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We’re based in the heart of beautiful downtown Toronto, Canada.

Our staff also broadcast and work right across North America, Europe and Asia including New York City, NY; Houston, TX; Chicago, Il; Ottawa, ON; London, UK; Chiba Prefecture, Japan and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Japan Top 10 Team:

Jack Shi- General Manager, Program Director: info@jtop10.jp

Jordan Ogihara- Deputy Manager, Lead Content Producer, Music Director: jordan@jtop10.jp

Paul Zhang- Associate Manager, Content Distributor, Lead Audio Producer: paul@jtop10.jp

Darcy James- Content Distributor, Audio Producerdarcy@jtop10.jp

Karen Young- Content Distributorkaren@jtop10.jp

Ethel Chan- Lead On-Air Hostethel@jtop10.jp

William Moo- On-Air Hostwilliam@jtop10.jp

Recca G- On-Air Hostrecca@jtop10.jp

DC Charlton- On-Air Host, Audio Producerdc@jtop10.jp

Andy Kaesermann- Content Producer, Radio Host & Auxiliary On-Air Hostandy@jtop10.jp

Rie Tezuka (手塚理恵)- Language Translator Specialist, Content Producerrie@jtop10.jp

Miki Kogure (小暮美樹)- Language Translator Specialistmiki@jtop10.jp


MTI Countdowns Team:

These staff members represent operations with their listed role(s) for both KTop 10 & Japan Top 10.

Jack Shi- Webmasterinfo@jtop10.jp

Recca G- Lead Sales Managerrecca@jtop10.jp

Miki Kogure- Social Media Coordinator: miki@jtop10.jp

Andy Kaesermann- Graphics Designerandy@jtop10.jp

Paul Zhang- Human Resources Officer: paul@jtop10.jp

Yves Chiong- Lead Mobile Application Developeryveschiongdev@gmail.com

Zilin Xie- Mobile Application Quality Assurance Analyst/Assistant Mobile Application Developerzilin@ktop10.org


Call us and leave your voicemail or text us at +1-415-371-9299! More info on this page: http://jtop10.jp/contact-us/give-us-a-phone-call-or-send-us-a-text/


The following contact form is only for inquires, questions or feedback about our podcast. If you want to make a song or artist of the month request, you have to join our Patreon Donor’s Club. For more information, click here. If you have a question or suggestion for us, it might have been already answered on our FAQ page here: http://jtop10.jp/contact-us/faq/

If you are contacting us to submit your music to our podcast, please check out this page before you send us anything: http://jtop10.jp/extras/music-submission-policy/