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1. 家入レオ- もし君を許せたら

Moshi Kimi wo Yurusetara / Leo IeiriAmanda’s thoughts:: Leo Ieiri delivering a cool music video and classic ballad-like vocals is exactly what we wanted for the theme song for the third season of 絶対零度 – 未然事件潜入捜査. The music and the video are a little bit of a darker concept than her previous singles, but they are just as enticing and beautiful. (7/10)
Moshi Kimi wo Yurusetara [w/ DVD, Limited Edition / Type A]
Leo Ieiri


2. androp- Hikari

Hikari / andropAmanda’s thoughts: This song is honestly so emotionally gripping from the first chord. A little different from androp’s other singles, “Hikari” is a little slower and more instrumentally driven compared to their more indie-rock sounds, but just as good. “Hikari” works well as the moving theme song for the drama “Good Doctor.” (8/10)
Hikari [w/ DVD, Limited Edition]



3. BananaLemon – LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME

Amanda’s thoughts: : If you’re a fan of Koda Kumi’s vocal range or J Soul Brothers’ electronic music, you’ll like BananaLemon. This newer group has a strong girl-power concept and a few
dance songs under their belt, so it’ll be interesting to see what else they release in the coming months. This song is super catchy, and definitely a fun back-to-school or end of summer single. (7/10)

Check them out on Spotify here: https://open.spotify.com/artist/3JKU6cvr3SESsNviVlNCZc


4. Porno Graffiti – Breath

Breath / Porno GraffittiAmanda’s thoughts: Porno Graffitti stays within their own soft, anime rock genre for this single, which actually works perfectly because it is being used as the Pokemon the Movie: The Power of Us ending theme. The lyrics of working hard to have a good time in all situations, taking a second to breathe in order to continue on, and accepting both the positive and negative aspects of life’s journey work so well with the Pokemon series. Overall, not my cup of tea but it still is uplifting and pleasant to listen to. (6/10)
Breath [w/ DVD, Limited Edition]
Porno Graffitti


5. 安田レイ – Sunny

Sunny / Rei YasudaAmanda’s thoughts: My first thought when listening to this single was “this is a theme song, right?” Because it has the classic uplifting “big J-pop” feel that seems so common for a
soundtrack song. And it is! “Sunny” is the opening theme for 健康で文化的な最低限度の生活. Personally, I prefer Rei Yasuda’s darker ballads more, but the building of the chorus in this single definitely grows on you after listening a few times. (7/10)
Rei Yasuda


6. Mime – Driftin’

Driftin' / MimeAmanda’s thoughts: Mime is really out in Shibuya making the music we didn’t realize that we were missing. The band incorporates a ton of retro bass and synth to create a song that isn’t very common on the radio anymore, but it should be because it is so groovy and fun to listen to. “Driftin’” actually reminds me of the Shibuya-kei episode that we did recently, with all the interesting breaks and noises, and overall chill vibe. (9/10)
Driftin’ [Limited Release]


7. Czecho no Republic – Baby Baby Baby Baby

Tabi ni Deru Junbi / Czecho No RepublicAmanda’s thoughts: From the get-go this song actually sounds like Czecho no Republic, unlike some of the other artists for this month’s song reviews. The kind of surf guitar mixed with an upbeat synth and chord progression is what the group is known for, and it works so well in this single. Also, Mai is taking the main vocals for “Baby Baby Baby Baby,” absolutely changing the dynamic and creating an innocent feeling to the song. The music video also mirrors this innocence, so if you like the concept of the cute childhood crush, and the happiness that comes with it, it is worth a watch. (7/10)
Tabi ni Deru Junbi
Czecho No Republic


8. KICK THE CAN CREW – 住所 feat. 岡村靖幸

Amanda’s thoughts: KICK THE CAN CREW is back again and it feels like a dream come true. This is the first single to trio released since their hiatus ended last year after thirteen years of
solo projects and small projects. In my opinion, the break was definitely worth it. The group came back with the classic chill rap that they’ve been known for since the 90s, along with some jazz and funky elements mixed in. (10/10)

Jusho feat. Yasuyuki Okamura [Regular Edition] / KICK THE CAN CREW


9. Kayo – ときめきチェーンソー

Amanda’s thoughts: For a new band, KAYO definitely sound like they’ve been experimenting with music together for ages. This single has a bit more energy than their previous single, which
was more relaxed and less punky than this song. I’m really hopeful for the rest of the mini album to be a mix of KAYO’s quirky, indie sound and their heavy guitar, perfect-for-an-anime-opening sound when it’s released later this month. (8/10)

Download from Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.jp/PANIC-COLLECTION-%E3%82%AB%E3%83%A8/dp/B07FYNW3YR/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1533211881&sr=8-3&keywords=PANIC+COLLECTION


10. Perfume – Let Me Know

Future Pop / PerfumeAmanda’s thoughts: The gentle electronic buildup to the chorus of this song is following exactly what Perfume has been doing for the last three years, which is both good and bad. Good because it’s what makes Perfume unique and it sounds really great when you’re in the mood to get pumped up. Bad because it’s getting old. Where is the chorus? Where is the newness in Perfume’s music? If I think about this as just any other song it’s okay, but as a long-time Perfume fan I’m just not digging it. (4/10)
Future Pop [w/ DVD, Limited Edition]