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A little about myself:

Hello! My name is a Ethel and I’m a host on Japan Top 10. I stumbled across the podcast after I received an iPhone as a graduation present and jumped at the chance to try my luck at being an on-air host because I’d always loved the idea of maybe hosting a music show one day.

My earliest memory of Japanese music is the song「そばかす」by JUDY AND MARY from my childhood anime series るろうに剣心 / Samurai X. Everything pretty much went crazy after that. I love Japanese music with all my heart and if I could live in Shibuya’s Tower Records store, I probably would. Now that is what heaven should look like.

Favourite Jpop/Jrock musicians: Ellegarden, W-inds, Utada Hikaru, One Ok Rock, Orange Range, Mika Nakashima, Arashi, RADWIMPS, androp, ayaka, YUI, Angela Aki, The Gazette, Miyavi, alicenine, Perfume, Funky Monkey Babys, GReeeeN, Ken Hirai

Guilty pleasure music: Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas and all things Johnny’s Entertainment 😉


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