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1. Aldious – We Are

ALDI-016R We Are / Aldious

Eric’s thoughts: ‘We Are’ begins with soft, almost mournful acoustic guitar, accompanied by a solitary violin, so when the thrash metal inspired electric guitar kicks in it’s a sonic kick to the ears. That’s where the real beauty of this song comes into play, when they toy with what you expect to hear and what they deliver. Between the clean vocals of Re:NO and the twin guitar work of Yoshi and Toki, they create a driving metal anthem that I can’t get enough of. 7/10
ALDI-016R We Are LP Record 1


2. サロメの唇 ー へばらぺら節

Minna no Kyosokyoku / Lips Of SalomeEric’s Thoughts: This is a band that definitely has a clear view of the music they want to create. The song is a throwback to Kayōkyoku music of the ‘40s. It has an unhinged, energetic jazz style to the drumming, and the bass playing is unreal. The way he is able to travel the span of the bass neck without sounding like he’s doing too much is to be commended. This song could easily find it’s way onto the best Quentin Tarantino soundtrack. 8/10
Minna no Kyosokyoku
Lips Of Salome


3. Deadlift Lolita – No More Tears

Eric’s Thoughts: A pop/metal single that could only be the work of the two vocalist/professional wrestlers, Ladybeard and Reika Saiki. Reika’s clean vocals play with Ladybeard’s metalcore contributions over a electronic score, with the occasional heavy breakdown. The fun that these two seem to have working with each other comes through in their music. 6/10


4. GLAY – あなたといきてゆく

WINTERDELICS.EP - Anata to Ikiteyuku - / GLAY

Eric’s Thoughts: The guitar and orchestra combination of this song are classic JRock ballad material. Teru’s vocals have matured, becoming more textured. This song highlights one of the aspects of JRock that I love which is the thought that goes into the musical arrangement. The instruments play unique parts but serve the song as a whole, creating the musical tapestry that we as fans look for. 7/10
WINTERDELICS.EP – Anata to Ikiteyuku – [CD+DVD]



Restart / Ima wo Utae / The Elephant KashimashiEric’s Thoughts: Toshiyuki Ishimori’s guitar playing at the beginning is raw and reminiscent of early ‘90s american bands like Stone Temple Pilots and Soundgarden. During the verses the bass and drums lock into a tight groove. Hiroji Miyamoto’s vocals are something to behold. He doesn’t just sing, he growls his way through the melodies with a combination of swagger and smoke. 8/10
Restart / Ima wo Utae [Regular Edition]
The Elephant Kashimashi


6. UNISON SQUARE GARDEN – invisible sensation

fake town baby / UNISON SQUARE GARDENEric’s Thoughts: Kosuke Saito kicks this song off with his energetic vocals and kinetic guitar work. While on the service, this is certainly a danceable number, there are a couple of stylistic tone shifts thought the song (including a punk rock breakdown near the middle) that gives it a sense of experimentation that you wouldn’t find in a lesser band. This one will get you out of your seat for sure. 8/10
fake town baby [Regular Edition]


7. Leo Ieiri – Relax

Eric’s Thoughts: The song begins with a steady electronic beat while a guitar softly plucks away in the background. As Leo’s vocals carry the verse, more and more instrumentation enters until the chorus explodes into a beautiful cacophony of melody, only to return to the sparse orchestration of the beginning. A great song, full of emotion. 7/10

Download/listen on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/relax-single/1304203036


8. [Alexandros]- 明日、また

Ashita, Mata / [Alexandros]

Eric’s Thoughts: I like the way [Alexandros] balance the guitar and electronic accents in the intro of this song. Near the middle of the song, Yoohei Kawakami begins to sing in English, with lyrics like “I’d always wanted to be ‘someone’ else, with all the lights that I could never have” “I cried when I realized I could never be, so I gave up and chose to stick with me”. In this moment, we feel like we’re having an intimate moment with the singer, hearing his inner thoughts and fears but left with a sense of hope that things will be better and a brighter look towards the future. 8/10
Ashita, Mata [Regular Edition]


9. aiko- 予告の予告

Yokoku / aiko

Eric’s Thoughts: aiko’s vocals are playful and give the jazzy backing a sense of lightness. The chorus is super catchy and had my head bobbing along to the beat. It’s a fun and catchy number that will put a smile on your face during these cold winter months. 6/10


10. back number- 瞬き

Mabataki / back number

Eric’s Thoughts: Iyori Shimizu begins this piece with a few lines of acapella vocals that draw you in. His singing as a sense of passion that when combined with the orchestration sounds amazing. I enjoy that band sounds like they could play this song just as well even if they didn’t have the string arrangement, which for me is a sign of quality song-writing and musicianship. 7/10
Mabataki [Regular Edition]
back number