Are you a musician yourself or in a group that produces Japanese music? If you need publicity with your music, our podcast is here to help you out that! We love promoting indie bands and musicians who need exposure with their music and our podcast fundamentally prides on supporting up and coming groups and musicians!

We have featured many indie artists/groups on our podcast and would love to continue doing so!

So how do you submit your music to our show? It’s really simple. Email our music director, Nola at with your expressed interest in having your music on our podcast. Just make sure you attach the single in MP3 or M4A format, into the email (please don’t give us any external links to download the song), that you would like us to us to feature and give a general description of yourself or your group (including links to your social networking and/or official site). We’ll keep in touch after that! All we ask is for your group/band to give us a shout out on your social networking accounts and/or website when we feature your single on an episode!



Please see point 2 for more details.


We do have a few guidelines that apply to our music submission policy:

1. We DO NOT guarantee that all those who send in their music will have airplay on our podcast. Your music will be assessed by our music director to ensure it is suitable for our podcast. If we do not accept your music, our music director will explain to you why your submission was rejected. Unfortunately, the decision made by our music director will be final. We would like to thank everyone’s interest in sending their music for our podcast.

2. In order for us to accept your music, it is paramount that it has elements of Japanese music. If your music is in English (or another language) but you identify as a J-Pop/J-Rock singer or band, it would be our music director’s decision to see if this becomes honored. Please remember that we are a Japanese music podcast and most of the music we feature are in Japanese (though we do feature English lyrical songs in special circumstances).

3. We don’t care where your band or musician is located or based. It also doesn’t matter what nationality your band members are from. We judge your submission based on your musical composition, not by the geographic location or nationality of your band/musician. This means even if your band is located in Japan but your music that you make is Western influenced, then we would most likely decline your submission.

4. Another important point to take note of is that we do take note of your music’s composition. If the quality of your music is inferior, in terms of the actual sound quality, then we would be less inclined to have it featured on our podcast. We are not very strict on your actual music composition, however, if it is determined by our music director that the composition is not suitable for our show, it can be rejected.

5. Please note, we limit to ONE track from artist/band song requests per regular top 10 episode because we have to save additional spots for listener song requests. We’ll let you know when your band’s song will play on our episode when your music submission has been accepted.

6. On a positive note, we don’t charge any fees for this service, we do this ABSOLUTELY FREE OF CHARGE! All we ask is for your group to promote our show once we release your single on our episode to either or both your website and/or social networking sites.

7. We accept ONLY MP3 or M4A music formats. As much as we would love to have your CD, it might take a while for it to arrive in our studios. Please attach the song file into the email you are sending to us. For our cyber security, outside or external links to your song WILL NOT be reviewed (this means we don’t want you to send us Google Drive, Dropbox or another file sharing service links). You can still attach links like your social networking and/or official website, for the purposes of promoting yourself or your group.

8. Please try to submit your best single that you would like us to feature. You are welcome to send us up to 3 singles for us to assess, however, we won’t go over an entire album. By sending us more than one music track, you allow our music director to make a decision on which single to feature on our podcast.

9. If you are not an indie band or artist (as determined by our music director), we still welcome your music submissions. However, this would mean that we wouldn’t be labeling your track as a “Indie Discovery”; instead it would be titled to your music submission (ex. J-Rock Extra, Anime Extra, etc…).

10. We will provide a link to your group’s website (or social networking links) on our own website, under the page that outlines all the music featured on our episode, after the episode has become publicly released. It would be helpful if those links become indicated in your email to our music director.

11. We welcome submissions from groups or members from all over the world. We have a strict policy to not discriminate based on your groups’ or individual location, race, nationality or ethnicity. Everyone will get equal consideration with their music submission and will be assessed by the criteria outlined above. See the third point above for more details on this topic.

12. If you are submitting music outside of the Japanese music genre, we ask that you contact us at for information on how we can advertise your music/band onto our podcast (regardless of the genre of music your focused on).


That’s all! If you got more questions, add it to the email you will be sending to us. Thank you for your interest in having your music on our podcast! We look forward to listening to your or group’s single!