JAPAN TOP 10の年末コンテスト

How to enter:

  1. Record or write us a message to info@jtop10.jp! See first and second point in the contest rules into what your message needs or should not have!

  2. On January 1, 2021, we will air the selected winner’s message on our podcast. We will select the winner at random.

  3. Winner will be contacted through email and receive their prize through email on or before December 31, 2020. Prize is worth $100 USD gift card to a retailer or charity donation of the winner’s choice.





Contest rules:

1). Send us a voice recording or written message about your thoughts on 2020. The message is to be emailed to info@jtop10.jp. Please make sure to also include your full name (first and last name), if that is not already identified in your email address. We will request this information, if it is not clearly identified.

2). The voice recording must be within 30 seconds to 5 minutes in length. Recordings should not exceed or fall below that time length. The written message should be at least 75 words, but not longer than 500 words in length. Recording or written message can be done in either English or Japanese. All recordings and written messages need to be clear in nature & understandable. Furthermore, messages should not contain any controversial or vulgar content; we reserve the right to filter out any messages that are sent to us. Message should focus on the person’s thoughts on 2020, though the contestant may choose to speak about other thoughts they have about what is on their mind. Please ensure that voice recording is in MP3 or M4A format. Other formats (ie, WMV or WAV) will be accepted, however, if the file size exceed 25 MBs, they need to be sent via a third party cloud storage system (ie, Dropbox/Google Drive). 

3). One entry per contestant. 

4). Messages will be reviewed to be deemed satisfactory for entry. If the contestant’s message does not meet the contest rules, they will be notified through email that their entry was rejected. If the contestant’s message meets the contest rules, they will not be notified, unless they are the winner.

5). One winner, selected a random, will receive a $100 USD gift card to a retailer or donation to a charity of their choice. Please note: We have the right to decide whether the retailer or charity of the winner’s choice can be awarded. We will not award a gift card to a retailer who adds additional fees or restrictions to their gift card and/or who can purchase it (ie, shipping costs, admin fees, etc). Also, the retailer must offer an amount that is equal to or is less than the prize value in USD funds, with the exchange rate used at the time of award of the prize (ie, as of November 8, 2020, $100 USD = $130.50 CAD, thus the retailer must offer a gift card amount of $130 CAD or less). For charity donations, we will not donate to any political parties or support a political candidate for office. We will only donate to a registered charity organization (ie, they provide donation receipts upon your donation). No prize substitutions will be allowed for this contest.

6). The contest timeframe is considered from November 8, 2020 at 0000 hours EST to December 28, 2020 2359 hours EST.

7). By entering this contest, contestants will provide implied consent for their first name and the first letter of their last name to be publicly announced. However, emails along with any personal contact information that will be provided for the purpose of this contest will remain confidential within the organization of MTI Countdowns and will not be distributed for any marketing purposes, in accordance to our Privacy Policy. All contest entries will be stored on third party server (Google LLC) and the organization, MTI Countdowns, will not be held responsible for the loss of personal information, should it become mishandled by Google LLC. This contest will also adhere to the Privacy Policy listed within the organization of MTI Countdowns and can be found at https://jtop10.mymti.org/privacy-policy/ (please see the Distribution of Information section in regards to how we may need share your personal information).

8). The winner will have 30 days to reply back from the date that an email is sent from us to inform them that they are the winner, in order to claim the prize. Prize will be delivered via email following a confirmation response from the winner. If the winner does not reply back or provide the mandatory information for prize delivery within 30 days (through email), they will disqualified from the contest and a second drawing will not take place. However, the prize may be redistributed for a future contest.


10). This contest is open to any resident of any country, except for countries sanctioned by the governments of the United States and Canada. All participants of this contest must be considered the age of majority in their country of residence.

11). Value of the prize is worth $100 USD.

12). Eligible contestants must follow the rules outlined on this page. Any contestants who are noncompliant with the rules will become disqualified and may not re-enter.

13). Winners of past Japan Top 10 or MTI Countdowns contests are not eligible to participate in this contest.

14). Rules of this contest may be changed, at the discretion of the organization MTI Countdowns, during anytime in the contest period.

15). Current and past MTI Countdowns, KTop 10 and Japan Top 10 staff ARE NOT ELIGIBLE TO ENTER INTO THIS CONTEST.

16). This contest will follow the laws and regulations in the province of Ontario, located within the country of Canada.


2.録音の場合は必ず30秒以上5分未満の長さにして下さい。録音時間が指定の長さを超えたり、下回ったりすることがないよう注意して下さい。メッセージをお書きになる場合は75文字以上500字未満の長さにして下さい。言語は英語か日本語でお願いします。内容は明確に、分かりやすいものにして下さい。また、メッセージには下品な表現や物議を醸す内容を含んではいけません。(私達には送られてきたメッセージを除外する権利があります。)メッセージには2020年に関係のない話題や意見を含めないで下さい。録音の場合はMP3かMP4フォーマットに設定の上お送り下さい。他のフォーマット(WMVやWAV)でも応募できますが、ファイルサイズが25MBを超える場合はクラウドストレージ(DropboxやGoogle Drive)にて送る必要があります。
5.ランダムに選ばれた優勝者には賞品として100アメリカドル相当の電子ギフトカード、または同額の慈善団体への寄付をお選びいただけます。注意点:お選びいただいた電子ギフトカードの種類や寄付する慈善団体が賞品として相応しいかどうか、こちらで判断させていただきます。電子ギフトカードの中で購入時に追加料金(送料、入会費など)が発生するものや使用制限のあるものはお選びいただけません。また、電子ギフトカードは当選時のアメリカドル為替レートと同等、またはそれ以下の金額で提供されなければなりません。(例 2020年11月8日の為替が100アメリカドル=130.50カナダドルの場合、電子ギフトカードは130カナダドルと同等、またはそれ以下の金額でなければならない。)慈善団体への寄付の場合、政党や政治支援団体への寄付は認められませんのでご了承下さい。私達は登録された慈善団体(寄付時に証明書を発行する団体)のみへの寄付を認めます。このコンテストでの賞品の交換は認められません。
7.コンテストに参加するにあたり、参加者は下の名前と苗字の頭文字(アルファベット)を公表することに同意したとみなします。しかし、Emailに記載されている全ての個人情報はこのコンテストの目的のみに適用され、MTI Countdownsの組織内において機密を保持し、私達のプライバシーポリシーに従い、いかなるマーケティング目的にも流用しません。全てのコンテスト参加者のデータは他社のサーバー内(Google LLC)に保存されますが、Google LLCによって誤って個人情報が失われた場合、MTI Countdownsは責任を持ちません。また、このコンテストはMTI Countdownsのプライバシーポリシーを遵守します。https://jtop10.mymti.org/privacy-policy/ (私達がどのような場合に個人情報を共有する必要があるか等に関しては情報提供の部分をご覧下さい。)
13.過去にJapan Top 10、またはMTI Countdownsのコンテストにおいて優勝や当選されたことのある方は今回のコンテストに参加することはできません。
14.MTI Countdownsの方針によってコンテスト期間中にルールが変更される場合があります。
15.現在、または過去のMTI Countdowns、KTop10、Japan Top 10のスタッフは今回のコンテストに参加することができません。