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こちらは2013年10月から2013年12月までのレビューでございます。 もし、気にってる曲はございましたら、CD Japanにお買いするとお勧めです。

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December 25, 2013 (it’s our Christmas gift :D):


1. 鬼束ちひろ – This Silence Is Mine

This Silence Is Mine / Anata to SciencE / Onitsuka Chihiro / Onitsuka Chihiro & BILLYS SANDWITCHES

Sandra’s thoughts: THIS SONG IS SO EPIC! Although that’s probably explainable since it’s the main theme song of an rpg game called Drag-on Dragoon 3 (aka Drakengard 3). I do admit the English parts don’t always make a lot of sense, but it sounds epic and considering what the song is meant for, it’s quite an awesome song. 8/10
This Silence Is Mine / Anata to SciencE
Onitsuka Chihiro / Onitsuka Chihiro & BILLYS SANDWITCHES


2. ゆず- 値札

Hyori Ittai / Yuzu

Sandra’s thoughts: This song is once again, very joyous sounding. I’m going to presume that this is actually a happy song unlike the last Yuzu song I reviewed of which I was told was actually a really sad song. It’s cute and upbeat, like the holiday season spirit . 8.5/10
Hyori Ittai [Yuzu Ver.] Yuzu



Golden Time / RIP SLYME

Sandra’s thoughts: To be honest, when I heard the intro I was kind of like O>O “wth lololol” and then the singing starts and I’m like O>O “oh yeah party time”. This song sound so slick man, I feel like putting on shades (which doesn’t actually work since I have glasses…) and dancing when I listen to this. Awesomely cool song. 10/10
Golden Time [Regular Edition] RIP SLYME


December 19, 2013:




Producer Jack’s thoughts: I like it! Although the members of Dreams Come True are certainly not my age, they are still producing great catchy music! I’m not sure if this song is about Christmas since I don’t understand Japanese, but I’m assuming it is, from the instruments. Their modern day sound is a bit different from their songs from the 90’s but in the end, it’s not that different when you compare to western artists and the music that they make currently compared to the ones they made in the 90’s (Madonna, Mariah Carey, etc…) 8.5/10
Attack 25 [Regular Edition] DREAMS COME TRUE


2. コブクロ- ダイヤモンド リンゴの花

One Song From Two Hearts / Kobukuro

Producer Jack’s thoughts: Nice, it’s slow, but in a very cool way! Sounds like a typical Kobukuro song and defintely if your a fan of their music, you should defintely try to listen to all the tracks on their new album, One Song From Two Hearts! 8/10
One Song From Two Hearts [Regular Edition] Kobukuro



Golden Time / RIP SLYME

Producer Jack’s thoughts: Yay! Japanese hip hop! I’m not a huge fan of Asians rapping and I’m sorry it’s just that I am not used to hearing Asians rap. RIP SLYME isn’t one of my favorites (I mean Funky Monkeys Babys are rapping that I actually don’t mind listening to) but I guess there are fans of Japanese rap? Anyway, I feel like this is just an introduction into their album, which contains the big hit Sly, which isn’t much rap but not a song that I actually liked that much. 7/10
Golden Time [Regular Edition] RIP SLYME


December 11, 2013 (only 2 songs this week, due to our exams):


1. ゆず – 表裏一体

Hyori Ittai / Yuzu

Producer Jack’s thoughts: Not feeling this one at all… Not really catchy, not really emotional (like their last one)… Maybe it will catch up to me once I listen to it a bit more? Apparently it’s supposed to be the ending theme to the new Hunter X Hunter (The Last Mission) movie coming out this month? Can’t really compare this to Reason, if you ask me… 6.5/10
Hyori Ittai [Yuzu Ver.] Yuzu


2. RADWIMPS- リユニオン

New Album: Title is to be announced / RADWIMPS

Producer Jack’s thoughts: Oh I really like this new Radwimps song! It’s on their latest album, Xと○と罪と and I think it’s even better than their previous single, ラストバージン. Along with ラストバージン and this song, their first single that I got to know them by which was ドリーマーズ・ハイ, are all featured songs on this new album. I know, it’s every Radwimps fan dream come true (*COUGH COUGH SANDRA). 9/10
New Album: Title is to be announced [Regular Edition] RADWIMPS


December 4, 2013 (only 2 songs this week, due to our exams and lack of songs released this week):


1. SNSD- motorcycle

Love & Peace / Girls' Generation (SNSD)
Producer Jack’s thoughts: MORE K-POP…? WHY IS J-POP BEING INFILTRATED BY THESE K-POP BANDS……. Oh well, this is part of their new album, Love & Peace set to be released next week. It will be their 3rd Japanese album and this song “might” (no ideas yet) be their 4th single off this album. The song itself is like any other typical K-Pop song and sure it’s pretty catchy and I’ve been a “light” (as a little into them) fan of Girl’s Generation since 2011 (not gonna lie, they ARE GORGEOUS LADIES)…. But again, I want to emphasize that I am not a fan of K-Pop music and the only reason I’m putting this on is due to the lack of new releases this week. 7.5/10

Love & Peace [Regular Edition] Girls’ Generation (SNSD)


2. MUSH&Co. – 明日も

HAPPY / Sakurako Ohara

Producer Jack’s thoughts: Ooo I like this new song/band! This is their debut single and it will be used for the new live action movie based off the manga, Kanojo wa Uso o Aishisugiteru (or カノジョは嘘を愛しすぎてる). Did you know the lead singer of this band (AKA the girl you hear singing) is 2 years younger than me? I feel so old knowing this fact and with that said, she has an excellent voice, comparable to the lead singer of ケラケラ and いきものがかり. (*then again, Lorde is younger than this chick so whose counting?) 9/10
HAPPY [Regular Edition] Sakurako Ohara


November 28, 2013:


1. ナオト・インティライミ – 手紙

Tegami / Naoto Intiraymi

Producer Jack’s thoughts: Love this new song from Naoto Inti Raymi! It is pretty upbeat (catchy too!) and sounds similar to his big spring hit, 恋する季節, which on this album contains an acoustic version of that song on it (it’s like so awesome, you gotta hear it). 8.5/10
Tegami [Regular Edition] Naoto Intiraymi


2. androp- Missing

Missing / androp

Producer Jack’s thoughts: This song is very different from their big hit, Voice. It’s a slow paced ballad-like song that really puts out the lead singer’s vocals. Now the chorus of this song is a bit questionable, as the lead sounds like he’s trying to maintain a very high voice but kinda sounding awkward doing it. Not a bad song, just could use some work on that chorus…. 7/10
Missing [Regular Edition] androp


3. KARA – フレンチキス

French Kiss / KARA

Producer Jack’s thoughts: Damn, didn’t know I was going to ever write a review for a K-Pop girl group. But ya, Kara has a lot of like… good looking Korean chicks…? Anyway, not the point of this review but I just wanted to add this in. French Kiss, this song, is a great mild-upbeat song that puts out the beautiful vocals of these pretty girls. I have a question about this song though, are they talking about Christmas or French Kiss…? Japanese and English does not mix well, especially when it’s coming from a girl group in South Korea… 8/10
French Kiss [Regular Edition] KARA


November 23, 2013:


1. GReeeeN- 僕らの物語

Bokura no Monogatari / GReeeeN

Sandra’s thoughts: So I’m really starting to like Greeeen songs lately, they’re all very fun video and song wise! This one was no exception, it was just my tastes (ahem rock :D) and the content was so sad and sweet. The beat was fast, and the singing was very good, and the song was catchy but not sickeningly catchy. It’s definitely something I’ll add to my playlist. 8.5/10
Bokura no Monogatari [Regular Edition] GReeeeN


m-flo DJ Mix "Asobon! Enkai" / m-flo

Producer Jack’s thoughts: Apparently this is going to be a theme song for a Reebok’s promotion that is going on in Japan. Pretty upbeat, AI has a great voice and this collab definitely is a unique single out there. 8/10
m-flo DJ Mix “Asobon! Enkai”


3. パスピエ – とおりゃんせ

Makunouchi ISM / Passepied

Producer Jack’s thoughts: Hmmm, I kinda like her voice, I kinda not? But it’s pretty cute song, the song is pretty catchy too! 7.5/10
Makunouchi ISM [Regular Edition] Passepied


November 14, 2013 (special thanks to Andy for reviewing some of these songs this week!):


1. amazarashi – あんたへ

Anta e / amazarashi

Sandra’s thoughts: AH! AMAZARASHI! I love their stuff! So yeah, your totally not going to get a super biased review now hahah. But to be honest, in my opinion they deserve every little amount of bias they get cause they’re just that good. Now to the review part, this song is pretty generic of Amazarashi style (as in is sounds similar to the rest of their songs lol), and I like it. It kinda pulls you into another world and that voice- very passionate, especially how it builds up along with the music near the end. It really makes me want to sing along with all my might, regardless of how off key I might be. I just wish I knew what he’s singing about though. 10/10
Anta e [Regular Edition] amazarashi



Just One Life / SPYAIR

Andy’s thoughts: This song would also be a great ending theme to an anime. The buildup to the chorus to the song is nice. However, it does not have the pop elements that is expected of pop songs this day and age, it is more of a rock song than a pop song (not that that’s a bad thing, I’m just saying). The voice is pretty nice, there isn’t any noticeable auto tune to be found (unlike some songs out there). Of the three songs , I would pick this one as my favorite. 9/10
Just One Life [Regular Edition] SPYAIR


3. ゆず- 飛行機雲

Ame Nochi Hareruya / Mamotte Agetai / Yuzu
Andy’s thoughts: The guitar at the beginning instantly enticed me into the song, however, the harmonization throughout the song was the really nice part. This song doesn’t have the pop elements that are expected in this day and age. It isn’t intense and fast paced as rock song as well. This song reminds me of Coldplay songs, so, I guess I would label this as alternative? The slow pacing of the song really fit well with the lyrics, the harmony, and the acoustic guitar. Everything was put together perfectly which is why I would say this would be aesthetically the best song out of the three. 9.6/10

Ame Nochi Hareruya / Mamotte Agetai




Andy’s thoughts: The introduction of the song instantly reminds me of Kalimba, if you don’t know what that is, then just…wow. Anyway, this song is instantly very catchy, and it reminds me of 90s pop/r&b/hip hop. It’s one of those songs that you would hear on a game show or as an ending theme to an anime. Unfortunately, since I can’t understand the lyrics, it could be like Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke; a very catchy song but the lyrics are about rape, and controlling women. The song is consistently well paced and it makes people want to dance to it. 8.9/10


November 6, 2013:


1. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu- すんごいオーラ

Mottai Night Land / Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

Sandra’s thoughts: This is adorable!! Well, everything by Kyary is adorable, but this is just pure cuteness (although I mean for all I know she could be singing about cutting grass or driving to work or even serial mass murder BUT I DON’T CARE IT SOUNDS ADORABLE!) This is also catchy as most of her songs are, and it kind of makes me want to square dance…… tee hee. 8/10
Mottai Night Land [Regular Edition] Kyary Pamyu Pamyu


2. ゆず – 守ってあげたい

Ame Nochi Hareruya / Mamotte Agetai / Yuzu

Sandra’s thoughts: This is cute! We’ll I have no idea what it’s saying but both the video and the song makes it feels like a dream like festival. Like something out of a Japanese version of the wonderland of Alice. The song isn’t incredibly catchy, but it’s kind of invokes a happy feeling making me want to smile like an idiot and just sit and sway to the music. 8/10
Ame Nochi Hareruya / Mamotte Agetai


3. Supercell- No. 525300887039

Zigaexperientia / supercell

Sandra’s thoughts: This is creepy…. well I mean I was also listening to this home alone at 2 am in the morning :I But this is certainly very different from most of the other supercell songs I’ve heard up to now (which isn’t all of them, but I know most of the more well known ones). It’s weird to listen to and very different, but kind of addicting! I like this a lot. 8.5/10
Zigaexperientia [Regular Edition] supercell


October 30, 2013:


1. Perfume- Sweet Refrain

Sweet Refrain / Perfume

Producer Jack’s thoughts: Interesting new song from Perfume, still trying to take this in by listening to it a bit more before liking. Not bad, hopefully a little more listens will make me enjoy this even more! 9/10
Sweet Refrain [Regular Edition] Perfume


2. SEKAI NO OWARI – Death Disco


Producer Jack’s thoughts: Defintely a difference between this new song from Sekai No Owari compared to their huge hit, RPG. I like it, though I personally still think RPG was a better song. Keep up the good work guys (and that girl lol)! 8.5/10


3. moumoon – Lovin’ You

Love before we Die / moumoon

Producer Jack’s thoughts: I love moumoon’s lead singer’s voice. She has a really sweet voice that I think defines herself differently from the other singer/bands out there. This song is no different. It’s pretty awesome, the beat could be improved, but the voice is definitely what most folks love about this song. 8/10
Love before we Die


October 23, 2013:


1. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu- もったいないとらんど

Mottai Night Land / Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

Producer Jack’s thoughts: Instantly fell in love with the song. Being a Kyary fan, I have to be biased here. This song is like super duper awesome and I can’t get enough of it! 10/10
Mottai Night Land [Regular Edition] Kyary Pamyu Pamyu


2. ケラケラ- ナミダフレンズ

Sayonara Daisukidattayo / KERAKERA

Producer Jack’s thoughts: I do honestly have a biased with this song too. I really enjoy KeraKera, I first found them through the スターラブレイション song which is still a very popular song! But I did enjoy 友達のフリ when I first heard the sample a few months ago. Now that the album is out, I found mad love with this band and the release of ケラケライフ is making me love this band even more. This song is 4th track on the album and although it doesn’t attract me as 友達のフリ first did, it still is a pretty awesome song and I enjoyed the entire album. 9.5/10
Sayonara Daisukidattayo


3. MAN WITH A MISSION ft. TAKUMA- database

database feat.TAKUMA (10-FEET) / MAN WITH A MISSION

Producer Jack’s thoughts: Not my type of music, those who enjoy J-Rock will definitely be a fan of this song and MAN WITH A MISSION in general, lol. I still think it’s not a bad song, good beat and pretty catchy lyrics. I wish I could not be biased when reviewing these songs, but honestly, you can’t tell me to enjoy this song without me lying to you that I actually like this song, sadly. 8/10
database feat.TAKUMA (10-FEET) [Regular Edition] MAN WITH A MISSION


October 16, 2013:


1. RADWIMPS- ラストバージン

Go gatsu no Hae / Last Virgin / RADWIMPS

Sandra’s thoughts: The first time I heard this song, I didn’t liked it or dislike it. But the more I listen to it the more addicting it gets. I feel like this is one of those songs you really gotta stop whatever your doing and just sit down and listen to it. From the guitar to the keyboard to the short and brief electric guitar chords, it all blends but on the other hand every sound manages to remain prominent and identifiable in the mesh. Ahhh addicted xD 9/10
Go gatsu no Hae / Last Virgin


2. ポルノグラフィティ- 東京デスティニー

Tokyo Destiny / Porno Graffitti

Producer Jack’s thoughts: Very nice song, instantly fell in love with when I first heard it. It has a very “J-POP” feeling to it. I think it’s even better than their last single which was released recently too called 青春花道. I first learned about them when I heard 青春花道 on the radio and I enjoyed it! Despite their weird band name (which was titled over Extreme’s album of the same title, the one with the song, More Than Words), their music is very mainstream and it has an excellent vibe to it. 8/10
Tokyo Destiny [Regular Edition] Porno Graffitti


3. 秦基博- Girl

HITOMIMIBORE / Motohiro Hata

Producer Jack’s thoughts: NEW Motohiro Hata!!!! Yes I have a personal biased with his songs, but seriously, his new album, ひとみみぼれ, has some excellent tracks on it. I reviewed Girl because it was the first track on his new album. Sounds like any other Motohiro Hata hit, I find a lot of similarities between this one and 言ノ葉. That’s actually a good thing, since I loved 言ノ葉 when it was first released a few months ago! Keep up the good work Motohiro Hata! 9.5/10
HITOMIMIBORE [Regular Edition] Motohiro Hata


4. Capsule- SHIFT

Caps Lock / CAPSULE

Producer Jack’s thoughts: Now being a HUGE, LIKE MASSIVE fan of Perfume and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, you would think I enjoy Capsule’s music (since Capsule’s DJ is the one that produces all their songs). Actually I have a love and hate relationship with Capsule’s music. This one, SHIFT is actually chosen by me to review from their latest album, CAPS LOCK because it was more of a song, rather than just a bunch of sounds (which most of the other songs are on the album, like no joke). I’m not a big vocaloid fan (obviously Sandra is), so this song wasn’t really my thing. I like the creativeness of all the song titles on the album though, they are all names of stuff on your keyboard (like ESC, HOME, DELETE, etc…). I prefer Capsule’s older hits like Jumper or Jelly (covered by Kyary of course). Overall, if you’re a big vocaloid fan, you’ll love this album and this hit too, but too bad I’m not one of them. 7/10
Caps Lock [Regular Edition] CAPSULE


October 7, 2013:


1. 古川本舗 – ストーリーライター

Soup / Furukawa Honpo

Sandra’s thoughts: Usually FurukawaP works are my automatic favorites– partly because I love to be deathly biased, and mostly because his music is actually really good! This is no exception, although I must say that it I had to take a second listen to really fall in love with this song. It has just the right amount of sentiment, bitter sweet pain, and the singer (who is BUZZPANDA 😀 -insert fangirl scream-, real name is Ryota Kikuchi) who just melds everything together with his beautiful transparent and mellow voice. This is definitely a song I’ll be going back to for a long time. 9/10 (took one off just because it did take me a second listen before I really started to like it)
Furukawa Honpo


2. 文月メイ- ママ

Mama / Mei Fumitsuki

Sandra’s thoughts: This song left me with a bit of a weird first impression when I heard it. I didn’t hate it, but I wasn’t obsessed about it either; I just kind of like it. A very simple tune and a very passionate vocal. The way the singer sings in this song is a bit different from what I’m usually use to so perhaps that’s what caught me off guard, in a good and bad-ish way. Good because this song makes me want to see more of this person’s other works, bad-ish because even though I like this song, I’m not sure this is something that I’ll keep on my playlists. 7/10
Mei Fumitsuki


3. 弘Jr.- 新時代

First / Hiromu Jr.

Sandra’s thoughts: So I’m reviewing this song mostly because I thought I would like it, especially after that accidental discovery of MASH and his song Aozora (IT’S SO GOOOD -insert fangirl scream-). But I don’t. It’s not that I hate it or anything I mean the beat is nice, so is the texture of the singer’s voice and it seems like a nice song to play at a party or club. But it’s just not my thing. I feel that sometimes I tend to value the meaning behind the song just as much as the music itself (especially if I don’t find the music part catchy). This song just doesn’t make me care for what the singer is saying. Overall, I just don’t really care for the song, much less hate it. 6/10
Hiromu Jr.


October 2, 2013:


1. ゆず- 雨のち晴レルヤ

Ame Nochi Hareruya / Mamotte Agetai / Yuzu

Producer Jack’s thoughts: Another great song from Yuzu, I honestly like this one better than 友 〜旅立ちの時〜, it’s has a “LAND” (the song) feeling to it. We’ll see how this works out on the charts. 8.5/10.
Ame Nochi Hareruya / Mamotte Agetai


2. Perfume- Magic of Love (album-mix)

LEVEL3 / Perfume

Producer Jack’s thoughts: I instantly fell in love when Magic of Love was released back a few months ago and this remix on their latest album, LEVEL 3 makes this song even more awesome. However, I’ve listened to the whole album and I didn’t like some of the new songs on it. They were too “cluby”, meaning that the songs sound like hardcore music you hear in night clubs. Otherwise, the other remixes of their singles are excellent and you should definitely try and check them out! 8.5/10
LEVEL3 [Regular Edition] Perfume


3. flumpool- 強く儚く

TSUYOKU HAKANAKU/BELIEF -HARU WO MATSU KIMI HE- / flumpool / flumpool x Mayday

Producer Jack’s thoughts: Not bad, but I still think that 大切なものは君以外に見当たらなくて is a better song. 8/10.
TSUYOKU HAKANAKU/BELIEF -HARU WO MATSU KIMI HE- [Regular Edition] flumpool / flumpool x Mayday


4. 秦基博- スプリングハズカム

HITOMIMIBORE / Motohiro Hata

Producer Jack’s thoughts: Love this new song from Motohiro Hata, though it was meant to be a spring promo for the radio station, FM802 (Osaka), it recently got released as a single from his new album set to come out soon. 8/10.
HITOMIMIBORE [Regular Edition] Motohiro Hata