Hi everyone! 2020 is right around the corner and we’re ready to kick off the new decade with a set of exciting changes to our podcast! Here are some of what you will notice in 2020:


  • We will be piloting a new type of episode called Indie Artist Interviews! Similar to episode 270 of our Cultures series, we will be interviewing indie artist/musicians who perform Japanese or Japanese related music! Our first pilot of this episode will be in the beginning of February 2020. More episodes will be produced starting in May of 2020. And from thereon, they will be replacing a regular Cultures episode once every other month. These episodes will feature an interview with 2 indie artist/musicians along with featuring tracks that they either produced related to Japanese music or a selection of a Japanese music track that they would like to feature to our listeners. Hosts will vary depending on when the episode is released.


  • We will also be piloting collaborative top 10 episodes, with our first pilot in February 2020, that will feature Kirby and Anna. We are still in the works with deciding whether this will be continued with our top 10 episodes; your feedback will be highly welcomed once our first pilot is released in February 2020!


  • We will be undergoing some changes with our Patreon program. We do not have details yet on what these changes will entail, but we are aiming to have more information released soon. We are tentatively setting these changes to be effective in April 2020, but this may be delayed depending on the circumstances of our new roll out. If you are a Patreon donor, you will receive a message from us to inform you of these changes, as soon as we have confirmed the details.


  • Listener appreciation months will be returning soon! We don’t have a month in mind yet, but it will be shortly after our new Patreon program rolls out, so that all our listeners will know what benefits our new Patreon program will entail!



If you have any additional questions about any of these changes or feedback about it, please send us an email at info@jtop10.jp!

Have a great holiday season and start to 2020!


-Japan Top 10 Team December 2019