A little about myself:

Hello! My name is a Hayley and I am a staff on Japan Top 10. It was my high school English teacher who had studied Japanese in college that introduced me to the podcast. I wanted to try my luck at being on-air host because I’d always loved the idea of maybe hosting podcast.My best experience with Japanese music is with the song Hikari by ViViD from one of my earliest anime series Magi: The Kingdom of Magic. I was already into Jpop but that song sent everything off with a bang.

Favorite Jpop/Jrock musicians: ARASHI, Little Glee Monster, Eir Aoi, NICO Touches the Walls, BACK-ON, LiSA, and SPYAIR

Favorite Songs: Happiness, Period, Oto No Naru Houe, and Departure


Email: hayleyg@jtop10.jp