UPDATED: This contest has officially ended! We have selected our winner and will announce the winner on the Japan Top 10 Mid/Late March 2019 Countdown, set to be released on March 20, 2019 (or shortly after). Thank you for everyone who participated in this contest. If you were selected the winner, please see your email and respond back to it within 30 days to claim your prize! Remember, our friends at Apartment 507 still has great gift ideas and you can use our discount code, JTOP10 to get 5% off your order!


Want to win a FREE 10,000 Yen Japanese iTunes gift card? That’s a value of almost $100 USD in credits to use on the Japanese iTunes store!

What can you do with a Japanese iTunes account?

  • Buy exclusive Japanese music not found in the American or Western countries’ iTunes store.
  • Get a subscription to the Japanese Apple Music service starting with a 3 month FREE trial. ¥980 for one month (¥480 for students and ¥1,480 for a family of up to 6). Did you know, you cannot start a 3 month trial on the Japanese iTunes store without a Japanese credit card or have credits on your account (which is what we are giving away or you can purchase from our friends at Apartment 507). And yes, just like Japanese Netflix, there is a lot of exclusive Japanese tracks not found on the American/Western Spotify/Apple Music service.
  • Purchase and watch exclusive Japanese movies or reading/listen to exclusive Japanese books/audiobooks!

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See full details below on how to enter our easy contest & win ¥10,000 in credits for the Japanese iTunes store.



How to enter this contest:

  1. Visit Apartment 507’s website at http://bit.ly/2WEVN7y 
  2. Find Japan Top 10’s logo -> , which is located somewhere on their site. 
  3. Submit your entry below. The form will guide you through what you will need to do.

    b). Alternatively, you may also submit your entry by texting us at 415-371-9299 with your first and last name along with the name of the page or the URL link.c). If you are a Patreon donor, you must identify yourself by indicating your email address that you use for your Patreon account to gain your additional entr(ies). The online submission will guide you to do so, however, if you are texting us, please make sure to indicate your email address in your text message.

    d). FYI: You will only get a response back from us if you either selected the winner or if your entry is considered invalid (for both online & text entries).

  4. We will announce the winner on the Japan Top 10 Mid/Late March 2019 Countdown, set to be tentatively released on March 20, 2019. You will be contacted via email on the week on the week of March 11, 2019; if you are selected the winner.


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If the form isn’t working for you below, please click here to submit your entry.

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PLEASE READ these rules before you enter! We’ve made them as clear as possible and as fair as we could.

Full contest rules:

1. ONE ENTRY per person either through our website or through text. Contestants are NOT allowed submit multiple entry forms; if it is discovered that any contestant(s) entered more than once, they will be disqualified from the contest and will not be allowed to re-enter.

2. Patreon Premium donors will automatically receive ONE additional entry for a total of TWO entries into this contest. Patreon Premium Plus donors will automatically receive TWO additional entries for a total of THREE entries into this contest. In order to identify you as a Patreon donor, you must submit your email address through the online submission form or indicate your email address in a text sent to 415-371-9299. If a contestant falsely indicates that they are a Patreon donor, either through the online submission form or through text, they will be disqualified from this contest and will not be allowed to re-enter. Contestants must remain a Patreon donor until the drawing of the contest (held on the week of March 11, 2019), in order to qualify for their additional entr(ies). If the contestant leaves the Patreon program during the contest period for any reason, their bonus entr(ies) will become nullified and receive in total, ONE entry into the contest. If a contestant joins as a Patreon donor after they submitted their first entry, they may add their additional ent(ries) by answering the second or third question in the online entry form or texting us the email they use for their Patreon account, as long as it is within the contest period (see 4th point for contest period). If a Premium donor has entered the contest and later upgraded their subscription to the Premium Plus level during the contest period, they will need to contact us at info@jtop10.jp to gain one additional entry into the contest. If a Premium Plus donor downgrades their donation level to the Premium level during the contest period and has already submitted their contest entry, they will be contacted via email from MTI Countdowns for correspondence on next steps; should the donor not reply back or follow the instructions listed in the email, the contestant will lose their additional entries into the contest.

3. Contestants must successfully identify either the URL or name of the page that the Japan Top 10 logo is located on in Apartment 507’s website located at https://www.apartment507.com/. Contestants will be excluded from the contest if they incorrectly name the page, the URL link or an invalid response is presented; these contestants will be notified if they were excluded due to an incorrect answer or an insufficient response and will not be eligible for a re-entry. However, all other contestants who are successfully entered will not be contacted unless they are selected as the winner.

4. The contest entry period will be from February 4, 2019 and will end on March 11, 2019 at 12:00am EST.

5. By entering this contest, contestants will provide implied consent for their first name and the first letter of their last name to be publicly announced. However, emails along with any personal contact information that will be provided for the purpose of this contest will remain confidential within the organization of MTI Countdowns and will not be distributed for any marketing purposes, in accordance to our Privacy Policy. All contest entries will be stored on third party servers (Rafflecopter and Google LLC) and the organization, MTI Countdowns, will not be held responsible for the loss of personal information, should it become mishandled by Rafflecopter and/or Google LLC. This contest will also adhere to the Privacy Policy listed within the organization of MTI Countdowns and can be found at https://jtop10.mymti.org/privacy-policy/ (please see the Distribution of Information section in regards to how we may need share your personal information).

6. A random draw for the winner will take place on the week of March 11, 2019 and the winner will be publicly announced on the episode titled: Japan Top 10 Mid/Late March 2019 Countdown, set to be tentatively released on March 20, 2019. If there is a delay in the release of the Japan Top 10 Mid/Late March 2019 Countdown episode, it will not result in any delays or changes to the contest entry period (noted in the 4th point) or when the drawing will be held.

7. The winner will be contacted through email or text (depending on how they entered) on the week of March 11, 2019 and will have 30 days to reply back from the date that the email or text is sent, in order to claim the prize. If the winner entered through text, they must provide their email address following the correspondence from a staff member on MTI Countdowns. Prize will be delivered via email following a confirmation response from the winner. If the winner does not reply back or provide the mandatory information for prize delivery within 30 days (either through text or email), they will disqualified from the contest and a second drawing will not take place. However, the prize may be redistributed for a future contest.

8. There will not be any prize substitutions with this contest. Winners are responsible for creating a Japanese iTunes account to utilize awarded prize.


10. This contest is open to any resident of any country, except for countries sanctioned by the governments of the United States and Canada. All participants of this contest must be considered the age of majority in their country of residence.

11. The prize awarded to the winner will be a ¥10,000 Japanese iTunes gift card. Value of the prize is approximately worth $100 USD.

12. Eligible contestants must follow the rules outlined on this page. Any contestants who are noncompliant with the rules will become disqualified and may not re-enter.

13. Winners of past Japan Top 10 or MTI Countdowns contests are not eligible to participate in this contest.

14. Rules of this contest may be changed, at the discretion of the organization MTI Countdowns and Apartment 507, during anytime in the contest period.

15. Apartment 507 is a sponsor of this contest. iTunes (Apple Inc.) and Patreon are not affiliated with this contest.

16. Current and past MTI Countdowns, KTop 10 and Japan Top 10 staff along with Apartment 507 staff ARE NOT ELIGIBLE TO ENTER INTO THIS CONTEST.

17. This contest will follow the laws and regulations in the province of Ontario, located within the country of Canada.

18. Odds of winning will depending on the number of entries received during the contest period.

19. If the contestant wishes to enter this contest through text, standard message and data rates will apply. We do not charge any additional fees for any texts sent to us. For more details on our texting service, please click here.