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1. Hazzie (Haji) feat. erica “Koi no Yume”

Koi no Yume. feat.erica / HazzieRecca’s thoughts: Classic man-and-woman love ballad, with all of the soaring “big J-pop” strings and quiet piano bits you could ask for. It’s a pleasure to listen to, and it’s nice to hear Hazzie in a collaborative number, but there’s ultimately nothing memorable for me in this one. 5/10
Koi no Yume. feat.erica [Regular Edition]


2. Rihwa “THE GATE”

Michishirube / RihwaRecca’s thoughts: Rihwa’s rockin’ vocals animate this song, along with some great horn flares. I can’t help but tap my foot along to this one. No surprise that this song is being used to advertise horse racing in Japan, because it mirrors the excitement of watching a horse race. I’m also all for the saxophone solo returning to pop music. 6/10


3. Sukima Switch “Kanade”

Mr. Kaito / Ricerca / Sukima SwitchRecca’s thoughts: More classic “big J-pop”, with some soaring strings and piano. Nice melody and some nice lyrics, too, but there’s not much else to say. Songs like these just don’t catch my ear, but I don’t dislike them, either. The standout in this one is the bridge, with some cool little bass guitar riffs sprinkled throughout. 4/10
Mr. Kaito / Ricerca [Regular Edition]
Sukima Switch


4. Perfume “If You Wanna”

If you wanna / PerfumeRecca’s thoughts: Finally, something new and original from my girls, Perfume! Unlike their last single, which felt very similar to its predecessor, this has a new, plinkier and more electronic sound that still stays true to Perfume’s trademark Yasutaka Nakata grooves. The use of more English lyrics has true appeal for Perfume’s international fanbase, and the English in this one feels much more natural than their last English outing, “Spending All My Time.” 9/10
If you wanna [w/ DVD, Limited Edition]


5. Sky Peace “Arigatou o Omae ni”

Recca’s thoughts: I was not expecting hip-hop based on the style of the introductory instrumentals, but that’s what this song is. HIp-hop over trademark “big J-pop” piano (so much “big J-pop” this time around….). An interesting and unexpected fusion, although not what I’m typically into. 6/10


6. F.E.M.M. feat. L’il Fang & Yup’in “Konya wa Boogie Back” (Radical Hardcore Remix)

Recca’s thoughts: New cover of some classic J-hip-hop by Scha Dara Parr. F.E.M.M. (the very strange Far East Mention Mannequins) have been one to watch for English-language rap in Japan as well as female rap). Not sure that this cover does anything new or exciting, but I dig the backing beats and it’s funky. 6/10


7. Masaharu Fukuyama “Seiiki”

Seiiki / Masaharu FukuyamaRecca’s thoughts: More fun stuff from Masaharu Fukuyama. His “I’m a Hero” from a few years back was just so dang fun, I was really hoping we’d get something else like it, and here we are. It’s got a bouncy retro flair like PSY・S’s “Paper Love”…with banjos. Fukuyama has fun with music, and I can’t help but catch that enthusiasm as well, even if his vocal style is not my favorite here. 8/10
Seiiki [Limited Edition Music Clip Version]
Masaharu Fukuyama


8. Senanan “Omae no Bando wa Suki Dakedo Omae no Koto wa Suki ja nai”

The Senanan Show / SenananRecca’s thoughts: The title translates to “I like your band, but I don’t like you” (which I can say about many artists I listen to). This is just the kind of weirdo pop music that I really enjoy, and the lyrics are alternately hilarious and terrifying. This has shades of my favorite indie idol star, KOTO, but strays into madness… and I like it. 8/10
The Senanan Show


9. Junnosuke Taguchi feat. DAZZ “G.O.N.G.”

DIMENSIONS / Junnosuke TaguchiRecca’s thoughts: What is a reggaeton beat doing in a J-pop song, you may ask? Making things interesting in an industry where a lot of songs just kind of…sound the same. So, while this is not the best J-pop song I’ve ever heard, and I don’t have any particular connection to ex-KAT-TUN member Juunosuke Taguchi, I have to give this one points for originality. And one point for featuring an air horn. 6/10
DIMENSIONS [Regular Edition]
Junnosuke Taguchi


10. GLIM SPANKY “I Stand Alone”

Bizarre Carnival / GLIM SPANKYRecca’s thoughts: I don’t know if it’s just the psychedelic imagery on their latest album, but GLIM SPANKY evokes Janis Joplin for me. This particular song also feels straight out of the ‘90s to me. It’s no wonder I was really into this song, what with all of these retro trappings. Raw, rockin’, but still J-rock, and with a great guitar solo to boot. 9/10
Bizarre Carnival [Regular Edition]