PLEASE NOTE (June 12 update): We have gotten our grand prize winner, who identified both songs as Utada Hikaru – Forevermore and ONE OK ROCK – Unforgettable! Special congratulations to William L for guessing the correct songs and winning himself a free $50 USD gift card to a retailer of his choice! And thank you to all those who participated, the contest has now ended.

PLEASE NOTE (May 14 update): We have gotten our secondary winner who identified one of the two songs in this contest. Our secondary winner goes to Brandon I! He guessed correctly ONE of the two song clips!


Contest rules:

1). Listen to Episode 322: Japan Top 10 May 2020 Countdown and any subsequent episode released on Japan Top 10 within the “Contest Timeframe” for the 2 song clips. See point number 8 for the contest timeframe.

2). Enter a guess of both or one of the song title(s) and artist/band name(s) on our website at If technical difficulties occur while trying to enter guess, contestant may also choose to enter their guess through email by emailing us at Song titles and artist names can be written in English, Romanji, Kanji, Hiragana and/or Katakana. We have the right to interpret what your guess is, if it’s incorrectly written.

3). One entry (either through email or the online entry ballot) per contestant per week. A week is defined as a 7 day period from when the contestant last made their previous guess (ie, if you enter on Sunday, you cannot enter again until the next Sunday). Contestants who incorrectly guess the song clips will not be responded to via email or any other form of communication after they enter.

4). Patreon donors, regardless of their tier, will receive a posting once a week of all incorrect guesses made by entrants. We will not personally identify the contestant of any of the guesses made. If there are no incorrect guesses made within a one-week period, then a post will not be made.

5). Contestant must be able to identify the song title and artist/band name correctly for one or both song clips in order to win a prize. If contestant correctly identifies the song title or the artist/band correctly but incorrectly identifies the other, this is considered an incorrect guess (ie, the name of the artist is named correct but not the song title). However, this incorrect guess will not be posted to our Patreon donors. Contestant may also choose to identify only one of the song clips to win secondary prize; they do not have to guess both song clips to enter.

6). The first contestant who identifies either both or one of the song clip(s) will be considered the winner of the contest. Winner will be contacted within 24 hours of entering their guess via email. Winner will be announced subsequently within 24 hours through our website at and our social media pages. This will later be announced on an episode of the podcast, closest to their winning date.

7). The primary winner, meaning the contestant who first identifies correctly both song clips, will receive a $50 USD gift card to a retailer of their choice. The secondary winner, meaning the contestant who first identifies correctly one of the two song clips, will receive a $25 USD gift card to a retailer of their choice. Please note: We have the right to decide whether the retailer of the winner’s choice can be awarded. We will not award a gift card to a retailer who adds additional fees or restrictions to their gift card and/or who can purchase it (ie, shipping costs, admin fees, etc). Also, the retailer must offer an amount that is equal to or is less than the prize value in USD funds, with the exchange rate used at the time of award of the prize (ie, as of April 26, 2020, $50 USD = $70.54 CAD, thus the retailer must offer a gift card amount of $70 CAD or less). No prize substitutions will be allowed for this contest.

8). The contest timeframe is considered from May 6, 2020 at 0000 hours EST to July 15, 2020 2359 hours EST or earlier if a primary winner has been identified. The contest will continue if only one of the song clips is correctly identified and not the other, meaning a secondary winner is identified but not the primary winner. However, the contest will end if both song clips are correctly identified, or if primary winner is found, even if a secondary winner has not been identified. The contest will fully end on July 15, 2020 at 2359 EST, regardless of whether a primary or secondary winner has been identified or not. Answers will only be publicly posted on our website, on-air and online once the primary winner has been identified or the contest timeframe has ended.

9). Any subsequent contestant(s) that correctly identifies one of the two song clips will not be awarded any prize, after a secondary winner has been first identified, depending on the date and time of their entry. The secondary winner may not enter this contest again to obtain primary prize. Also, any contestant who subsequently enter after the primary winner has been identified will be considered invalid entries into this contest.

10). By entering this contest, contestants will provide implied consent for their first name and the first letter of their last name to be publicly announced. However, emails along with any personal contact information that will be provided for the purpose of this contest will remain confidential within the organization of MTI Countdowns and will not be distributed for any marketing purposes, in accordance to our Privacy Policy. All contest entries will be stored on third party server (Google LLC) and the organization, MTI Countdowns, will not be held responsible for the loss of personal information, should it become mishandled by Google LLC. This contest will also adhere to the Privacy Policy listed within the organization of MTI Countdowns and can be found at (please see the Distribution of Information section in regards to how we may need share your personal information).

11). The winner(s) will have 30 days to reply back from the date that an email is sent from us to inform the winner(s) that they have correctly identified one or both of the song clips, in order to claim the prize. Prize will be delivered via email following a confirmation response from the winner. If the winner does not reply back or provide the mandatory information for prize delivery within 30 days (either through text or email), they will disqualified from the contest and a second drawing will not take place. However, the prize may be redistributed for a future contest.


13). This contest is open to any resident of any country, except for countries sanctioned by the governments of the United States and Canada. All participants of this contest must be considered the age of majority in their country of residence.

14). Value of the prize is worth $50 USD and/or $25 USD.

15). Eligible contestants must follow the rules outlined on this page. Any contestants who are noncompliant with the rules will become disqualified and may not re-enter.

16). Winners of past Japan Top 10 or MTI Countdowns contests are not eligible to participate in this contest.

17). Rules of this contest may be changed, at the discretion of the organization MTI Countdowns, during anytime in the contest period.

18). Patreon is not affiliated with this contest.

19). Current and past MTI Countdowns, KTop 10 and Japan Top 10 staff ARE NOT ELIGIBLE TO ENTER INTO THIS CONTEST.

20). This contest will follow the laws and regulations in the province of Ontario, located within the country of Canada.