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May 1, 2015:


1. ナオト・インティライミ – いつかきっと

Itsuka Kitto / Naoto Intiraymi

Tim’s thoughts: Naoto does it once again! I’m not just talking about singing either. His music videos are just interesting sometimes =). My dad’s always been a tennis enthusiast, playing since he came to Canada 20 years ago. He has somehow managed to drag me with him all these years. Of course I’d love this music video when it has so much tennis! OF course, the love interest is an added bonus. 8/10
Itsuka Kitto [Regular Edition] Naoto Intiraymi


2. 福山雅治- 銭形平次

"Tama Riku (Requ)" / Masaharu Fukuyama

Tim’s thoughts: I can’t sing. Now that you all know my embarrassing secret, I can’t let you live. Just kidding, haha. IF you’d like to know something else about me, then you should know that I have a deep voice! Masaharu Fukuyama also has a deep voice! What’s the difference between us? He can sing and play guitar. A moody and empowering piece. 7.5/10
“Tama Riku (Requ)” [Regular Edition] Masaharu Fukuyama


3. BUMP OF CHICKEN – Hello,world!

Hello,world! / Colony / BUMP OF CHICKEN

Tim’s thoughts: A song I badly needed to hear. Lately, I’ve been listening to a lot of piano and guitar music to help me study for final exams. Now that finals are over, I can get back to the more progressive rock-styled songs that I also like! The MV is very interesting, so I do suggest watching it. Do you want a hint? =D Two words: Big Aliens! 8.5/10
Hello,world! / Colony [Regular Edition] BUMP OF CHICKEN


4. miwa – ONENESS

Oneness / miwa

Tim’s thoughts: Beauty, voice, style, smile! That’s Miwa for you. It seems like she has everything! All in ‘oneness’ package. Haha… You’ll hear no more jokes from me. This song is yet another one of her cheery, uplifting songs. If you like her other ones, then you’ll for sure enjoy this piece. 8/10
Oneness [Regular Edition] miwa


5. 絢香 – ずっとたいせすなキモチ

Rainbow Road / Ayaka

Tim’s thoughts: Ayaka is having a baby! Sorry, I had to let everybody know. Although I suppose many of you already know! First of all, I am very happy for her. She has a very supportive husband, and they are very happy together. For that, I am happy! Second, this song is great! It feels and sounds like she pours all of her emotions into her work, and it really shows through. Truly, her music is of those that could make you cry. 10/10
Rainbow Road


6. DREAMS COME TRUE – 九州をどこまでも


Tim’s thoughts: Does this song make me smile? Yes!! I can’t help but feel really happy. If I had to pick two words to describe this piece, then it would have to be: energetic, and nostalgic. Definitely a song that will make you jump out of your chair to dance :). Maybe not that extreme but you get my point. 8.5/10
DREAMS COME TRUE THE BEST! Watashi no Dorikamu


7. Rihwa- Bestie

iTunes download:

Tim’s thoughts: Well… I had to listen to this song four times to be able to form some semblance of what I wanted to write about it. Why? I was enchanted by her smile :X. The song is very catchy and is sure to lift your mood! Her style sort of reminds me of Jason Mraz, with all the instrumentals and style of music video. Yet another one of her great works! 8/10


8. 三代目 J Soul Brothers from EXILE TRIBE – starting over

starting over / Sandaime J Soul Brothers (3JSB) from EXILE TRIBE

Tim’s thoughts: Emotional and pulls at every girls’ heart strings. Well, I’m not a girl but I’m sure that’s how I would feel if I was one. Their songs are usually faster-paced with a pop twist, but this time it really feels more like a ‘soul’ piece resembling a ballad. Not a bad change! They have a lot of good works, but I’d say that this is one of my favourites by them. 9/10
starting over
Sandaime J Soul Brothers (3JSB) from EXILE TRIBE


9. スピッツ – 雪風

iTunes download:

Tim’s thoughts: One of my all-time favourite bands!!!!!!! I LOVE their music, and I have just about every one of their songs in my library. Now that you know I love Spitz, you probably already know how I feel about this song. I’ll let numbers do the talking. 9.5/10



iTunes download:

Tim’s thoughts: Love the clapping. Love the rock. Love the grungy voice. This piece will make you tap your feet to the beat. It really reminds me of classic Western rock, except with all the creativity of Japanese rock. It’s even cooler because they actually sing in English! Very interesting to listen to. Grab your significant other and dance! 8/10


April 7, 2015 (Producer Jack Bonus Review):


1. Perfume- Relax In The City

Relax In The City / Pick Me Up / Perfume

Producer Jack’s thoughts: OMGGG THIS IS TOO GOOD. TOO GOOD. I’M DYING HERE LISTENING TO THIS AMAZING SONG FROM PERFUME. FAN GIRL SCREAMS. But in all seriousness, it reminds me a lot of Kasuka Na Kaori, which literally is one of my favorite songs from them. Cute melody, catchy song, super kawaii voices, what more can you ask for? But I am disappointed at the other song on the same album. Pick Me Up is honestly a disappointment. But, I gotta say, after hearing this song, I have no regrets pre ordering this album. 10/10.
Relax In The City / Pick Me Up [w/ DVD, Limited Edition] Perfume


April 1, 2015 (guest host Nick from our sister show, MTI Countdowns is going to reviewing these song, fair warning, he’s a Simon Cowell when it comes to reviewing music):


1. 片平里菜 – 誰もが

Daremoga / Kemutai / Rina Katahira
Nick’s thoughts: I really like her falsetto, especially when it’s contrasted with her strong chorus vocals. The strings add to the mood very appropriately, but the electric guitar solo kinda took me out of it the atmosphere. 4/5


2. ゆず- OLA!!

OLA!! / Yuzu

Nick’s thoughts: This song uses a plethora of unorthodox instruments not normally found in J-Pop. I’m personally not a fan of the childish xylophone that they input just often enough to be slightly annoying. I can see the creative Spanish vibe they were going for, but it just didn’t build the atmosphere for me. 2/5
OLA!! [Yuzu Edition] Yuzu


3. きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ- KISEKAE

Mondai Girl / Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

Nick’s thoughts: One of the most unique intros I’ve heard in a while, but doesn’t give much variety afterwards. I was actually relieved to hear the Auto-Tune’d voice distortion halfway through the song because I was getting slightly tired of the singer’s voice. Not bad though. 2/5
Mondai Girl [Regular Edition] Kyary Pamyu Pamyu


4. [Alexandros]- Dracula La

Wataridori / Dracula La / [Alexandros]

Nick’s thoughts: This male singer has that certain kind of laid back voice that works nicely who also happens to sound a lot like the singer from Asian Kung-Fu Generation. Decent rock. 3/5
Wataridori / Dracula La [Regular Edition] [Alexandros]



19 -Road to Amazing World- / EXILE

Nick’s thoughts: Although the choruses serve their purpose well of being as catchy as possible, I’m really not a fan of the verses. The guy’s frequent English is funny to listen to, and not in a bad way. The breakdown halfway into the song, and once again at the climax, saves it from topical dance-tune mundaneness with distorted vocals and hard abrupt synths, which really does the song a lot of justice. 3.5/5
19 -Road to Amazing World-


6. ハジ→ – 君と。

Kimi to. / Hazzie

Nick’s thoughts: I like what the piano brings to the song after the second chorus, along with the careful composition of the buildup in the breakdown. For the latter, it starts with the minor strings, but combined with the percussion, the strings sound more relentless and it’s pretty. The finale largely outplays the intro, but the first half had me bored. 3/5
Kimi to. [Regular Edition] Hazzie


7. サザンオールスターズ – アロエ

Budo / Southern All Stars

Nick’s thoughts: The intro sounds like a video game, I’ll tell you that straight off the bat. Like it could pass as a modern variation of Pokemon’s Elite 4 theme. The guy in the first verse uses cheesy echo effects and the amalgamation of voices in the chorus sounds muddy. 2/5
Budo [Regular Edition] Southern All Stars


8. 福山雅治- 何度でも花が咲くように私を生きよう

iTunes download:

Nick’s thoughts: Contrary to the previous song, this intro could be in a video game but in a peaceful atmosphere with its deep strings and light synths. The band-like percussion and woodwind mesh with the vocalist’s surprisingly deep register. Calming and optimistic. But it’s not much more than that. 3/5



Rockin' Out / SPYAIR

Nick’s thoughts: This beginning sounds to be what I believe is a Formula 1 accident. But after that oddity of an intro, you’re blasted by bangin’ guitars, followed up by an equally-as-energetic vocalist. This song seriously will seriously have you committing the action of what the song’s title intends. There’s even a sick bass solo after the second chorus that deserves a mention. 4/5
Rockin’ Out [Regular Edition] SPYAIR


10. AAA- ぼくの憂鬱と不機嫌な彼女

Boku no Yuutsu to Fukigen na Kanojo / AAA

Nick’s thoughts: I prefer the female’s vocals here over the male’s, but they really shine when they harmonize together. Appropriately, the chorus ends up being much stronger than the unfortunately bland verses, both in terms of the performance and the listening experience. The rapper’s voice took me by surprise which contrasted the soulful backdrop nicely, but the way they introduce him isn’t jarring at all. 3.5/5
Boku no Yuutsu to Fukigen na Kanojo


March 3, 2015:


1. 椎名林檎 – 至上の人生

Shijo no Jinsei / Ringo Sheena

Sandra’s thoughts: This really reminds me Shina Ringo; the techno aspect, the voice, and the way she sings. The first time I heard the song, I was kind of neutral towards it opinion wise, but now listening to it a second time, this song is strangely addicting. I actually think I’ll come to like this song a lot. It’s a really nice mix of rock and techno, almost trance-like with how she sings and the auto tuning. So if you didn’t like this song the first time around, definitely give it a second chance! 8/10
Shijo no Jinsei
Ringo Sheena


2. Galileo Galilei – 恋の寿命

Koi no Jumyo / Galileo Galilei

Sandra’s thoughts: That guitar beat in the start, so nice. This song feels like a warm sunny day, like how I perceive most of Galileo Galilei’s songs; warm, sunny, and nostalgic. I also really like how the song became really quiet right before the final chorus, it gives my ears a nice rest before heading into the climatic finish. A fantastic song with great vocals. 8/10
Koi no Jumyo [Regular Edition] Galileo Galilei



Wave Runner / CAPSULE

Sandra’s thoughts: Weird song, definitely different from the ones we usually hear on the countdown. In fact this song is basically just an instrumental track with some futuristic talking in the background- almost a rave type song. Very short as well, not sure how I should rate this actually. 5/10
Wave Runner [Regular Edition] CAPSULE


4. MAN WITH A MISSION – Seven Deadly Sins

Seven Deadly Sins / MAN WITH A MISSION

Sandra’s thoughts: Once again, another song that’s very different from the usual picks, and you know what? I’m really digging this one (yes I said digging)! This is probably what would be considered rock, and the large amount of English in the song reminds me ONE OK ROCK except I’m pretty sure that this is not what the vocalist of ONE OK ROCK sounds like. This vocalist has a more mature voice, also the English happens to make a big more sense in this song- although not to judge, but having proper English is definitely a plus. Great song actually! 8/10
Seven Deadly Sins [Regular Edition] MAN WITH A MISSION


5. コブクロ – 奇跡

Kiseki / Kobukuro

Sandra’s thoughts: This intro, it’s so nice!! The vocals are very clear and stand out well compared to the instrumentals. And, best of all, guys! IT’S A BANJO!! AM I RIGHT? I’M NOT GOING CRAZY RIGHT? Yeah this is definitely a banjo!! And to be honest it kind of sounds weird, it is kind of cool having a banjo in the song and although I’m not sure if it fully fits the song, it doesn’t sound totally bad. Just maybe a little weird. 7/10
Kiseki [Regular Edition] Kobukuro


6. 家入レオ – little blue

20 / Leo Ieiri

Sandra’s thoughts: This song is absolutely gold. I really think Leo Ieiri is getting better and better and stepping out of her comfort zones with these. That or I just haven’t heard enough of her songs… Ahem, any who, fantastic song! This song has a wonder mix of slow and fast pacing, and overall it’s like a super fun and emotional rollercoaster. Really, not much to be said, awesome song! 10/10
20 [Regular Edition] Leo Ieiri


7. AKINO from bless4 – 海色

"Kantai Collection - Kan Colle - (TV Anime)" Intro Theme: Miiro / AKINO from bless4

Sandra’s thoughts: “This song sounds so epic haha, like something straight out of an anime opening” was my initial thoughts of this song. And just to be sure, I had to google whether if my guess was correct, and voila! This song turns out to be the opening song to Kantai Collection- man the chances! Either way a fantastically catchy song. 8.5/10
“Kantai Collection – Kan Colle – (TV Anime)” Intro Theme: Miiro
AKINO from bless4


8. androp – Ghost

Ghost / androp

Sandra’s thoughts: Ah, I haven’t heard an Androp song in so long. This is so beautiful and calming, the beginning instantly hooked me in and those vocals are so clear and gentle. I also noticed those little crackling sounds in the background music! They really give off a weirdly nostalgic feeling. If I had to use two words to describe this song it would be beautifully nostalgic, matches fairly well to the title of the song. 10/10
Ghost [Regular Edition] androp


9. miwa – 360°

360 Degree / miwa

Sandra’s thoughts: Interesting? Not a bad song, but not exactly my tastes. Her vocals are quite nice as always, and the song is plenty cute. I’m not sure how I feel about that auto-tuning but good song over all, just not my tastes per say. 7/10
360 Degree [Regular Edition] miwa


10. GReeeeN – Believe

iTunes download:

Sandra’s thoughts: Greeeen! I really liked the intro, and in fact the rest of the song. It had a really slow intro that slowly ramped up into a firework of explosions. If this was a shounen manga, it’s almost like if the song got a super saiyan charge up during the chorus. Really sweet though! 7.5/10


February 3, 2015:


1. KANA-BOON-タイムアウト


Tim’s thoughts: Immediately upon listening to this song, it is clear that this piece has a little bit more ‘rock’ in it than some of their other works. It’s a really fast-paced piece, so unless you’re looking for something to headbang to, then I would not suggest this to you. BUT, if you were looking for just this type of song, then perfect! Guitar solos, good drums, fast vocals, you have it all. 8/10
Time [Regular Edition] KANA-BOON


2. back number-アーバンライフ

Heroine / back number

Tim’s thoughts: Here’s to another classic work of art by back number. They have yet to fail me in delivering a catchy song. After listening to it, you feel conflicted between clicking the replay button or finding another one of their songs to listen to. Heck, it doesn’t really matter because all their songs are good. Regardless of what you do, you’re just really picking the best of the best. 9/10
Heroine [Regular Edition] back number


3. Rihwa-Snowing Day

Snowing Day / Rihwa

Tim’s thoughts: I can’t seem to stop smiling while listening to this. Maybe it’s because the album picture is one of her smiling at me, so I feel obligated to smile back at her. The song itself is pretty cheerful. I’ve seen videos of her performing live, and she seems just as happy as she does on this cover album. In any case, she’s earned my respect =D. 8.5/10
Snowing Day [Regular Edition] Rihwa


4. superfly-White Light

White / Superfly

Tim’s thoughts: Tales of Zestiria openning? Is that you? Considering that I’m going to be purchasing this installation of the ‘Tales of’ series, I’ll be listening to this song quite a few times. Although it is very different from other typical Tales opennings, it does not mean that I welcome change openheartedly :D. This song has a very consistent beat running in the background. It’s like a constant stomping sound, somewhat similar to ‘We Will Rock You’ by Queen. You would need to listen to it yourself to find out. What I CAN tell you is that the song is great =). 9/10
White [Regular Edition] Superfly


5. SEKAI NO OWARI-ムーンライトステーション


Tim’s thoughts: Catchy and seasonal! With all the bells jingling in the background, it really feels like a happy song, and it is! As you listen, you’ll hear the small bits of traditional influence in the song, and even train tracks! Yes, you can almost picture the music video in your mind. I really enjoy when songs can tell you a story. 8/10
Tree [Regular Edition] SEKAI NO OWARI


6. ONE OK ROCK-cry out

35xxxv / ONE OK ROCK

Tims thoughts: I’ve always liked how Taka had such perfect English pronunciation. It really hinders my ability to listen and enjoy music when certain singers try to sing in foreign languages, but end up butchering the song instead. When listening to ONE OK ROCK, I can dedicate 100% of my attention to the song itself. When I first listened to this song, I felt extremely pumped up and motivated. So motivated in fact, that I wanted to go to class. Yes, I wanted to go to class after hearing this song. That’s pretty impressive. 9.5/10
35xxxv [Regular Edition] ONE OK ROCK



Wake Me Tonight / JYJ

Tim’s thoughts: This is my first time running into this group. But hey, judging from their album cover, they seem to dress fashionably =D. I always have some sort of respect for anybody wearing anything even slightly relevant to suits. Why? Maybe it’s because I’m going into accounting, but I actually don’t know for sure myself o_o. Regarding the song, it sounds very k-pop related, but that’s that always a bad thing. You’ll enjoy it if it’s your into very pop-centered songs. 7.5/10
Wake Me Tonight


8. J-DAD- Stand up

Soul Days / J-DAD

Tim’s thoughts: Rap tribute, guitar, and an assortment of other instrumentals? I couldn’t ask for more =D. It could be because of the name, but his singing style really reminds me of JAY’ED. If you’ve heard both of their music styles before, then maybe you’d agree with me XD. It’s interesting to compare, and you can definitely spot out the similarities. But of course, being similar, both of their music is good too. Plus, the guitar solo in this song gives it bonus points. 9.5/10
Soul Days



iTunes download:

Tim’s thoughts: I really enjoy songs that have an emotional ‘soul’ sort of feel to them. Even if the message of the song that they are trying to get across is an unrelated topic, I feel that I can still relate to just the emotion that the song gives off. I find it hard not to sing along to this piece. If I had to relate this to a western singer, then Bob Marley comes to mind. 9/10



Linkage Ring / GARNiDELiA

Tim’s thoughts: Many of her songs are relatively new, but this one is definitely very different from her other pieces. Usually, her songs have this futuristic feel to it, and it’s faster paced and has some semblance to rock. However, this song is more of a ballad. It’s a good change, and I personally prefer ballads anyways. If you’ve ever seen her before, then she has the ‘looks’ for sure, but this song proves to me that she has the emotion and capacity to sing as well. 8.5/10
Linkage Ring [Regular Edition] GARNiDELiA


January 6, 2015 (OUR FIRST REVIEW OF 2015!):


1. Indigo la end – Sly Queen

Sayonara Bell / indigo la End

Sandra’s thoughts: This song is from the same album as their other song Sayonara Bell which I deeply enjoyed. And this? Is quite fantastic as well. I really like the guitar in this, and although the vocals overpowered by the guitar during the chorus sections, I don’t mind it. This reminds me of an spy action film, but with some comedic twists to it. Very catchy, very nice! 7.5/10
Sayonara Bell
indigo la End


2. Eufonius – sati

KALITERUS / eufonius

Sandra’s thoughts: A super sweet sounding and gentle song- exactly my type! I love slow songs! In fact when I go karaoking I got yelled at by my friends for picking slow and sad songs haha. This song also has another thing I really love and that is the use of subtle electronic sounds. At certain moments, there’s sounds of clinging and beeping, and when used properly, it can create such a unique mood- just like this song. I really enjoyed this. 9/10


3. 浜崎あゆみ – Zutto…

Zutto... / Last minute / Walk / Ayumi Hamasaki

Sandra’s thoughts: This songs feels like it’s filled with passion, emotion, and love- in a very different sense from the usual songs I see on the countdown. This songs is like a really really rich and thick scent. Something with a really strong presence, something so entrancingly beautiful that you almost feel annoyed, but it always draws you back in. And now I’m just getting cheesy ^^. I can totally imagine a tragic love scene going on in my head right now! 8/10
Zutto… / Last minute / Walk
Ayumi Hamasaki


4. ヒナタカコ – 私であること

Aquadream / Takako Hina

Sandra’s thoughts: Her voice! WOW! It’s so mystic! Well maybe mystic isn’t the best word to describe her voice… but it’s gentle, soft, but really strong at the same time! This feeling is hard to describe, it’s almost enka like. As well the music, is super gentle and hopeful and it makes me want to close my eyes while smiling, just a little. This is perfect. 10/10
Takako Hina


5. May J. – My Sweet Dreams

May J. W Best -Original & Covers- / May J.

Sandra’s thoughts: I really like the slow progression at the intro, it slowly brings you into the song. Like someone tied a rope to you and is leading you through a crowd while you have a blindfold on. Though to be honest, I don’t even know what leading someone through a crowd has anything to do with this song haha. This song definitely fits the title well, though with a title as a sweet dream you might first think this song would have more cutesy elements while in fact this song has a very fresh feeling to it. A very different type of sweet, a refreshing one that melts in your mouth the second you can taste it. 7/10
May J. W Best -Original & Covers- [2CD / Limited Edition] May J.


6. The forever young – world end

AO-HARU-RIDE ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK / Original Soundtrack (Music by Yuki Hayashi)

Sandra’s thoughts: I think this album is for the soundtrack of the live action Ao Haru Ride. A very slow paced (in my opinion) shoujo with a lot of teenage angst, love triangles, and misunderstandings. I didn’t expect such an fast paced and loud song to be used as a part of the soundtrack. A very nice song though, a great beat, and some delicious guitar and drum solos, vocals are at a nice degree of huskiness. It sounds like a rock song of the summer. 7/10
Original Soundtrack (Music by Yuki Hayashi)


7. 氷室義輝 – Balance

iTunes download:

Sandra’s thoughts: His style is often described in the media as very playful. It consists of finely chopped, fast rhythms in combination with jazzy bass and synthesizer lines and 8bit sounds. In this area he is one of the prominent Japanese musicians of this time.” This was state by the description when I first saw this song. Interesting I suppose and very true. This almost reminds me of SHE but with more clinging and less beats and dubstep bass. 6/10


8. Do As Infinity – Mysterious Magic

Mysterious Magic / Do As Infinity

Sandra’s thoughts: I haven’t heard a Do As Infinity song in ages! I still remember when I first heard their song back in my Inu Yasha days. So many good childhood memories, even if Inu Yasha was crazy cheesy sometimes, it was still quite memorable. And Do As Infinity? Great as always! The vocals is as good as ever and the music is loud, upbeat, and uplifting. 7/10
Mysterious Magic
Do As Infinity


9. 9mm Parabellum Bullet – 生命のワルツ

Seimei no Waltz / 9mm Parabellum Bullet

Sandra’s thoughts: Oh wow, from that drum beat! I do like how even though the instrumentals are fairly loud compared to the vocals, the vocals are still very clear and distinguishable from the instrumentals. Parts of this song is a little weird though, like the chanting-like part near the middle. This is not the usual type of song I listen to, so I probably can’t do it full justice with this song review. GOMENASAI! 6.5/10
Seimei no Waltz [Regular Edition] 9mm Parabellum Bullet


10. ゆず – ポケット

OLA!! / Yuzu

Sandra’s thoughts: WOW, the drums on this! That was the instant hook for me! Not to mention the wonder progression from the beginning to the chorus, this is truly a song that is able to draw you with a whirlpool of sounds. Great song, though I wish I knew what they were singing about I mean with a title like “Pocket” it doesn’t really reveal much to a listener like me. 9.5/10
OLA!! [Yuzu Edition] Yuzu


December 9, 2014 (OUR LAST REVIEWS FOR THIS YEAR! Reviews will be back in 2015, see our updates page for more info!):


1. Czecho No Republic – Oh Yeah!!!!!!!

Oh Yeah!!!!!!! / Czecho No Republic

Tim’s thoughts:  Awesome! This song sure has one awesome music video. It’s really creative, especially with that one scene with the old man firing a Shoryuken/Kamehameha wave LOL! This song really tells a story, and a funny one at that. 8/10
Oh Yeah!!!!!!! [Regular Edition] Czecho No Republic


2. 山崎あおい – ふたりで歩けば

Futari De Arukeba / Aoi Yamazaki

Tim’s thoughts: For reasons I can’t describe, this song feels like one of those ‘morning’ songs that I’d set an alarm to (In a good way of course). OF COURSE THE ALPACA IN THE MUSIC VIDEO MAKES THIS SONG 100% BETTER. Cough. The melody really makes me feel ‘inspired’, and of course, as I’ve already mentioned, the alpaca makes things so much better. Good voice + Alpaca = 9/10
Futari De Arukeba [Regular Edition] Aoi Yamazaki


3. JUJU – 糸

Request / JUJU

Tim’s thoughts: This song feels really nostalgic. I’ve been listening to a lot of ballads lately, and I have been constantly searching for ‘the right song’. Can I say that I’ve found it with this one? Maybe, but I don’t want to stop here! I want to hear more still =D. I’ve gone through many music phases and they usually last anywhere from three months to a year, so for now, I’ll just have to add this to my playlist. 8/10
Request II


4. E-girls – Mr.Snowman

Mr.Snowman / e-girls

Tim’s thoughts: This song definitely fits its name! Being called Mr. Snowman, I obviously had expectations that there would be some sort of Christmas theme. Of course, there was a Christmas theme. Actually, the entire song pretty much had something to do with Christmas, spread throughout like 4-5 different background settings. Did it look like it took a lot of effort? Yes! The song doesn’t sound half bad too, if you’re into, you know, holiday music. 7.5/10




Tim’s thoughts: SPYAIR? Yes please. I really like their style of rock, and of course, their vocals. Like really reminds me of Taka from ONE OK ROCK. Unfortunately, the band has gone on hiatus after it was announced that theirlead singer Ike would be quitting : (. But hey! Let’s focus on the music XD. This song is no less amazing than many of their other pieces, and once again, it really pumps me up =D. I feel like I could do a thousand push-ups… but I’m not going to. 9/10
Best [Regular Edition] SPYAIR


6. BUMP OF CHICKEN – ファイター

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Tim’s thoughts: I still admire BUMP OF CHICKEN to this day because of their opening on Tales of the Abyss. To me, it will always be one of the most heart-touching video games I’ve played. In terms of this song, it feels just as inspirational as their other songs. Their music is something I know I can always look forward to when I need a pick-me-up, and I hope that everything turns out fine for them, because I’ll be waiting for them to make their great return! 10/10

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