Great news guys, you can now call us and leave your voicemail in our messaging center! If you are located in the United States or even better, in the San Francisco, California Bay Area, you will now be able to call us and text us!

Our number is:

+1 415- 371-9299

It’s like we’ve became friends and exchanged phone numbers! But you probably have some questions relating to the phone call or text messaging process. Not to worry, here are some important stuff to read over before you do call or send us a text.

1. WE DO NOT CHARGE ANY  ADDITIONAL FEES FOR PHONE CALLS OR TEXT MESSAGES. Standard rates governed by your service plan will still apply.

2. WE WILL USE YOUR RECORDED VOICEMAILS ON THE PODCAST. Not to worry, we give you as many chances as you need to make a perfect recording. When you call us, after you hear the instructions and the beep tone, if you mess up the first time, start again and keep trying until you get it right. We will gladly cut out the parts you messed up on. If you really do not want us to use your voicemail on the podcast, text us instead!

3. PLEASE BE CLEAR WITH YOUR VOICEMAIL. If you’re in a noisy area or a place with bad reception, don’t call us! It will waste your time and ours trying to decipher your message.

4. WE DO NOT AUTO REPLY TO TEXT MESSAGES. Apparently, it just doesn’t work with the program we use. So we cannot auto reply your messages to state if we received your text or not. But give us up to a week to respond back. Under normal circumstances, we will be able to reply back to your text within a period much shorter than that. 

5. YOU MAY ALSO TEXT US WITH DATA-BASED TEXTING SERVICES. Yes, we will still receive your message if you text us using Text+ or any other Internet based texting services.

6. WE DO KEEP TRACK OF CALLER ID FROM ALL OF THE TEXT MESSAGES WE RECEIVE AND THE PHONE CALLS WE GET. That said, we WILL NOT, WILL NEVER, sell your phone numbers to third parties out there. We keep track for legality issues, for example, threatening text messages will be thoroughly examined and if determined to be legitimate, then we will report it to the appropriate authorities.

7. ALL PERSONAL INFORMATION WILL NOT BE ANNOUNCED ON-AIR. Just to be clear if you end up telling us your exact address, we will obviously edit it out that part out before putting it on the podcast.

Any additional questions? Send your email to with your questions. Although we stated most of the privacy policies that govern this program, we also have a page dedicated to information on our specific policies regarding this website and anything related to our podcast (which includes this service).