A little about myself: 

Hi everyone! My name is Producer Jack and although you do not hear me regularly as a host on Japan Top 10, I am very much involved with the show and have been since I created the show with a previous host, Sandra, back in March 2013. I love J-Pop music and discovering new J-Pop songs that I have never heard before, just like everyone who listens to our show! I am also an avid member of the radio industry since 2006, which propelled me to start our previous  podcast (now our organization’s name), MTI Countdowns in 2008. My job, which I’m very passionate about, on the podcast mainly consists of overshadowing the coordination of our team’s ability to make an episode for you guys to enjoy (or you can call me the “manager”). I am also mainly responsible for editing the website and communicating with all our listeners. I love travelling, especially in the USA, but more importantly, I want to visit Japan one day with all my close friends. Now less about me, what do you guys want to hear on the podcast? Email me or send us a message, I want to hear more from you guys!

Some J-Pop Bands & Artists I Like: SEKAI NO OWARI, Galileo Galilei, Perfume, GReeeeN, back number, Rihwa

Email: info@jtop10.jp