IMPORTANT: Our Patreon program (which will mainly affect our free & current Premium Patreon members) will be changed in March of 2020. Please see this page for further details.

We know you love Japan Top 10. And we wanted to set up a system where our loyal listeners will be rewarded with exclusive features and benefits from our show.

Introducing Japan Top 10’s Patreon Donor’s Club!

For a small, minimal donation of one dollar a month to our podcast (as a Premium Level donor), we are offering some amazing exclusive benefits to our loyal listeners.

As a Premium Level donor, you’ll get:

  • Enhanced and full episodes; like an extended artist of the month countdown (10 songs instead of 5), full access to our Cultured themed episodes, and much more!

  • Ability to make song and/or artist of the month requests; tell us what you want to hear!

  • Access to episodes before the 100th!

  • Special thank you gifts for maintaining your donation after a certain period of time!

  • Song list IN THE EPISODE DESCRIPTION, so you won’t need to constantly go onto our site to see the tracks played on our episode!

  • Exclusive listener milestone contests; sending out special prizes for our listeners when we reach certain milestones with our Patreon donors!

For listeners who donate even more in the Premium Plus level, you will even get the same benefits as a Premium Level donor AND ALSO:

  • *NEW FOR 2019* 2 BONUS SONGS IN SPECIAL & ARTIST OF THE MONTH EPISODES! Our Premium Plus donors will enjoy a total of 12 songs in special and artist of the month episodes starting in 2019!

  • Filtered/commercial free episodes, so you can focus on what you enjoy, the music and informative commentary!

  • Expedited or guaranteed on the next episode song & artist of the month requests; we will put your requests above all the others!

  • Ability to suggest topics for specially themed episodes!

  • More exclusive and faster access to thank you gifts for maintaining your donation!

  • Greater chance to win in exclusive Patreon donor milestone contests!

  • Viewing access to all our scripts for current and upcoming episodes. More details below.


Access to Episode 100+ and new ones

Access to specially themed episodes in its complete length

Access to Cultures episodes in its complete length

Access to Top 20 or past Top 50 episodes

Access to the extra songs on the regular top 10 episodes

Access to an extended artist of month

Song list posted in episode description

Access to episodes before the 100th

Make song and artist of the month requests

Gifts for ongoing donors

Special exclusive contests for Patreon donor milestones

2 bonus songs in artist of the month + specially themed episodes 

Advertisement & announcements free episodes

Ability to submit episode ideas

View all our current and upcoming episode scripts

Make “guarenteed on the next episode” song requests, artist of month or specially themed episodes *



for all public listeners

Free listeners will hear half of every specially themed episode released from October 2017 and onwards

Free listeners will hear the approx. first 15 mins of a Cultures episode released from September 2019 and onwards

Free listeners will get to listen to top 10 songs of the top 20 or past top 50's from episodes released in 2017 and onwards

Free listeners will continue to hear the full top 10, including indie spotlight tracks but excluding other extra songs

Free listeners will continue to hear the full top 5 song list on the artist of the month (same as before)

Premium Level


monthly (USD)

Starting after 1 year

1 contest entry per donor

Premium Plus level


monthly (USD)

Starting after 2 months

3 contest entries per donor

Starts in 2019 episodes, totals to 12 songs

* feature will be guaranteed for only current and future episodes, from when you begin your donation (excludes episodes before the 100th)

So you probably got some questions about this program. We hear ya. Here are some questions you might ask.

Questions for public listeners who are not considering to join our Donor’s Club:

No. Unfortunately, we are reserving all our song and artist of the month requests for only our donors. If you want to make song requests or artist of the month requests, please consider being part of our Patreon Donor’s Club; it starts at only a dollar a month.

No, if you are not part of our Donor’s Club, you will continue to recieve episodes the same way you currently do. You do not need to make any changes to your listening habits to our show, as a result of this change.

Whether you are a Patreon donor or a public listener, Japan Top 10 will remain committed at fulfilling the goals of our podcast, which is to educate our listeners on the music of Japan, both in the contemporary and historical landscape. By being a Patreon donor, it gives you the fully enhanced experience of immersing yourself in Japanese music culture, though public listeners will remain able to grasp the basic understanding of the Japanese music scene. You may notice some programming changes to the podcast as a result of the Patreon program, but rest assured, all listeners will remain able attain high quality knowledge on Japanese music.

Unfortunately, no. The features that we are offering to our Donor’s Club is directly from our Patreon page, thus you must verify your donation and claim the features from there.

All episodes before our 100th one will now be made exclusive only to our Donor’s Club. Public listeners will hear an announcement made by one of our staff to let them know that the episode(s) they are trying to access is only avaliable for our Donor’s Club members. Episode 100 or over will still become accessible to the public.

Unfortunately these services are not compatible with updating their audio feeds, so we had to remove them from our listings on those 2 sites. Please note that episodes before the 100th are now only exclusively avaliable to our Patreon Donors.

We are making this change because as everyone can recognize, there are costs associated with producing a podcast show. As much as we would like to continue operations without any monetary support, that is not anyway possible. Our Patreon program gives our listeners an option to further enhance their experience with listening to Japan Top 10 and their ability to attain knowledge on the Japanese music scene, with a small monetary contribution.

Furthermore, through reducing the sizes of our episodes (such as reducing the top 50 episode to a top 10 and reserving past episodes before the 100th for only our Donor’s Club), we will be able to reduce the bandwidth we use with our providers which would in turn allow us to maintain a positive relationship with our provider (and allow them to grow as well).

As a registered non-profit organization, we commit all obtained revenue from our Patreon program back to our podcast. Improving our podcast is our number 1 goal and by supporting us through a monetary donation, you are helping all our listeners gain a better experience listening to our show!

This includes purchasing enhanced recording equipment for our staff, having better contests for our listeners, supporting the overall development of the Japanese music scene and much much more. We are always trying to improve the podcast in any possible way, however we are very limited with what we can do, as a result of our limited monetary funding. We hope you understand our rationales behind introducing this program and hope you will consider being part of our Donor’s Club!

Questions for interested or current Donor’s Club members:

We have activated Patreon’s charge up front feature for our Patreon program. It means when you join our show, you’ll be billed right away for access to that month, at the regular rate you have pledged for. Ie, if you join on February 16 as a Premium donor, you’ll be charged $1 on the 16th for access to our Patreon program for the month of February. You will then be charged again on the 1st of the next month (in the example, you’ll be charged again on March 1) and the following months with that same amount you pledged. Full details from Patreon are also here:

Why did we implement this feature? We have seen listeners “sample” our content and remove their pledge before they get charged at the first of the month. As you guys know, that means those listeners would have access and listen to our Premium/Premium Plus episodes without paying anything at all. Patreon implemented this feature to prevent listeners from “sampling” premium content without making their pledge. We understand this might cause a double charge for listeners who join our program near the end of the month (ie, if you join July 29, you’ll be charged your pledge amount and then you’ll be charged again on August 1 with your pledge amount), so we ask all listeners to be mindful about this before joining our program, as we cannot offer refunds regarding these situations.

Yes, if you are a current Patreon Donor’s Club member, you will recieve a special “RSS” link from Patreon that will contain episodes before the 100th and any previous or current content that has already been distributed for current or previous subscribing Donor’s Club members. You can input that RSS link into many podcast applications, including the Apple podcast application on iOS devices. More information on manually inputing a RSS feed here: Remember, this will allow you get all the newest and exclusive episodes with that RSS link, provided to you from Patreon, so make sure you keep it handy!

Please note that RSS links are all different from each member, depending on the level of their donation (it is unique to that individual).

For more information about how you’ll get the link, please see this page from Patreon’s help page:

Your RSS link will become inactive if we discover that you are sharing it with other members of the public or if you end up canceling your monthly donation.

Currently, most of our Patreon donors access our episodes using either the Patreon website or through the iOS podcast app. There are also a few third party apps that are on the Google Play store for Android (and iOS) users to add our private Patreon feed onto their app (so you can use their app to listen the Patreon episodes and get notifications when a new episode appears).

Unfortunately, Google Play, Spotify, iHeartRadio and TuneIn Radio does not give users the option to manually add RSS feeds onto their app, thus users cannot put in our private Patreon RSS feed onto these apps to listen into Patreon exclusive episodes. FYI, an RSS feed is what is provided to you when you join our Patreon program; this link allows podcasting applications to showcase all episodes on our Patreon program so that you can then listen into them. This is out of our control, as we don’t dictate how these applications provide podcasts; the other reason is that some of these apps like Spotify are fairly new to showcasing podcast, thus features like manually adding RSS feeds may become a feature down the road (who knows?).

For more information on the applications that can be used for our Patreon program, along with instructions on how to manually enter in our Patreon RSS feed, please see this page:

There are gaps in the RSS link feed you’ll receive, with some episodes missing. Episodes before the 100th will always be made avaliable in the feed.

Episodes will only be uploaded to the feed if there are donors within that donation level. If you want to access a certain past episode (that is after the 99th), you will need to go onto the public feed and listen from there.

To confirm that you are a current Patreon donor, we would ask you to post onto our Patreon page, under the community tab ( with the Patreon account you donated from. We will follow up with your request onto our show depending on your donation level.

When you start being part of our Donor’s Club, you are technically subscribed to only current and future exclusive episodes (along with the benefit of accessing episodes before the 100th). If you notice and access previous exclusive episodes, they are a bonus and made possible by a previous or current Donor’s Club member. We are not obligated to provide past exclusive Donor’s Club content for new members. You will need to access the public feed for any gaps between episodes when you receive your exclusive Patreon link.

If you are a Premium Plus donor, you will notice an additional notification of the same episode in your feed. The reason for this is that Patreon doesn’t let us specifically filter uploads by your donation level; it is only filtered by the amount you donate. The only way we can restrict episodes between donors is to raise the level of donation amount; ie, an episode uploaded is only for donors who have donated $1 or more (for our Premium level donors). And if you donate more, you will see more.

This is why we have named each episode title to the donation level; ie, “Episode 203 PREMIUM: Title of Japan Top 10 episode” and “Episode 203 PREMIUM PLUS: Title of Japan Top 10 episode”. When you are listening to an episode, pick the one that is appropriate to your level of your donation so you will get the full entitled benefits.

Please note we do not upload episodes to all donation levels, unless there is a donor (or multiple) within that donation level, except for past episodes before the 100th.

There are none. Your requests will be played or met on a first come, first serve basis. However, your song or artist of month requests will not made priority, meaning if a Premium Plus level donor makes a song or artist of month request, their requests will be expedited. There are limitations to Premium Plus level donor’s ability to expedite requests, as we aim to make things fair to all our donors.

As a Premium Plus level donor, you will have guaranteed next episode requests with your song or artist of month requests. You’ll also receive priority with your special episode topic suggestions, as only Premium Plus level donors have the ability to make such suggestions. However, this guarantee request system will be temporary halted after 2 song requests per month and/or one artist of the month suggestion per 3 months. Your priority for episode topic suggestions will also be reduced after you make one request within 3 months.

This means you have 2 guaranteed next episode song requests per month and one guaranteed next episode artist of month request per every 3 months.

If you go over your guarantees, your next song and/or artist of month requests will be considered equal to a Premium level donor (first come, first serve basis).

After maintaining your donation for 1 year: stickers

After maintaining your donation for 2 years: bottle opener keychain or T-shirt

After maintaining your donation for 3 years: tote bag or popsocket

For regards to where we ship, please see the question below on the terms of our Patreon program.

After maintaining your donation for 2 months: stickers

After maintaining your donation for 6 months: bottle opener keychain

After maintaining your donation for 1 year: tote bag, popsocket, or T-shirt

After maintaining your donation for 2 years (and every anniversary year going forward): tote bag, mousepad, T-shirt, or popsocket

For regards to where we ship, please see the question below on the terms of our Patreon program.

If you cancel your monthly pledge on Patreon, you will become withdrawn from our Patreon Donor’s Club. This will mean the RSS link that was originally provided to you will not work anymore (you will not be access any content on it or receive any new content). You will also lose your accumulated months to obtain a gift from us. If you decide in the future to return to our Donor’s Club, you will be given a new RSS link and your months will reset in order to receive our gifts.

If you are not interested in some of the features we are offering but you are still willing to support our podcast on a monthly basis on Patreon, please contact us at for more details. If you want to support us through Patreon but without any of these benefits, you can also click the “No Reward, No thanks, I just want to support Japan Top 10” option when you pledge your support on Patreon. Please note if you want to just send us a lump sum donation without any of these benefits, please visit the homepage of our website and click on the donate button.

No, in order to get the benefits listed on this page and on our Patreon Donor’s Club, you must be using Patreon to submit your monthly donation. If you still want to donate to us but not through Patreon, you can click our donate button located on our home page of our website!

No, all payments for our Patreon Donor’s Club will be charged and converted to USD. You can still donate in a different currency; Patreon will automatically convert your payment to USD. We won’t be able to accept any other currencies at the moment (this is in accordance to Patreon’s currency policies).

According to Patreon’s site, they accept the following payments: Visa, MasterCard, America Express, JCB, Discover, Diners Club and PayPal.

We generally accept donations and participation from all those who are interested in participating in our Patreon program. However, we do have two main terms that helps us ensure we follow the rules in the 2 main countries we operate in (Canada and USA).

1. We cannot accept donations from donors who are from any countries that are sanctioned by either Canada or the United States of America. For countries sanctioned in the USA, click here. For countries sanctioned in Canada, click here. While we do not initially ask every donor to provide their home country to us when they join the program, if we discover that a donor is from any of the sanctioned countries listed by the USA or Canada, we will revoke that donor’s access to our Patreon program and refund all donations made from that donor.

2. We can ship Patreon donor gifts to all countries and regions except for the following: Cuba, Iran, North Korea (DPRK), Sudan, Syria, Guatemala, Ascension Island, Bolivia, Falkland Islands, Nigeria, Tristan da Cunha, Afghanistan, Algeria, Belarus, Bosnia, Burma (Myanmar), Burundi, Republic of the Congo, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Cote D’ivoire (Ivory Coast), Croatia, Herzegovina, Iraq, Jordan, Libya, Moldova, Montenegro, Paraguay, Serbia, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Togo, Yemen, Zimbabwe. We cannot ship to these regions due to international sanctions, shipping logistics issues, or exceptionally high postage rates. If you are a donor from any of these countries and not a member of a sanctioned country as mentioned above; unfortunately, we will not be able to provide you with our donor gifts, however you are welcome to continue to participate in our Patreon donor program with all the other benefits that our donors enjoy.

As a Premium Plus donor, you will be able to access our scripts via Google Docs through an invitation we send to your email address listed from Patreon. If you use any email addresses outside of Gmail or the Google Apps suite on your Patreon account, please contact us with your alternate Gmail/Google Apps suite email address. We will give you permission to only view the script; you will not be allowed to make any edits on the script itself.

If you are not able to access the script or did not receive an invitation from us to view the script, please contact us through Patreon as soon as possible and we will work with you to have this revised.

If you are a current Premium Plus donor, this benefit will automatically be given to you. If you are a current Premium donor and wish to upgrade, we will also give you this benefit immediately after you upgrade your pledge.

Please note: If you stop your Premium Plus pledge, we will revoke your ability to view our episode scripts.