Starting in October 2016, Japan Top 10 wants to introduce all our listeners to a BRAND NEW feature to our website! Aside from the music, we know you guys love hearing the facts that our wonderful content producers, Jordan and Gem provide regarding the songs we feature on the podcast. Now we want to introduce a new way for everyone to learn about the songs featured on our episodes!

Presenting, our EPISODE BASED BLOGS POSTS! We will now supplement facts stated from our episodes in a form of a blog post, released exclusively on our website after the release of that episode. Not only can you read more about the amazing music featured on our show, but you can also be linked to exclusive content on third party sites, such as YouTube videos.

We hope all our listeners will enjoy this new feature presented on our website!


Click on the category of episodes that you would like read about (please note episodes released before October 2016 are not included in our blog postings).

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