the appreciation month, on this page.

They will be placed on the extra songs section of the top 10 episodes released that month (excluding the possible bonus top 10 released for Patreon Donor’s only). There are 3 extra songs in each top 10 episode. The number of song requests that we will be able to receive that month will depend on the number of top 10 episodes released that month. Thus, we do not guarantee any of our public listeners that their song request will be processed into the listener appreciation month episodes. Song requests will be randomly chosen prior to the making of that top 10 episode.

Generally, yes, our Patreon donors will receive additional entries to a content giveaway. The amount of extra entries will vary depending on the contest being held. Read the contest rules for details on additional entr(ies) for Patreon donors.

Got more questions about our listener appreciation month? Send us an email at info@jtop10.jp with any questions you may have!