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1. 菅田 将暉- さよならエレジー

SAYONARA ELEGY / Masaki SudaAmanda’s thoughts: From the start of the guitar riffs, this song had me beyond pumped and ready to start my day. Masaki Sugata’s clear voice in contrast to the sharp guitar and lull of the drums allow for such a fantastic buildup to the chorus. This song could easily fit into any playlist and be listened to on repeat! 9/10
Masaki Suda


2. Wanima – シグナル

Everybody!! / WANIMAAmanda’s thoughts: Wanima is already jumping into the excitement of spring time by really fueling this upbeat, amazingly catchy song. The music video also adds to this feeling, with the ocean and tie-dyed shirts – how could you not love Wanima? This song feels a lot more energetic from their last single “Gotta Go!” and I found myself replaying it over and over to enjoy the happy feeling it left me with. 10/10


3. Twice- Candy Pop

Candy Pop / TWICEAmanda’s thoughts: Leave it to Twice to have such a captivating music video filled with an abundance of action, dancing, and animation! Unlike their previous singles in Japan, this song sounds much more natural and flows better when sung in Japanese. With that being said, this song doesn’t really catch my attention, but I wouldn’t mind listening to it on Valentine’s Day (for all the cuteness of “you’re my candy candy pop pop!”). Twice stays true to their bubblegum, classic pop sound, paired nicely with equally sweet lyrics. 6/10
Candy Pop [Regular Edition]


4. GARNiDELiA – Error

Error / GARNiDELiAAmanda’s thoughts: Although initially overwhelming, the layering of string instruments and electronic beats have this song coming to really catchy swells around the chorus. The repetition of “error” really cements the fascination with the flaws in the environments that we live in. MARiA’s voice continues to be beautiful and toku manages to captivate listeners, but I’m not particularly drawn to this song. 6/10
Error [w/ DVD, Limited Edition]


5. The Peggies – Neverland

super boy ! super girl !! / the peggiesAmanda’s thoughts: Really straying from their old soft rock sound, The Peggies are showing off their abilities as an amazing band in “Neverland.” Accompanied by new styles, the girls truly embrace their new era. This song sounds a bit more mainstream compared to their earlier music which held true to a more indie sound, but The Peggies manages to hold onto their ability to work well together to make great music. 8/10
super boy ! super girl !!
the peggies



TIMELESS TIME / Ryuji ImaichiAmanda’s thoughts: I’m not a huge fan of ballads (they are so slow and generally boring), but I can’t help but be drawn to this song. Ryuji Imaichi knows how to push and pull his audience with his great vocal range and catchy lyrics wrapped around the R&B-influenced sounds. This is really the perfect Valentine’s Day song if you want to feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside. 7/10
TIMELESS TIME [Regular Edition]
Ryuji Imaichi



Kung Fu Vacation / OLEDICKFOGGYAmanda’s thoughts: “Kung Fu Vacation” feels like a new take on old, cheesy kung fu movies, inspired by the promise of some martial arts moves and cute dancers. I do want to express that the music video is a little misleading, but the song is surprisingly good. Oledickfoggy manages to mold together drums, guitar, and instruments that are similar to traditional Japanese sounds to create a song that is so easy and fun to listen to. 6/10
Kung Fu Vacation


8. Cz Tiger feat. MONYHORSE – Purple Wave

Amanda’s thoughts: Reminiscent of American mumble rap, “Purple Wave” offers a variety of rappers over a generic beat. Cz Tiger stole the spotlight in this song with his ability to create such an easy flow, which works well until the chorus. The abundance of auto-tune threw me off, but this could be fun at a party. Overall, not bad, but it’s also not revolutionary. 4/10

Download from iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/jp/album/purple-wave/1261857667


9. 小松未可子 ー Maybe the Next Waltz

Swing heart direction / Mikako KomatsuAmanda’s thoughts: I feel as if I was transferred into the anime “Welcome to the Ballroom” when listening to this song. The classical instruments and Mikako Komatsu’s voice creates a magical feeling that is truly highlighted by the lyrics centered around hope and happiness. “Maybe the Next Waltz” really feels like it fits within the world of anime OSTs, so I have to give it props for staying true to the dancing vibes of “Welcome to the Ballroom.” 7/10
Swing heart direction [Regular Edition]
Mikako Komatsu


10. MeseMoa. – New Sunshine

Amanda’s thoughts: From start to finish, this song maintained such an addicting energy which works so well with the overall message of working towards happiness that the song addresses! I was not expecting to enjoy the heavy techno sound of this song, but the positive message and cute dance has me hooked. The back and forth between the nine voices and gaming 8-bit sounds works surprisingly well and makes for a fun experience when watching the music video or listening to the song by itself. 8/10