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November 25, 2014:


1. スキマスイッチ – パラボラヴァ

Parabolover / Sukima Switch

Sandra’s thoughts: This is I believe the second song by Sukima Switch that I’ve heard on this countdown, might be wrong on that. Either way, nice song, it doesn’t particularly jump out at me but I do want to mention that the voice is very smooth and very prominent through out the song in comparison to the background music. The drums also set a very nice pacing through out the entire song, and that little saxophone part was delicious! Actually about the not jumping out part, I don’t know man, I’m listening to this a second time and it’s getting a load catchier! I guess we’ll see about that ^^. 7.5/10
Parabolover [Regular Edition]
Sukima Switch


2. 西野カナ- 恋する気持ち

with LOVE / Kana Nishino
Sandra’s thoughts: I’m really happy that Nishino Kana is coming out with so many songs lately! And getting so much spotlight. Or I don’t know, maybe it’s just that I never noticed until we started adding a lot of her songs onto the countdowns. Anyways, awesome song, although pretty generic of her style, but it’s super cute and very catchy. Sometimes I wish I could go and learn all of her songs and go karaoke or something ^^. 8.5/10
Kana Nishino


3. いきものがかり- GOLDEN GIRL

Golden Girl / IkimonogakariSandra’s thoughts: A super happy-go-lucky feeling song by Ikimonogakari! Good to see them still going strong after all this time! One thing that really makes me sad is when you see music groups have a few hit popular songs and then totally disappear- well from popular play anyways… or I’m just spouting nonsense as always o.o . This song is definitely a stark contrast to the weather outside today, warm and sun shine versus cold and snowy- makes me feel like I’m at a beach! 8/10


4. 安室奈美恵- BRIGHTER DAY

Brighter Day / Namie Amuro
Sandra’s thoughts: I’m pretty sure I’ve heard a lot of songs from Amuro Namie, but the first song that really made an impact on me was Grosteque (not to mention Hirai Ken was candy eye and his voice doifj oweijfsidb f… ahem). But this song is definitely going to be song number 2! It’s not the catchiest song, but it’s really strong and uplifting and it was beautiful vocals. Though I do wish that the vocals were a bit more prominent in certain parts of the song, but regardless: a nice treat! 8.5/10
Namie Amuro


5. Mr.Children- 足音 ~Be Strong

Ashioto - Be Strong / Mr.Children
Sandra’s thoughts: I’m not sure why, but Mr. Children always reminds me of Greeeen for some reason, but like a rock version of Greeeen. If that makes sense, I don’t know, I don’t think Greeeen is rock right? Am I just failing all over now? Ok I’ll shut up…. ahem. Very uplifting, and that ending was really good!! 7.5/10

Ashioto – Be Strong


6. 家入レオ- silly

Silly / Leo Ieiri
Sandra’s thoughts: I’ll be honest, I didn’t even recognize this was Ieri Leo. I feel like this is a nice mix of her song style from Chocolate, with Message (or her usual style) – and it’s good! I don’t know, it gives a better progression, growth, and development from slow quiet and slow paced to something much more powerful. It shows her versatility and range I think. BUT by no means am I specialist, I’m just pulling all this out of my butt ^^. 9/10
Leo Ieiri


November 11, 2014 (Happy Remembrance Day or Veteran’s Day!):


1. 平井 堅- おんなじさみしさ

Soredemo Shitai / Onnaji Samishisa / Ken Hirai
Tim’s thoughts: Very catchy! It reminds me of smooth jazz minus the alto saxophones. It feels like something I would shower to. Too personal? haha =P. Great music nontheless. 9/10

Soredemo Shitai / Onnaji Samishisa [Regular Edition] Ken Hirai


2. サカナクション- さよならはエモーション

Sayonara wa Emotion / Hasu no Hana / Sakanaction
Tim’s thoughts: The intro to the song is very atmospheric. It slowly builds up momentum and peaks with a very delicate guitar riff. I could see myself getting emotional to this song if I was in the right situation/mood. I think I’ll be adding this to my favourites list now. =D 9/10

Sayonara wa Emotion / Hasu no Hana [Regular Edition] Sakanaction


3. Che’Nelle – Happiness

Happiness / Che'Nelle
Tim’s thoughts: Piano! If you’ve listened to my more recent episodes around November, then you’ll have heard me say that I love piano intros to songs. The singing is very powerful. I feel as if that’s the perfect adjective to describe it. On the offside, it somewhat reminds of Miho Fukuhara. I love her voice, especially her English speaking during her songs. Surprisingly, just like Miho, she also has perfect pronunciation. All in all, it makes for one of the most inspirational songs I have ever heard. 10/10



4. ケラケラ- Mew

Kerakeland / Kerakera
Tim’s thoughts: I immediately thought of Spitz in the first 10 seconds of the song. However, it changed after that. Spitz is very well known for their guitar, and catchy tunes for their songs, which meant for me, that their instrumentals were spot on. Other than that, the song felt a bit slow and repetitive, but it’s a solid one nontheless. 7.5/10

Kerakeland [Regular Edition] Kerakera


5. ふれあうだけで ~Always with you~ – Single

Fureaudakede - Always With You - / It's The Right Time / Daichi Miura
Tim’s thoughts: Hey, what a coincidence!!! Miura Daichi is my #1 favourite artist. Some of my favourite songs are from him. For example, The Answer, Lullaby, and Anchor are all made by him. Surprisingly, I wasn’t even aware of this song. It must be because it was right during the middle of my midterm month. I know what song I’ll be adding to my playlist next. 10/10

Fureaudakede – Always With You – / It’s The Right Time
Daichi Miura


6. KANA-BOON – シルエット

Silhouette / KANA-BOON
Tim’s thoughts: Nice intro! The beginning of the song really hooks me in. It doesn’t just stop there however, as the vocals sound just as good. There is good variation in his voice, and the guitar in the background doesn’t drown out the singing. Then again, it’s KANA-BOON, so I shouldn’t expect any less. 9/10

Silhouette [Regular Edition] KANA-BOON


October 28, 2014:


1. いきものがかり – 熱情のスペクトラム

Netsujo no Spectrum / Namida ga Kierunara / Ikimonogakari
Sandra’s thoughts: Yooooo, this song is so catchy! Right from the first note this song was very refreshing? Hmm perhaps that’s not the word. The singers voice and the instrumentals compliment each other very well. I like this singers voice too, quite low pitched for a female singer which is a soft spot for me because I personally sing best in mid range. A nice guitar and drums solo, and that piano! Over all a very pleasing song, it’s definitely something I can see myself listening on repeat! 8.5/10

Netsujo no Spectrum / Namida ga Kierunara


2. コブクロ – 42.195km

iTunes download: https://itunes.apple.com/jp/album/42.195km-single/id924192841

Sandra’s thoughts: This song reminds me of this other song that I really liked that came out earlier this year. It had a really weird video featuring the singer and the band members dancing and the whole thing was black and white, and it was a really good video and song! It felt kinda retro (or old and back in the day style) but kind of modern at the same time. This is the same kind of feeling I’m getting from this song, thought I probably like the other one a bit better to be honest. Very nice! 8/10


3. SEKAI NO OWARI – Dragon Night

Dragon Night / SEKAI NO OWARI
Sandra’s thoughts: This is totaly Sekai no Owari! (Just watch me get this wrong again) But I mean that auto-tune, that youthful voice, I must be correct this time! Ahem, regardless, very cute song and that moment when the singer mentions dragonite haha, you know what I was thinking about! Of course the pokemon! Which also makes me wonder what this songs about, singing “congratulations” and “dragonite”. Weird song. Actually this also reminds me of Owl City – the style, the music, the beat, the almost dub step sounding instrumental sections. Weird song. 7/10

Dragon Night [Regular Edition] SEKAI NO OWARI


4. V6 – Sky’s The Limit

Sky's The Limit / V6
Sandra’s thoughts: This reminds me of the anime Free. or I don’t know, Uta Prince? Some sort of boys group dancing and singing- AND IT’S KIND OF STRANGELY CAPTIVATING?! I’m not sure how I feel about this, my feelings are all in mess, OH MY DEAR THESE VOICES SOUND REALLY NICE TOGETHER. Okay, I’m sorry I’ll calm down. The instrumentals are a little too loud compared to the vocals for my tastes, but that’s just me. 7/10

Sky’s The Limit [Regular Edition] V6


5. 椎名林檎 – 走れゎナンバー

Hi Izuru Tokoro / Ringo Sheena
Sandra’s thoughts: Oh my dear, her voice is so sexy. This is something special, her voice is so ayeeeeee . So suave, so charismatic, so husky. Man I wish I had a voice like hers. I swear, she can sing “Friday” by Rebecca Black and make it sound like an absolute masterpiece. Now forgive me while I go break the replay button. 9/10

Hi Izuru Tokoro [Regular Edition] Ringo Sheena


6. グッドモーニングアメリカ- アブラカタブラ

In Tokyo City / Good Morning America
Sandra’s thoughts: This song has a really nice beat and a nice progression, but maybe I’m too tired right now from the lack of sleep and I ain’t feeling the attraction (what ever that means haha) even though I feel like I should like this song a lot more than I do right now. It’s probably exam stress. Nevertheless, pleasantly catchy and not bad overall. I suppose I just wish that there was something more interesting about? It’s almost there, just not quite yet in my opinion. 7/10

In Tokyo City [Regular Edition] Good Morning America


October 13, 2014 (Welcome Shane to the reviews!):


1. SAKANAMON- 幼気な少女

ARIKANASHIKA / SAKANAMONShane’s thoughts: What an amazing start. The beginning is a bit strange but it actually really helps with the overall song. I liked the beat and the use of the auto-tuned lyrics and the vocals themselves really got me tapping my feet. The only gripe I would have with this song is that the use of the auto-tune is a bit much but overall I really enjoyed the song. 8/10



2. Owl City – Tokyo (feat. SEKAI NO OWARI)

iTunes download: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/tokyo-feat.-sekai-no-owari/id923539994

Shane’s thoughts: How strange. Not the song itself but im wondering whether this is J-pop or just regular Pop? Eh let’s not think about it too much. The song itself has a very catchy beat to it with its upbeat instruments and background chorus. The sound effects at times in the song are a bit unconventional on their own but here they really work cohesively with the lively and creative feeling it gives off. No qualms at all here with this song. 10/10


3. ケラケラ – ケラケラじゃんけん

Kerakera Jyanken / Station / Kerakera
Shane’s thoughts: I enjoy the sort of cheery anthem style with the group chorus singing the song. The beginning caught me off guard and its very upbeat style is really what got my interest. Also the song is, if im not mistake, about rock, paper, scissors? Which in Japanese really makes a sort of cheery lyric. I can’t help but think that it sounds way too much like a slice of life Anime opening. 8/10

Kerakera Jyanken / Station [Regular Edition] Kerakera



Shane’s thoughts: Did I ever mention that I enjoy J-rock? This is no exception. The beginning really got my attention and the chorus with the drums is spot on. Lyrics are as good as ever and the vocals couldn’t remind me more of the j-rock vibe. Though with that kind opening to the song I was expecting something more but the longer the song went on the more disappointed I became. Nonetheless I enjoyed it but was still a bit disappointed. 7/10

Best [Regular Edition] SPYAIR


5. Superfly – 愛をからだに吹き込んで

Ai wo Karada ni Fukikonde / Superfly
Shane’s thoughts: Aww yeah. J-Rock. I’m a fan of J-rock and this song really reminds me of old school J-rock. Could be the fantastic vocals by the lead singer or the harmonic chorus of singers in certain parts of the song, which sort of bother me because I feel they go on for a little too long. The overall song itself however really takes me back to the early times of when I started listening to the few J-rock titles I could find. 9/10

Ai wo Karada ni Fukikonde [Regular Edition] Superfly


October 1, 2014 (oh boy, is it almost winter?):



Every Cheering Songs / Every Little Thing
Tim’s thoughts: This song was very monotone throughout. Although the song was generally upbeat, I slowly got tired of it after a short while. The bridge didn’t excite me too much and the song felt like it was on repeat. It’s catchy, but the style just didn’t suit my tastes. 6.5/10

Every Cheering Songs
Every Little Thing


2. 椎名林檎 – ありきたりな女

Hi Izuru Tokoro / Ringo Sheena
Tim’s thoughts: The opening definitely caught my interest. The song starts off slow, and gradually builds up. The tune is very addicting, and the beat keeps me attentive. The way she sings also sounds very unique, and her voice fluctuates to keep the song interesting. You can immediately recognize that Shiina Ringo is the singer. After you realize that, you can expect to enjoy the song. 8/10

Hi Izuru Tokoro [Regular Edition] Ringo Sheena


3. ナオト・インティライミ- Just let it go

Viva The World! / Naoto Intiraymi
Tim’s thoughts: Naoto Intiraimi is one of my favourite artists, and you probably know that if you’ve heard my episodes or have read my reviews before. I’m very picky when it comes to the beat and tempo of the songs I’m reviewing, but I can confidently say that this song really nailed the overall synergy of the instrumentals, beat, and voice. Listening to it really gives me this ‘pumped up’ sort of feeling. I feel like I can do anything!!! 9/10

Viva The World! [Regular Edition] Naoto Intiraymi


4. SHISHAMO – 量産型彼氏

Ryosan Gata Kareshi / Shishamo
Tim’s thoughts: I’ve listened to a few SHISHAMO songs before, so it comes to me as no surprise when I’m able to immediately recognize them based on the first 5 seconds of the intro. They have a very distinctive style, especially in terms of their guitar playing. Of course her voice is a dead give away too, but in terms of just the instrumentals and even the style of the song, you’d realize that it was SHISHAMO if you’ve ever listened to them before. Now this doesn’t mean that the song isn’t original. It just shows that they have their own ‘trademark’ of music. It’s something that I’m used to, and it’s also something that I like. 7.5/10

Ryosan Gata Kareshi


September 17, 2014:


1. Galileo Galileo & Aimer- バナナフィッシュの浜辺と黒い虹

See More Glass / Galileo Galilei
Tim’s thoughts: Like many of you out there, I’ve seen AnoHana. Like many of you, I’ve cried while watching it. Being another song from G.G., I had high expectations before listening to it, and those expectations have certainly been met. I really liked the opening for it, and for a song like this, I can actually see it as an ending. In any case, hearing something like this certainly brings up nostalgic feelings, because I can feel the Galileo vibe. Plus, Aimer is a nice addition too. 9/10.

See More Glass [Regular Edition] Galileo Galilei


2. JUJU- ラストシーン

Last Scene / JUJU
Tim’s thoughts: When I first listened to this, I felt a sort of western influence. In terms of personal preference, I’ve always enjoyed acoustic songs more than pop, but this is still quite the catchy song. I can see this song being the opening for some action/fantasy anime. It just has that… feeling you know? For fans of the Juju and the genre, it’s safe to say that they would clearly enjoy listening the song, so go for it and search it. 7.5/10

Last Scene [Regular Edition] JUJU


3. E-Girls- Highschool love

Highschool love / E-girls
Tim’s thoughts: I really like the naming of this song. The music itself also fits very well with the theme as well. Not to mention, the music video is pretty much just all about high school. Throughout the MV, you can see a lot of activities that takes place… well… in school. They’re certainly good at what they do, and they really sell you on the idea of a highschool themed song. Do you like E-Girls? Highschool? Check it out :D. 8.5/10

Highschool love


4. ナオト・インティライミ- LIFE

Life / Naoto Intiraymi
Tim’s thoughts: Naoto Inti Raymi!!! Woohoo!!! I love his songs. If you haven’t seen some of his music videos, then you need to go check it out right now. Are you checking it out? Are you? I’m just kidding. Sort of. In all seriousness though, this song is absolutely great. His videos are hard to not watch. They always incorporate some interesting idea, and by the end of the song, you just feel like clicking that replay button. Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself. 10/10

Life [Regular Edition] Naoto Intiraymi


5. YUKI- fly

Fly / YUKI
Tim’s thoughts: I like the background music of the song when it starts out. It feels very slow paced and relaxed. Listening to this actually makes me sort of sleepy =w=. Either it’s a very relaxing song, or it’s the fact that I’m writing this review at 2 A.M. in the morning. But regardless, it’s a good and soothing song. 8/10

Fly [Regular Edition] YUKI


September 2, 2014 (WOW IT’S SEPTEMBER GUYS!):


1. NICO Touches the Walls- TOKYO Dreamer

TOKYO Dreamer / NICO Touches the Walls
Sandra’s thoughts: I really like the guitar in this song, it reminded me of a road trip or a journey or the beginning of something new! This is one of those songs that I could imagine people blasting their radios while driving down the road with all their friends singing to the song. Man that sounds like something out of a music video!!!  7/10

TOKYO Dreamer [Regular Edition] NICO Touches the Walls


2. KARA- マンマミーア!

Mamma Mia! / KARA
Sandra’s thoughts: This song reminds me of kpop. !00% like kpop, except it’s in japanese of course. I don’t mind kpop, usually, I just don’t like it when I can’t differentiate between singers in those huge groups (which is basically all the time -.-). But just listening to the songs, they are quite nice and catchy ^^. 7/10

Mamma Mia! [Limited Edition / Type C] KARA


3. KANA-BOON- 生きてゆく

Ikiteyuku / KANA-BOON
Sandra’s thoughts: This reminds me of childhood memories, I’m not sure why. It’s a “I am happy where I am, and I’ll do my best to where I will go” kind of feeling. If that makes any sense haha. It feels like a very hopeful song where I want to just close my eyes and smile. 8/10

Ikiteyuku [Regular Edition] KANA-BOON


4. Yuuki Ozaki (from Galileo Galilei)- Trigger

Trigger / Yuuki Ozaki (from Galileo Galilei)
Sandra’s thoughts: This is really weird. Just really weird, almost so weird it’s good, but I’m not sure. The beat and the composition was really awkward feeling in the beginning, but it did get a bit better towards the middle to the end, still awkward feeling. I guess this is due to the song’s very non-traditional composition. I do like the vocalist’s voice though, very soothing ^^ 7.5/10

Trigger [Regular Edition] Yuuki Ozaki (from Galileo Galilei)


5. Galileo Galilei- Mrs. Summer

See More Glass / Galileo Galilei
Sandra’s thoughts: So I’ve had this song on for the last few hours and it’s quite nice, I mean I haven’t gotten sick of it yet. It’s not extremely catchy, but it stays with you the more you listen to it. In addition I really like the instrumentals and the beat, and also the piano which I thought really helps to soften the mood. Great song. 8/10

See More Glass [Regular Edition] Galileo Galilei


6. V6- 涙のアトが消える頃

Namida no Ato ga Kieru Koro / V6
Sandra’s thoughts: Boy groups! Interesting, I think this is my first time review a boy group, although I might have done an Exile review now that I think of it…. maybe not… Ahem. I loved the guitar (i think it was guitar?) solo, felt very romantic and suave. Good song over all. 7/10

Namida no Ato ga Kieru Koro [Regular Edition] V6


August 8, 2014 BONUS MUSIC WEEK (so many new releases, we really feel like this was need):


1. 山崎あおい- スクランブル

Scramble / Aoi Yamazaki
Tim’s thoughts: The first thing that comes to my mind is how nostalgic this song feels. The song isn’t even old! I guess it’s because of the filter or even the music video itself. Anyways, the song itself is great. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. =) 8/10

Scramble [Regular Edition] Aoi Yamazaki


2. 秦 基博- ひまわりの約束

Himawari No Yakusoku / Motohiro Hata
Tim’s thoughts: Hata Motohiro, check. Sunflowers, check. Great song, check. Maybe it’s my personal preference speaking, but he IS one of my favourite artists. Besides, this is about my opinion… right? =D So if you were ever in the mood to just sit back, and listen to a song that could (potentially) make you cry, then here you go. 9.5/10

Himawari No Yakusoku [Regular Edition] Motohiro Hata


3. yuki- 誰でもロンリー

Daredemo Lonely / YUKI
Tim’s thoughts: EDM? Sounds like EDM to me =D. Although I don’t usually listen to this genre of music too much, I do not by any means dislike it. For those of you out there who like the clubbing scene, and are into Japanese music, then check this out =D. Funny thing is, you can’t really tell the difference between EDM from different cultures, so I’m not really sure what I even mean by ‘Japanese EDM’ XD. EDM is EDM after all =D 8/10

Daredemo Lonely [Regular Edition] YUKI


4. androp- shout

Shout / androp
Tim’s thoughts: Whenever I listen to androp (or watch their music videos), I always think of ONE OK ROCK. Vice versa, I also get reminded of androp whenever I run into a ONE OK ROCK song. I like both though =D. When I was asked to review this song, I was expecting extremely loud screaming. This, of course, came from the name of the song ”Shout”, so in preparation, I turned the volume down on my speakers. You guys don’t have to worry about that though, because he didn’t shout as loud as I thought he was going to (which was a good thing for my ears). 8.5/10

Shout [Regular Edition] androp


5. 高橋優- be free

Ima, Soko ni Aru Meimetsu to Gunjo / Yu Takahashi
Tim’s thoughts: So I was listening/reviewing this song at midnight, and because of that, I wasn’t able to sleep for the next couple of hours. This song is just so… fun =D. It sounds like he’s having a blast recording, and I’m having a blast listening to it. Definitely a great song to listen to when you need a pick-me-up. He’s even smiling on his album cover. He’s just that awesome!! 9/10

Ima, Soko ni Aru Meimetsu to Gunjo [Regular Edition] Yu Takahashi


August 5, 2014:


1. 片平里菜- amazing sky

Amazing Sky / Rina Katahira
Sandra’s thoughts: This song is so relaxing, and I really like how Katahina Rina sings this song; refreshing, and tasteful (I can’t think of another word for it ^^;). On first listen, this is definitely not as catchy as Oh Jane, but I think this will grow on me. Lastly I just want to mention how I love the strings in music. All in all I give this song a beautiful sunset radiated 9/10

Amazing Sky [Regular Edition] Rina Katahira


2. 家入レオ- 純情

Junjo / Leo Ieiri
Sandra’s thoughts: First I would like to ask producer Jack just where in the world did he get this ?! Because to be honest I had wanted to include this song in the early August countdown but I couldn’t find a full version :<. So, to be able to review this song is fantastic treat! It’s really nice to hear Ieiri Leo again in so long and it seems she’s back to her old up beat style. Another thing about this song, this is actually an ending song to Dragonball Kai! For a sure a surprise for me to find that the Dragonball series was still going I mean, this is the stuff I grew up with, so to see it still going and accompanying a new generation of kids as they grow up, that’s kind of a nice idea. But I do expect that Dragonball has likely changed a lot from when I was watching it just has Pokemon has changed. Anyways… awesome song x3, GO IEIRI LEO! I give this song 9 dragonballs out of 10

Junjo [Regular Edition] Leo Ieiri


3. ONE OK ROCK- Mighty Long Fall

Mighty Long Fall / Decision / ONE OK ROCK
Sandra’s thoughts: Ok I will admit, I found the intro to be a little bit weird the first time I heard it. But now that I’ve had some exposure, I kind of like it. It’s weird and techno-ish, and unsettling in a weirdly good way since it matches the song so well. Another thing I find from OK ONE ROCK is that they use a lot of english in their songs, and most of the times it doesn’t really make much sense, but it sounds cool haha. On the topic of voice, I do like the singers voice, it’s not too high pitched when he screams/sings loudly. For me, he has just the right amount of emotion, pitch, and clarity (if that makes sense at all). What I mean is it’s a voice that I won’t find annoying if I had to listen to it on repeat many times over, which to be honest, is one of my pet peeves when it comes to Japanese Rock songs. OK ONE ROCK keep doing your stuff! 9.5/10

Mighty Long Fall / Decision


4. e-girls- おどるポンポコリン

Odoru Ponpokorin / E-girls
Sandra’s thoughts: I actually usually avoid large girl groups when it comes to making the countdowns. Why? I guess I’m a little traumatized by AKB48 ^^; . But this isn’t as bad I as I imagined, it’s kind of cute and super catchy, I can totally understand why it’s on the charts. Although this probably won’t be my go-to genre anytime soon, it’s quite enjoyable. Fun and bubbly. 8/10

Odoru Ponpokorin


5. greeeen- crew

Imakara Oyayubi ga Kieru Tejina Shimasu. / GReeeeNSandra’s thoughts: It’s times like these that I truly wished I understood Japanese, even a little bit.The song and the music feels so uplifting and hopeful, and here I sit attempt to make some sense out of only the music aspect of the song which is a terrible sense of what the song is actually about. It’s like trying to paint a portrait and all you have are brushes, no paint, not canvas, heck you might as well not even have a person to paint- that kind of feeling. Welp. I give this a I-think-it-should-be 8/10
Imakara Oyayubi ga Kieru Tejina Shimasu. [w/ DVD, Limited Edition / Type C] GReeeeN


July 22, 2014:


1. Glay- Bleeze

Tim’s thoughts: (´?????`) Colorful. So colorful. Every member of Glay in this music video is wearing different colors. The background is very pretty too =D. The singer actually looks like a friend of mine from high school. Now I can’t unsee his face everytime I play this song… but it’s a good song nontheless. A few days ago, I received an extremely bad haircut. I asked the barber to not use shears or thin my hair at all, and yet in the end all he used was shears. I’m not sure why I didn’t stop him but I clearly regret it now. I just thought I’d share that with you guys because I got kind of jealous of all their good hairstyles in the music video. + Style points =( 8.5/10



2. E-girls- E.G. Anthem -WE ARE VENUS

E.G. Anthem -WE ARE VENUS- / E-girls
Tim’s thoughts: Their music actually kind of reminds me of Shihoko Hirata’s singing style. For those of you who don’t know who that is, she is a singer who performs most (if not all) of the songs found in the Persona video game series. P.S. I’m a huge fan of Persona =D. Maybe it’s my bias towards Persona that makes me like this song, or maybe the song is just that good. Either way, I would recommend it :P. 8/10

E.G. Anthem -WE ARE VENUS-


3. いきものがかり- ラブソングはとまらないよ

Love Song Ha Tomaranaiyo / Ikimonogakari
Tim’s thoughts: This is one of those songs where I close my eyes while listening to it, and I imagine myself inside Studio Ghibli movies. That’s weird isn’t it? LOL. Maybe I’m not the only out there who does that… hopefully. In other words though, it just means that this song really makes me happy. She really puts her heart into the song, and I can feel it. As long as singers put their hearts and souls into their music, then they get an A in my books. 8.5/10

Love Song Ha Tomaranaiyo


4. Perfume- Display

Cling Cling / Perfume
Tim’s thoughts: I’d like to point out that not only does this song have a catchy mix of EDM and pop, but it also has a really creative and interesting music video. I would suggest you all to view it if you’re interested. Just don’t watch it when you’re tired because it might freak you out (It’s pretty trippy :D). At the end of the day, it’s another good Perfume song. They’re really well known so you should check our some of their other songs! If you like one of their pieces, then you’ll like their other ones too. 8/10

Cling Cling [Regular Edition] Perfume


5. ゆず- 夜霧の伊勢佐木町〜愛の真世界編〜

iTunes download: https://itunes.apple.com/jp/album/ye-wuno-yi-shi-zuo-mu-ting/id895694870

Tim’s thoughts: I’m slightly distrubed yet midly entertained. Don’t get me wrong, the song sounds great. You wouldn’t even begin to picture what the music video would be like until you actually see it for yourself… but consider yourself warned. Asides from the video, the song is actually very catchy. Being a huge fan of jazz music, I really appreciated the use of saxophones in the song. All things considered though, this song was probably one of the most ‘interesting’ ones that I’ve had to review in a while. I can’t help but to give it a… 10/10. (·?·)


July 5, 2014:


1. SHISHAMO- 君と夏フェス

Kimi to Natsu Fes / SHISHAMO
Sandra’s thoughts: For some odd reason the beginning reminded me of some of the songs from Kagerou Project if you guys know that? It’s a series of songs created by Jin using the vocaloid IA to sing his songs. The vocals to be honest, reminded me slightly of Aiko o.o. Hahaha. Either way, this song sounds hyped and cute. Makes me want to secretly (SECRETLY) burst into some god awful dance haha…. ahem, don’t even try to imagine that… 7.5/10

Kimi to Natsu Fes


2. きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ- シリアスひとみ

Pikapika Fantajin / Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
Sandra’s thoughts: I went from “holy, kyary… -rock?!” to “holy, kyaryrock o.o!”. Well not exactly rock, but really just the beginning section of music, later on it starts getting this pixel game music feel to it, (like Mario beeping music). Wow I’m awful at describing things ><. But this song feels totally different from the usual KPP song yet when you hear the parts when Kyary’s singing, it’s unmistakably her. I wonder how long she’ll be able to keep coming up with strange and new things to surprise us with . Only time will tell! 7/10
Pikapika Fantajin [Regular Edition] Kyary Pamyu Pamyu


3. miwa- 君に出会えたから

Kimi ni Deaetakara / miwa

Sandra’s thoughts: I haven’t heard Miwa in a while, so this is definitely a nice treat . And I need to mention how awesome the music on this track is. I mean not only Miwa’s vocals (which are always superb and beautiful and crystal clear), but heck those drums >< so good. This song reminds me of a big summer beach festival! Haha, maybe it’s time to visit the pool =.=. 9/10
Kimi ni Deaetakara [Regular Edition] miwa


4. NICO Touches the Walls- バケモノ

TOKYO Dreamer / NICO Touches the Walls
Sandra’s thoughts: This exactly my type of song. Awesome vocals with an amazing build up to a climax, a song that’s able to draw you in the longer you listen to it. This is like a music version of a chocolate fudge cake in my opinion. Sigh, I do truly wonder why I haven’t listen to more songs by Nico Touch the Walls, I was missing out v.v. 10/10

TOKYO Dreamer [Regular Edition] NICO Touches the Walls


5. perfume-Cling Cling

Cling Cling / Perfume
Sandra’s thoughts: This is interesting. I’m not sure what to say really, as I have stated many times before, I’m not exactly a huge fan of Perfume (not sure why Producer Jack keeps getting me to review these o.o). I suppose I enjoy this song? But nothing much stands out to me. Good beat though! 6.5/10

Cling Cling [Regular Edition] Perfume

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