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June 24, 2014:


1. 島谷ひとみ- やぶれかぶれ

Yabure Kabure / Hitomi Shimatani
Tim’s thoughts: I’m not sure if it’s the catchy jazz bgm or the vocals, but I really like this song. It sounds as if the singer is really having fun with this song (I would certainly hope so). I’m actually trying to learn the alto saxophone, along with many other instruments… Hopefully I’ll find some time to practice (or even buy one lol). In any case, this song will be good reference for jazz =). 8/10

Yabure Kabure [CD+DVD] Hitomi Shimatani


2. KAT-TUN- In Fact

In Fact / KAT-TUN
Tim’s thoughts: I’ve always wondered what it would feel like to be in a jpop group. I actually have a few friends who want to be a pop star XD. Every once in a while, they would start singing to a familiar song on the radio or even start dancing out of nowhere. Well, maybe I would add being a popstar to my bucket list, but unfortunately I can’t even sing or dance. Aside from broken dreams, this song is quite catchy =). 8/10

In Fact [Regular Edition] KAT-TUN


3. 三代目 J Soul Brothers from EXILE TRIBE – R.Y.U.S.E.I

R.Y.U.S.E.I. / Sandaime J Soul Brothers (3JSB) from EXILE TRIBE
Tim’s thoughts: Party! All the people in the video are having parties! They all seem to be enjoying themselves. I can also picture this song being used in clubs too. Too bad I don’t go clubbing so I would never know for sure XD. That’s okay though, because I can always listen to this song =D. 9/10

Sandaime J Soul Brothers (3JSB) from EXILE TRIBE


4. 絢香- にじいろ

Nijiiro / Ayaka
Tim’s thoughts: Close your eyes, imagine happiness, and listen. What did you think of? I pictured myself playing the violin. Although there is no violin the version of the song that I listened to, I still imagined myself playing and being there when the song was being recorded. Making music must be so fun =D. I hope you all imagined something beautiful too! 10/10



June 11, 2014:


1. コブクロ- 陽だまりの道

Hidamari No Michi / Kobukuro
Sandra’s thoughts: GUYS GUYS! I REALLY LIKE THIS SONG! The voices! It melts ahhhh! <3 ~ Ahem, seriously those voices ( I think 2 male singers?) are quite delicious to listen to. I love slow songs like this, like it’s slowly singing you away to somewhere else, a song that lets you drift off. 10/10

Hidamari No Michi


2. ナオト・インティライミ- The World is ours!

The World is ours! / Naoto Intiraymi
Sandra’s thoughts: Wow I’m loving this song as well! The beginning drums, the whistles, the singing- this reminds me of a tropical forest party, like those lemurs from the movie Madagascar. I have to say, as well, their English is quite good, got all the pronunciations down. This really makes me want to go on a vacation haha, which I would except I am personally terrified of getting some weird parasitic disease ><. That’s what watching too many nature shows about parasites does to you. 9.5/10

The World is ours! [Regular Edition] Naoto Intiraymi


3. きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ- きらきらキラー

Pikapika Fantajin / Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
Sandra’s thoughts: KPP ah. I’m not even sure how to take these songs. Do I enjoy them? I suppose. Do I find them too repetitive, loud, and just bland? Sometimes? I don’t know, I know it seems like she’s been changing the style of her songs slightly, and I think change is good, but I haven’t been as into her recent songs as I have with her older ones. But that’s just me ^^;. This song strikes me as cute and sweet, as always for KPP, and I suppose I’ll look forward to her video. 7/10

Pikapika Fantajin [Regular Edition] Kyary Pamyu Pamyu


4. NICO Touches the Walls – 天地ガエシ

Tenchi Gaeshi / NICO Touches the Walls
Sandra’s thoughts: I’ve always heard Nico Touches the Walls and it always reminded me of NDD for obvious reasons, I guess that’s what kept me away from trying their music? Don’t ask why, really. The beginning of this song reminded me a rodeo, don’t ask why either lol. But this songs is really good, I think with a few more listens I could really get addicted to this song! Or wait, am I addicted already? :O 10/10

Tenchi Gaeshi [Regular Edition] NICO Touches the Walls


May 28, 2014:


1. perfume- Hold Your Hand

Cling Cling / Perfume
Sandra’s thoughts: I remember when Producer Jack showed me the video to this song; IT WAS SO CUTE . You guys should check it out! With regards to the song, it’s another song with a perfume recipe- not exactly my tastes, so I really do wonder why Producer Jack wanted me to review this song. It’s cute, and it’s sorta lovey dovey, like a manga type first love kind of feel. 7/10

Cling Cling [Regular Edition] Perfume


2. KANA-BOON- レピドシレン

Full Drive / KANA-BOON

Tim’s thoughts: Wow!! I can’t stop moving my head along with this song haha. Just listening to this song makes me feel out of breath! They talk so fast! Maybe I’ll download this song as my ringtone… or even my alarm clock . Honestly, if I had half the amount of their energy every morning, then I would never show up late to work again. A great pick me up song whenever you want to feel pumped . 8/10
Full Drive [Regular Edition] KANA-BOON


3. Mr. Children- 放たれる

Ashioto - Be Strong / Mr.Children
Tim’s thoughts: To start off, I would like to put it out there that I’m a huge fan of Mr.Children. I stumbled upon them around 3 years ago while I was still in high school and instantly became a fan. Here are just a few reasons why I enjoy listening to their music so much XD! 1. I enjoy their ‘style’ (clothing, music videos, etc.) 2. I love the sound of his voice! 3. A lot of their songs have great instrumentals! (Percussion, piano, and violin, just to name a few) This song fits all of the above mentioned . 9/10

Ashioto – Be Strong


4. aiko- 明日の歌

Awa no Yona Ai Datta / aiko
Sandra’s thoughts: I haven’t heard an aiko song in a while, so this song was quite nice to review. As always, her voice seems so different, like she’s singing directly in your ears? Like a live? Perhaps that’s the best way to describe this sound, personally though you’ve really got to listen in for yourself. I like the feeling for this song, very smooth (reminds me of jazz, don’t ask) and almost epic at times. Then again, I have no idea what the song is about. 7.5/10

Awa no Yona Ai Datta [Regular Edition] aiko


May 14, 2014:


1. 高橋優- 太陽と花

Taiyou To Hana / Yu Takahashi
Sandra’s thoughts: Oh ho that guitar and instrumental section, very very powerful, just like the vocals! Definitely a nice song, very passionate and catchy. 8.5/10

Taiyou To Hana [Regular Edition] Yu Takahashi


2. スガ シカオ- Life

Astride / Life / Shikao Suga
Sandra’s thoughts: I really like how this song slowly builds up from only vocals increasing in complexity into an orchestral of sounds. 8.5/10

Astride / Life
Shikao Suga


3. GReeeeN- 風

Imakara Oyayubi ga Kieru Tejina Shimasu. / GReeeeN
Sandra’s thoughts: YAY GREEEEN! Their songs are always so unique and distinct. I really like the oriental elements in the song, I always like it when modern pop/rock/songs in general use traditional elements. Very pleasant to the ears. 8/10

Imakara Oyayubi ga Kieru Tejina Shimasu. [w/ DVD, Limited Edition / Type C] GReeeeN


4. flumpool- ビリーバーズ・ハイ

The Best 2008-2014 "MONUMENT" / flumpool
Sandra’s thoguhts: Here it is! Flumpool! The song that I mentioned how I was looking forward to in the recent jtop10 countdowns. If I had to give one word to describe this song it’d be “shounen”. I suppose it the guitar? Or the vocals? Or perhaps just the way the song is arranged, it feels like a song that would go perfectly with a classic shounen type anime opening. Very nice! 7.5/10

The Best 2008-2014 “MONUMENT” [Regular Edition] flumpool


May 1, 2014:


1. Spyair- Trust your anthem

Imagination / SPYAIR
Tim’s thoughts: I’m thinking of buying an electric guitar now o_o. I recently picked up an acoustic guitar in the hopes of learning how to play it over the summer. I’ve been watching some youtube videos and finding lessons and tips on google, but after listening to this song, I suddenly want to learn the electric guitar as well LOL. I guess a lot of rock songs just do that to you. If only I wasn’t so indecisive… If only this song wasn’t so good. 9/10

Imagination [Regular Edition] SPYAIR


2. 秦 基博- 五月の天の河 (to hear ダイアローグ・モノローグ, please check out episode 34)

Dialogue Monologue / Motohiro Hata
Tim’s thoughts: Hata Motohiro. Over the past year, I’ve been listening to a lot of his songs. Personally, I’ve felt as if I’ve matured a bit over the school year, and I can definitely contribute part of that growth to his music. It’s like every one of his songs just inspires you in some way. Whenever I feel down or discouraged (especially during exams), I just start playing some of his songs and it picks me up. I will add this to my favourites for sure =D. I hope you all like the song as much as I do. Personally, I’d give it a… 10/10!

Dialogue Monologue [Regular Edition] Motohiro Hata


3. 片平里菜- Oh JANE

OH JANE / Rina Katahira
Tim’s thoughts:I feel hungry. I listened to this song first on youtube, which means that I saw the video. Basically she just eats a lot of fruits in the video. If you guys watched it then you would understand. Not only is the song really darn catchy, the video shows food almost every few seconds. I suggest you guys to watch it after lunch =S. You’ve been warned. 8/10

Rina Katahira


April 14, 2014:


1. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu- Scanty Skimpy

Family Party / Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
Sandra’s thoughts: Yay more slow Kyary songs! Actually recently Producer Jack showed me a music video of one of her recent songs (perhaps it was this one? I can’t seem to recall) and we both noted on how her music video seems a lot more mature. Still weird, but less childish weird and perhaps even less weird in general compared to before. Perhaps this is what she meant by good bye ? We can only speculate! 7/10

Family Party [Regular Edition] Kyary Pamyu Pamyu


2. ケラケラ- Make Up

Kerakerariat / Kerakera
Sandra’s thoughts: Man, this song reminds of generic shoujo mangas, and not just because of the title! The whole song gives off a young feminine vibe, I can just imagine the sequences of a cheesy high school girl in love. I CAN MAKE UP! YOU CAN MAKE UP! Weeeee!!! Kira kira uhh- something ! 7/10

Kerakerariat [Regular Edition] Kerakera


3. Sekai no Owari- ピエロ (please check out Episode 33 of Japan Top 10 to hear 炎と森のカーニバル)

Hono to Mori no Carnival / SEKAI NO OWARI
Sandra’s thoughts: This is quite a noisy one! I’m not sure how I feel about the beginning, but otherwise, sweet song. I don’t know if it’s just me noticing it late (which is the usual case) but I feel that Sekai no Owari have been using a lot of auto tune with recent songs. Have I mentioned this before? Well either way, the auto tune matches the feels of the song and the childish way the singer sings. Not bad at all! 7/10

Hono to Mori no Carnival [Regular Edition] SEKAI NO OWARI



MATATABISTEP / Ano Ao to Ao to Ao / Passepied
Sandra’s thoughts: This is adorable. Something that you’d probably hear the remix version of at a club or something. Her voice is a little squeaky and childish, but not overly done that it’s annoying (it’s something I tends to irk me: squeaky female voices :/), it’s just right! A very catchy song and very upbeat. 8/10

MATATABISTEP / Ano Ao to Ao to Ao [Regular Edition] Passepied


April 1, 2014 (happy April Fool’s?):


1. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu- Family Party

Family Party / Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
Tim’s thoughts: Wow ! When I was asked to review this song, I first thought ”a KPP song!! great!” I wondered what kind of crazy clothing she would end up wearing this time, and how she would sing it. If you’re not acquainted with Kpp, she’s known for her eccentric style and fashion sense, as well as singing. If I had to describe her….. imagine Lady Gaga, but at the same time, nothing like her… and …wow I’m already lost. Isn’t this funny? Next time, go find a friend who doesn’t know who KPP is, and then try to describe her to that person. I’m sure you’ll be just as stumbled as I am =S. Besides! This song is actually fairly new, so there will be some of you out there who have not heard it yet. I wish you the best in listening to what is another song that is sure to confuse you, but confuse you in a good way. 9/10

Family Party [Regular Edition] Kyary Pamyu Pamyu


2. SPYAIR- Imagination

Imagination / SPYAIR
Tim’s thoughts: SPYAIR!! =/ … alkwjdawoijaslkacnqwda… Sorry. It’s just that I haven’t seen or listened to SPYAIR in the longest time! They sound as good as ever if anything… maybe even better o_o. Their music videos improved a lot though. Now that I think about it, music videos in general have improved over the years. I guess that’s just how fast music has really evolved in the past decade. When I reviewed this song, I was listening to it off of YouTube, and for a song that is fairly new and posted only 2 weeks ago, it has quite the amount of views. I’m glad that J-Rock culture is still strong as ever, because I was an avid listener of it back in high school. I’m really glad SPPYAIR is alive and kicking too =). If you like this song, then I would suggest checking out their other works as well. 8/10

Imagination [Regular Edition] SPYAIR



Hitoribocchi ni Naru Hi no Tame ni / Going Under Ground
Tim’s thoughts: Cool song! I’ve never heard of this band before, but apparently they’ve been around for a while! I listened to some of their other songs, and they’re pretty good too. They have this upbeat feeling to their music, and it puts you in sort of a happy mood. I’ll be sure to check out more of their pieces in the near future. I have finals this month… so maybe it would be a good time to sit down, listen to some music, and get some studying done. 8/10

Hitoribocchi ni Naru Hi no Tame ni
Going Under Ground


4. back number- 聖者の行進

Love Story / back number
Tim’s thoughts: back number? back number music????? Yes please. I absolutely love this group. Almost all of their pieces speak out to me in one way or another, and the way that the pieces are sung just hits me right in the heart. I hope maybe one day that I’ll be able to speak to them in person, but until then, I just have to keep studying so that I can get a job to pay for gas to go to work to pay for gas to maintain my job. Life is hard, but music makes it that much sweeter; especially when it’s back number music. In terms of this song, I love the instrumentals in the background. I had a dream to play in a symphony when I was young. The reason I wanted to play in a symphony was because I listened to a few classical pieces as a child, and loved the sound co-ordinated music. My father forced me to take up the violin, but I eventually grew to love playing it. My only regret is not having been forced to play the violin, but rather not deciding to major in music studies. If you’re wondering, I decided to go with a business degree. 9/10

Love Story [Regular Edition] back number



Tim’s thoughts: I hope my dreams sure do come true, and I hope that by listening to her sing it just might happen one day. Wow… now I want my dreams to come true once, and then one more time. Too greedy? Bad joke? =’D It’s a tuesday… cut me some slack =(… Maybe if I keep listening I’ll forget about my exams… 9/10


March 19, 2014:



Sandra’s thoughts: AHHH!! I CAN’T BELIEVE HATSUNE MIKU IS BEING USED IN HERE!!! AHHHH!!! Ok outburst otherwise, this song is fantastic. Not only does the vocalist sound amazing as always, the duets with Hatsune Miku is extra delicious! I’m really psyched man! I hope this is a trend, I’d love to see vocaloids used more in professional music because personally I think it’s a fantastic tool, some thing like a instrument with emotions (not saying normal instruments are unable to express emotions, they can as well, but this is much more direct). 10/10


2. 高橋優- 旅人

Sandra’s thoughts: This is nice as well! Jack is really starting to get a hang of picking out songs that I enjoy. Although the only word that I think I understood from this song was “hitori” which I think means alone, but it’s really good! The guitar, the vocal, the arrangement, simple yet powerful; this is definitely something I dig. 9/10
Yu Takahashi


3. miwa – LOVE LOVE LOVE

iTunes download: https://itunes.apple.com/jp/album/love-love-love-single/id834030706

Sandra’s thoughts: I first listened to Miwa because of the japanese drama, Rich Man Poor Women. Awesome drama, awesome theme song, man I remember that song made my cry oodles. Miwa’s voice is so distincitve, she kinda reminds me of Yui, but not really (they’re quite different lol). This song is calming, and sweet and that middle part ahhhh, so good ><. Matches the title like a pen to a cap! 8.5/10


4. back number- 繋いだ手から

Tsunaida Te Kara / back number
Sandra’s thoughts: This song is sweet, it feels like one of those songs that grows on you the more u listen to it, although I must say even first listen is pretty sweet. 8.5/10
back number


March 4, 2014:


1. いきものがかり – 未来予想図II

Golden Girl / Ikimonogakari
Tim’s thoughts: Hey guys! Hope you’re all doing good this week. It’s been a while since my last review… but here I go anyways! I’m always a sucker for sad music, and while many can argue that this may or may not be a sad song, it still gives off that certain ‘feeling’. You know, I’ve had an exam to write every single week for the past month… so I’ve been feeling pretty tired. I think I need to just cry it all out. Yep. I’m going to do that. Brb. 8/10


2. GReeeeN- 愛すべき明日、一瞬と一生を

New Single: Title is to be announced / GReeeeN
Tim’s thoughts: When I saw GreeeeN, the last thing I really expected to see in their MV was… GreeeeN. Everything was green. It’s ironic because it’s almost St. Patrick’s Day as well. I’m also wearing a green sweater right now. Wow. The song pretty much screams rock and roll at you. No really, it really screams, and it’s awesome. 8/10


3. 宇多田ヒカル – First Love (2014 Re-release)

First Love -15th Anniversary Deluxe Edition- / Hikaru Utada
Tim’s thoughts: When I first realized that I had to review this song, I had mixed feelings. Half of me was really happy that I could review such a great song, while the other half started crying a little bit. I first listened to this song 3 years ago in high school and at first, I didn’t appreciate it enough to realize how great it was. After seeing this song again in some related links on youtube, I gave it another listen. After clicking on the video, I was instantly entranced. I wasn’t sure why I didn’t listen to it more, but I definitely regretted it. Now, not a month goes by without me running into this song somewhere, and giving it another listen. Music at its best =). 10/10
Hikaru Utada


4. KANA-BOON – 結晶星

Kesshousei / KANA-BOON
Tim’s thoughts: To be completely honest, I haven’t really listened to many KANA-BOON songs before, but that may change. I’ve always listened to music with a really open mind, and to this day, I’ve enjoyed every kind of genre. However, because I listen to so many different kinds of music, I sometimes listen to one kind more than another. Basically, I haven’t been in touch with the more rock/pop type genre as much lately, but I can gladly say that KANA-BOON is one of those bands that just might get me back into it. This is a good song with a catchy beat, and I think I’ll start here. XD 8/10


February 18, 2014:


1. Galileo Galilei- Hellogoodbye

iTunes download: https://itunes.apple.com/jp/album/hellogoodbye-single/id807978519

Sandra’s thoughts: Oh dat voice >< so nice! This song has such a calming, refreshing feeling- like basking under the light that’s cast through a canopy of trees. Then the later half become more rock-ish, still pretty delicious. 9/10


2. Greeeen- 卒業の唄 ~アリガトウは何度も言わせて~

New Single: Title is to be announced / GReeeeN
Sandra’s thoughts: I really like the drums in this one, very pronounce through the whole song. I like Greeeen songs since they often either tell a story or just seem really fun, so it really makes me wonder what this one’s about. 8/10


3. 家入レオ- a boy

a boy / Leo Ieiri
Sandra’s thoughts: Yaaayy Leo! Yup, I definitely like this change into slower paced songs. It give a lot of room for me (as the listener) to take a breather and appreciate the beautiful vocals. 9.5/10
Leo Ieiri


4. ゆず- ユートピア

New Album: Title is to be announced / Yuzu
Sandra’s thoughts: Parts of this sort of reminds me of enka haha…. just they way they sing some parts of it. Interesting song, it’s weird sounding and feels kind of all over the place, but it’s kind of nice like that too. 8.5/10


5. きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ- ゆめのはじまりんりん

Yume no Hajimarinrin / Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
Sandra’s thoughts: The beginning part with the plucking of the strings or what not… SO CUTE! I want to make it my ringtone or something. Otherwise, of course this is another kyary song so what did you expect xD. Although this one’s fairly slow and less crazy crazy, (can’t say for the song content tho). 7.5/10
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu


February 7, 2014:


1. Charisma.com – チャンコイ

Distopping / Charisma.Com
Tim’s thoughts: If I had to describe this song in one word… then that word would… definitely start with a C. Wanna take a guess? Here’s a hint, it has the letters a and h in it. It’s catchy. You were probably guessing something else huh? Haha =D Their name certainly fits their music, and that’s a good thing. I actually just wrote a midterm and I think I need to listen to a bit of this to get me out of my studying mood =). What do I think of this song?!?!?! 8/10


2. miwa- faith

Faith / miwa
Tim’s thoughts: ‘I have to be a dreamer’ =D … there’s just something about english lyrics in Japanese songs that gets me going. I’ve been learning Japanese for the past few months, and I really have to say that I like the lyrics. This song is still very new, so go download it, put it on your mp3, run outside, show it to your friends, and tell the whole world about it, because this song will make you head bang :D! 9/10


3. Back number- Fish

Love Story / back number
Tim’s thoughts: Brb! Getting a box of tissues… It was really a very emotional piece. I was very impressed with this song. First, it has that perfect touch of piano that gets you in a depressed mood, and then comes the singer. It might be different for others, but for me, I certainly felt sad after listening to it… which isn’t good…but it is… It was a good song, and it was good that was sad. Right? It’s been a while since I’ve listened to a sad song like this one. 9/10
back number


4. ゆず – ヒカレ

Hikare / Yuzu
Tim’s thoughts: If you’ve listened to this song and enjoyed, then you have to go see the music video for it. How can I describe it… It’s like eating cookies and milk… without the milk. It’s like being asian, without knowing what rice is. You need to listen to the song, and watch the video too. I’m only 20 years old, and only just a few years ago, I was still considered a kid. Yet after listening to and watching the music video for this song, I feel like an old person. Yes, the song is that good, and this isn’t even their best piece. Check out some of their other songs, because if you haven’t, you’re probably missing out. 8.5/10


January 28, 2014:


1. ケラケラ – ひとつだけ

Hitotsu Dake / Kerakera
Tim’s thoughts: When I was little, I wanted to be a lot of things. At one point I think I wanted to be a professional basketball player( ´∀`)… haha.. I think that if back then, this song existed and I listened to it, then I might have wanted to be a singer =0. My only problem is… well, I’m a guy. I can’t sing that high =(. BUT!!! If you like a sort of light and upbeat style of jrock or even jpop, then I’d recommend this song for you! 8/10


2. 家入レオ – チョコレート

chocolate / Leo Ieiri
Tim’s thoughts: After listening to this song, I’m definitely craving for chocolate… It’s so sad too (ToT);; I think I might try to transpose this song when I have free time XD! I really enjoyed it. It’s also a fitting song because coming up in a few weeks is Single’s Awareness Da- Erm… I mean Valentine’s day. Anyways, I hope all of you out there have your significant other! To all the lonely guys… hang in there… *pat pat 9/10
Leo Ieiri


3. シシド・カフカ – 我が儘

Wagamama / Miss Misumi / Shishido Kavka
Tim’s thoughts: I think I was entranced the entire time listening to this song. If you haven’t already, I suggest everyone to watch the music video too! She’s very pretty, and although that doesn’t equal to any bonus points or anything… her singing is pretty high up there =0! I really like these kinds of songs that make you feel somewhat emotional inside, then pumps you up with a few bits of rock! It’s a 9/10 for me =)
Shishido Kavka


4. aiko- 君の隣

Kimi no Tonari / aiko
Sandra’s thoughts: Aiko’s voice is interesting. I do like it, but unlike the other singers/artists/vocalists, her voice always has this clear feeling to it. It’s hard to describe, but i find it to be very noticeable. Hence interesting. This song is fairly nice as well. 7.5/10


January 23, 2014:


1. ヒトリエ – センスレス・ワンダー

Senseless Wonder / HitorieSandra’s thoughts: Interesting? I’m not sure if I like this song or no. Maybe if I listen to it a few more times? I have a weird feeling that this will grow on me, but on the other hand, the high pitch is kind of irking me haha. 7/10


2. SEKAI NO OWARI- スノーマジックファンタジー

Sandra’s thoughts: So cute I have no idea what their talking about, other than snow, magic, and fantasy, but this sounds so light hearted and adorable. Like something you’d hear play on the radio for Christmas. Very nice! 8.5/10


3. FictionJunction – elemental

elemental / FictionJunction
Sandra’s thoughts: Ahhhh that guitar! I love a guitar, very yummy! And as always, Fictionjunction sounds epic together. 9/10


January 18, 2014 (welcome Tim, first reviews!):


1. 山崎あおい – 恋の予感

Koi no Yokan / Aoi Yamazaki
Tim’s thoughts: Wow! This song is very calming. The intro starts off with an upbeat guitar riff and leads into a very soothing melody. I feel very peaceful listening to this song! Sometimes I want to make a playlist of my favourite songs (which I have not done), and If I do, I’ll be sure to add this song to it =). 9/10
Aoi Yamazaki


2. サカナクション- グッドバイ

Good Bye / Eureka / Sakanaction
Tim’s thoughts: Well… I think I have a new favourite song =D. It’s been a while since a song has had me completely captivated from the start. When I started listening to this, I began by watching a music video of it. I had my eyes glued on the beautiful woman and the catchy voice of the singer. If I ever got to starting my list of favourite songs, I think I would throw this as my first choice. 10/10


3. 片平里菜 – 女の子は泣かない

Onna no Ko wa Nakanai / Rina Katahira
Tim’s thoughts: I love this girl D: … Can I date her? Please? Joking haha =D. Apart from her charming voice, she plays guitar very well… much better than me =(. I’ve been playing violin for the past 10 years, and recently just stopped to take up piano and guitar. Maybe one day, when I’m as good as her, I can write a song like this. (In my dreams right? =P) 8/10
Rina Katahira


January 10, 2014:


1. ゆず – よろこびのうた

New Album: Title is to be announced / Yuzu
Sandra’s thoughts: For some odd reason, the opening reminds me of the waltz, not that I know exactly what the waltz is, or do I know how to dance the waltz. Waltz just happens to come to mind when I hear the start (maybe not only the start haha) of the song. It’s nice, Not sure about you guys, but Yuzu is definitely starting to grow on me. 9/10


2. a crowd of rebellion – Black Philosophy Bomb

Calendula / a crowd of rebellion
Sandra’s thoughts: Interesting. As I’ve said, I’ve been trying to pick songs at random and tada! But hey, just to put it out there, I do listen to metal sometimes. Personally, I actually kind of like this song, although the high pitch screaming gets to my ears >
a crowd of rebellion


3. 堂珍嘉邦 – It’s a new day

Bronze Caravan / Yoshikuni Dohchin
Sandra’s thoughts: Echo! Echo! Echo! That’s what I first thought of when I listened to this song The beginning sounded almost autotune-ish or just singing in an echo-y room haha. And then chorus! Fantastic! Thank god I decided to do this whole random song thingy otherwise I may have never found this song. IT’S FANTASTIC AHHH! 10/10
Yoshikuni Dohchin


January 3, 2014 (first for 2014!):


1. angela – バイバイオーライ

iTunes download: https://itunes.apple.com/jp/album/baibaiorai-single/id774647923

Sandra’s thoughts: Usually when I do reviews, I tend to look and review things I like. For example, I’ll download them, listen to them, and then pick some that I like to review. This time I’m switching it up and picking at random And viola! Actually this song is quite nice. Upbeat and sounds almost as if it could be the opening/ending theme to some anime. And I keep feeling like they’re saying “Jesus Christ” in the song lol. 7.5/10


2. Babi- 60wは僕の頭の上で光ってる

Casrnation Tribute Album Nande Kimi wa Bokuyori Boku no Koto Kuwashino? / V.A.
Sandra’s thoughts: THIS IS ADORABLE! As well, for sure, they mentioned kawai in this song as well as fuwa fuwa ahh man. Yeah this song is weird and cute, even more so than a lot of the cute-weird vocaloid I listen to. 8.5/10


3. ゴールデンボンバー – 101回目の呪い

101 Kaime no Noroi / Golden Bomber
Sandra’s thoughts: I’m not sure what to say about this song, I mean perhaps if I actually understood Japanese, these reviews would make a lot more sense for those of you readers out there. Sadly I don’t. But I did like the singers voice; it was very nice to listen too. What I mean is that some male singers out there have this high pitched squeaky/raspy element to their voices which – personally – reminds me of claws on a chalkboard This one was smooth and err gosh I’m bad at this haha, but it’s good. 8/10
Golden Bomber
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