We’re based in the heart of beautiful downtown Toronto, Canada.

Our staff also broadcast and work right across North America, Europe and Asia.


Japan Top 10 Team:

Jack Shi- General Manager, Program Director: info@jtop10.jp

Tassie Chinotaikul- Lead On-Air Hosttassie@jtop10.jp

Ethel Chan- On-Air Hostethel@jtop10.jp

Kirby Agudelo- On-Air Hostkirby@jtop10.jp

Andy Kaesermann-On-Air Hostandy@jtop10.jp

Lydia- On-Air Host: lydia@jtop10.jp

Shanna Abraham- On-Air Host: shanna@jtop10.jp

Christine Yang- On-Air Host: christiney@jtop10.jp

Haruna (Haru) Imamichi (今道晴菜)- On-Air Host, Language Translator Specialistharuna@jtop10.jp

Johnson Zhang- Content Distributor, Audio Producer: johnson@jtop10.jp

Tadamichi-  Content Distributor, Audio Producer, Quality Assurance Specialist: tadamichi@jtop10.jp

Hayley Miller- Lead Content Producer, Music Director: hayley@jtop10.jp

Dean Staker- Content Producer, Auxiliary Audio Producer: dean@jtop10.jp

Hayley Gordon- Content Producerhayleyg@jtop10.jp

Nola Lacey- Content Producernola@jtop10.jp


MTI Countdowns Team:

Jack Shi- Webmaster & Lead Sales Managerinfo@jtop10.jp

Hayley Miller- Social Media Coordinator & Graphics Designer: hayley@jtop10.jp

William Moo- Board of Director Memberwilliam@jtop10.jp

Anna Gamelo- Board of Director Memberanna@jtop10.jp


Call us and leave your voicemail or text us at +1-415-371-9299! More info on this page: http://jtop10.jp/contact-us/give-us-a-phone-call-or-send-us-a-text/


The following contact form is only for inquires, questions or feedback about our podcast. You may submit a song request to us, but only Patreon donors will be able to hear them, for more information, click here. If you have a question or suggestion for us, it might have been already answered on our FAQ page here: http://jtop10.jp/contact-us/faq/

To view our certificate of incorporation from Cooperations Canada as a federally registered non-profit organization, please click here. We are licensed under the music we play by SOCAN, more information about them is available here.

If you are contacting us to submit your music to our podcast, please check out this page before you send us anything: http://jtop10.jp/extras/music-submission-policy/

Please note, due to logistical challenges, we can no longer maintain our podcast on Spotify. Sorry for the inconvenience. We remain available on all other podcasting platforms at this time.