List of Songs Played/流されました曲のリスト

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Hosted by: Andy
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This week you can look forward to a mix of just about every genre!! The countdown includes a ballad from Taichi Mukai, some funky music from Kazuyoshi Saito, and an upbeat rap from Yoshida Ayane. We are also featuring Danny Dice as our fantastic Indie Spotlight!!

10) 星野源 (Gen Hoshino) — POP VIRUS [-3]

9) King Gnu (キングヌー) — 白日 (Hakujitsu) [NEW]

8) EVE — 僕らまだアンダーグラウンド (Bokura mada andaguarundo) [NEW]

7) Nulbarich — Sweet and Sour [-1]

6) 宇多田ヒカル (Hikaru Utada) — Face My Fears [-5]

5) 斉藤和義 (Kazuyoshi Saito) — アレ (are) [NEW]

4) 吉田凜音 (Yoshida Ayane) — #film [NEW]

3) 向井太一 (Taichi Mukai) — 道 (Michi) [NEW]

2) back number — HAPPY BIRTHDAY [NEW]

1) あいみょん (Aimyon) — あした世界が終わるとしても (Ashita sekai ga owaru to shite mo) [NEW]

Indie Spotlight:
Danny Dice – Devil’s Heart

Scripted by: Miki & Hayley

Hosted by: Ethel

Quality Assured by: Miki

Audio edited & Uploaded by: Tadamichi

Ethel brings you one of producer Miki’s favorite J-pop artists for our Artist of the Month special – Yumi Matsutōya! Following the career of one of Japan’s most successful female artists. Exploring songs from her 70’s debut, through her immense popularity in the 1980’s, including a few familiar Ghibli themes, right up until her more recent releases.


10.やさしさに包まれたなら (yasashisa ni tsutsumareta nara) -(1974)

9.卒業写真 (Sotsugyō shashin)(1975)

8. 恋人がサンタクロース (Koibito ga santakurōsu)(1980)

7. 守ってあげたい (Mamotte agetai)(1981)

6. ノーサイド (North side)(1984)

5. ルージュの伝言 (Rūju no dengon)(1989)

4. 真夏の夜の夢 (Manatsu no yoru no yume)(1993)

3. Hello, my friend (1994)

2. 春よ、来い (Haruyo, koi)(1994)

1. 恋をリリース (Koi wo release)(2012)

Extra. ヨルシカ (Yorushika) –  言って (Itte) –  (2017)

Scripted by: Amanda
Hosted by: Ethel & Recca
Audio edited & Uploaded by: Tadamichi
Quality assured by: Miki

Dive into the world of Japanese and Japanese-inspired indie music with amazing interviews and songs from four past Japan Top 10 Indie Spotlight artists.

Our hosts discuss everything from inspirations to future plans with these talented musicians from all over the world – Lena (from Avocado Boys), Kufura, Electronicole, and Sugar Joiko

1) Kufura


  • Producer and DJ, starting releasing music around 4 years ago.
  • Collaborates constantly with other artists, either producing, featuring, 0r mixing.
  • From Istanbul-Turkey, but regularly gets inspiration from Japan and Japanese culture.
  • The video for his song “Don’t DIE on me” was filmed all over Japan.

Song: No Sense



  • Band from Nagoya, Japan, formed in 2017.
  • Heavily influenced by jazz, hiphop, etc.  The group wants to create happy and uplifting music that highlights the universal feeling of joy.
  • Released their first mini album “Wake Me Up!” last year.
  • Did crowd funding for their newest album that they are working on now.
  • The group wanted to invest more in their second project than their first. They also wanted to create that experience and collaboration with their fans.
  • After achieving their goal with time to spare, the group hopes to release their newest work within the next few months.
  • Are known by fans for their classy, “adult”-sounding music that portrays a grown-up feeling of happiness that is not often heard of.

Song: Angels

3) Electronicole


  • 25 year old, started releasing music in 2016 with the single “Bubble.”
  • Moved to Japan to create music in 2018.
  • Changed name from 3・1・ニコル to Electronicole.
  • She’s collaborated with people in Japan, and is a westerner in Japan
  • Electronicole is creating a new world of technopop.
  • She also does dance covers which are very cute.
  • B-side of Electronicole’s latest single 無電なガール (Muden Na Girl), which we played on our Early/Mid December 2018 countdown.

Song: Digital World

4)  Sugar Joiko


  • Artist name is Joi Keeling, but adopted the pseudonym Sugar Joiko while performing in Japan. There’s a cute backstory to the name: her friends affectionately called her “Joi-ko” (like a term of endearment to call young) and when her brother found out that that one of her friends would call her “sugar sugar Joi-ko,” he told her it should be her stage name.
  • Grew up enjoying games which featured Japanese artists, so she holds Japanese music and culture dear to her heart.
  • Is looking forward to fusing Japanese and English lyrics together in future releases
  • Sang on a TV music competition show in Japan
  • Born and raised in New Orleans, moved to Houston later in life.
  • Started out really only playing instruments, then later in life getting into vocals.
  • Sugar Joiko sings, and can play piano, drums, clarinet, keytar, saxophone, plus all of the producer and EDM gadgets.
  • Loved band in high school
  • Is going on her COSMIC LOVE TOUR 2/22-3/18.

Song: Face My Fears (Cover)

Scripted & Quality assured by: Recca

Hosted by: Erin

Audio edited & Uploaded by: Tommy Rei



10) 中森明菜(Akina Nakamori) – ミ・アモーレ(Mi Amoré)

9) フィロソフィーのダンス (Dance for Philosophy) – Dance Founder (2018)


8) 岡晴夫 (Haruo Oka) – 憧れのハワイ航路 (Akogare no Hawai Kouro) (1948)

7) 春日八郎 (Hachirō Kasuga) – あの星と語ろう (Ano Hoshi to Katarou) (1965)


6) 北岡夢子 (Yumeko Kitaoka) – もういちど逢えたら (Mou Ichido Aetara) (1989)

5) 栗林みな実 (Minami Kuribayashi) – Precious Memories (2003)


4) 寺尾聡 (Akira Terao) – ルビーの指環 (Ruby no Yubiwa) (1981)

3) MONDO GROSSO feat. bird – Life (2002)


2) 辛島美登里 (Midori Karashima) – 平凡 (Heibon)

1) 中森明菜(Akina Nakamori) – 北ウイング (Kita Wing/North Wing)

Scripted & Quality Assured by: Amanda

Hosted by: Eric

Audio Edited & Uploaded by: Hiroki

10) FlowBack — Weekend [NEW]
9) いきものがかり (Ikimonogakari) — WE DO [-1]
8) Mrs. GREEN APPLE — 僕のこと (Boku no koto) [-4] 
7) 星野源 (Gen Hoshino) — POP VIRUS [-5]
6) Nulbarich — Sweet and Sour [NEW]
5) Aimer — I Beg You [NEW]
4) go!go!vanillas — No.999 [NEW]
2) King Gnu (キングヌー) — Slumberland [+5]
1) 宇多田ヒカル (Hikaru Utada) — Face My Fears [NEW] 

This week we are diving into the greatest performances at Nippon Budokan by Japanese artists! Spanning from the 1970s until 2017, you can look forward to some nostalgia and recent favorites recorded live from on of the biggest arenas in Japan. We hope you enjoy this episode!

Scripted by: Amanda
Hosted by: Ethel
Quality Assured by: Miki
Audio Edited & Uploaded by: Hiroki


12) Malice Mizer – Le Ciel ~空白の彼方へ~ (Le Ciel ~Kuuhaku no Kanata E~) (1998)
11) 倖田 來未 (Koda Kumi) — Someday (2013)
10) Do As Infinity – 陽のあたる坂道 (2002)
9) flumpool – 花になれ (2008)
8) BAKU — ぞうきん (Zo kin) (1992)
7) Zone — 大爆発 No.1 (Dai Bakuhatsu No.1) (2005)
6) Perfume — Secret Secret (2008)
5) Pink Lady — サウスポー (Sausupo : Southpaw), UFO (1979)
4) Acid Black Cherry — 君がいない、あの日から・・・ (Kimi ga inai, ano Ni~Tsu kara) (2014)
2) The Pillows — My Foot (2009)
1) BABYMETAL — ヘドバンギャー!! (Headbanger!!) (2014)

Recca brings you her favorite J-pop artist of all time for our February Artist of the Month special – the “eternal idol” Seiko Matsuda! From her debut in 1980 up to more recent tracks, follow the career of “Seiko-chan” through a selection of both hits and some deep cut album tracks.

Scripted & Hosted by: Recca
Quality Assured by: Miki
Audio edited & Uploaded by: Tadamichi



12) 裸足の季節 (Hadashi no Kisetsu) (1980)

11) 青い珊瑚礁 (Aoi Sangoshou) (1980)

10) いちご畑でつかまえて (Ichigo Batake de Tsukamaete) (1981)

9) 白いパラソル (Shiroi Parasol) (1981)

8) 制服 (Seifuku) (1982)

7) 赤いスイートピー (Akai Sweet Pea) (1982)

6) 天国のキッス (Tengoku no Kiss) (1983)

5) ロックン・ルージュ (Rock n’ Rouge) (1984)

4) Dancing Shoes (1985)

3) 瑠璃色の地球 (Ruri Iro no Chikyuu) (1986)

2) Marrakech (マラケッシュ) (1988)

1) 薔薇のように咲いて、桜のように散って (Bara no You ni Saite, Sakura no You ni Chitte) (2016)

Scripted & Quality Assured by: Recca

Hosted by: Will

Audio Edited & Uploaded by: Tommy Rei

Our late, but great January Top-10 countdown!! With awesome songs by both up-and-coming artists and some old favorites. We’ve got everything from ballads to experimental rock, including songs from Gen Hoshino, AAA, Ikimonogakari, and RADWIMPS. You’ll also hear a fantastic retro-infused Indie Spotlight!

Song List:

10) AAA (Triple A) – 笑顔のループ (Egao no Loop) [NEW]

9) URU — プロローグ (Prologue) [-1]

8)  いきものがかり (Ikimonogakari) – WE DO [NEW]

7) King Gnu (キングヌー) – Slumberland [NEW]

6) RADWIMPS — そっけない (Sokkenai) [=]

5)  三浦大知 (Daichi Miura) — Blizzard [=]

4)   Mrs. GREEN APPLE – 僕のこと (Boku no Koto) [NEW]

3)  米津玄師 – Flamingo [re-entry]

2)    星野源 (Gen Hoshino) — POP VIRUS [-1]

1) 桑田佳祐 (Keisuke Kuwata) & The Pin Boys – レッツゴーボウリング (Let’s Go Bowling) [+9]

Indie Spotlight:

丹丹 (Dan Dan) – Riding the Wind

Scripted & Quality Assured by: Amanda

Hosted by: Andy

Audio Edited & Uploaded by: Tadamichi

In this countdown we are bringing you new hits from androp, Gen Hoshino, Daichi Miura, and more. We are also giving you brand new songs released in the new year and an amazing Indie Spotlight. Happy listening!


Song List:

10) 桑田佳祐 (Keisuke Kuwata) &The Pin Boys — レッツゴーボウリング (Let’s Go Bowling) [NEW]

9) Awesome City Club — CATCH THE ONE [NEW]

8) URU — プロローグ (Prologue) [NEW]

7) [ALEXANDROS] — アルペジオ (Arpeggio) [-3]

6) RADWIMPS — そっけない (Sokkenai) [+2]

5) 三浦大知 (Daichi Miura) — Blizzard [NEW]

4) あいみょん (Aimyon) — 今夜このまま (Konya kono mama) [-2]

3) androp — Home [NEW]

2) THE CHARM PARK — Imperfection [NEW]

1) 星野源 (Gen Hoshino) — POP VIRUS [NEW]

Indie Spotlight :  PRIDASK (プライダスク) – ストイッククラブ(Stoic Club)

Scripted by: Recca, Amanda, Hayley

Hosted by:  William, Andy, Ethel, Erin, Eric

Audio edited by: Tadamichi & Tommy Rei

Quality assured by: Amanda, Hayley, Miki

Uploaded by: Tommy Rei


50. 三代目 J Soul Brothers from EXILE TRIBE (Sandaime J Soul Brothers from Exile Tribe) – 恋と愛 (Koi to Ai)
49. sumika – ファンファーレ (Fanfaare)
48. レキシ (Rekishi) – GOEMON feat. ビッグ門左衛門 (GOEMON feat. Big Monzaemon)
47. Mrs. GREEN APPLE – 青と夏 (Ao to Natsu)
46. UNISON SQUARE GARDEN – 春が来てぼくら (Haru ga Kite Bokura)
45. RADWIMPS – カタルシスト(Catharsist)
44. ポルノグラッフィティ(Porno Graffiti) – カメレオンレンズ (Chameleon Lens)
43. Little Glee Monster – Jupiter
42. TWICE – Wake Me Up
41. aiko – ストロー (Straw)
40. MAN WITH A MISSION – Freak It! (feat. 東京スカパラダイスオーケストラ)
39. MISIA (ミーシャ) feat. HIDE (GReeeeN) – アイノカタチ (Ai no Katachi)
38. aiko – 予告 (Yokoku)
37. Official髭男dism (Official HigeDANDism) – ノーダウト (No Doubt)
35. Mr. Children – HANABI
34. 藍井エイル (Eir Aoi) – 流星 (Ryuusei)
33. ゆず (Yuzu) – うたエール (Uta Eeru)
32. 小田和正 (Kazumasa Oda) – この道を (Kono Michi o)
31. 山下達郎 (Tatsurou Yamashita) – ミライのテーマ (Mirai no Teema)
30. WANIMA – やってみよう (Yatte Miyou)
29. TWICE – Candy Pop
28. あいみょん (Aimyong) – マリーゴルド (Marigold)
27. Suchmos (サチモス) – VOLT-AGE
26. サザーンオールスターズ (Southern All Stars) – 壮年JUMP (Sounen Jump)
25. E-girls – Pain, Pain
24. back number – 大不正解 (Daifuseikai)
23. SingTuyo (シンツヨ) – KISS is my life.
22. 星野源 (Gen Hoshino) – アイディア (Idea)
21. Perfume – 無限未来 (Mugen Mirai)
20. 米津玄師 (Kenshi Yonezu) – 灰色と青 feat. 菅田将暉 (Haiiro to Ao feat. Masaki Suda)
19. 西野カナ (Kana Nishino) – I Love You
18. 新しい地図 (Atarashii Chizu) – 雨上がりのステップ (Ame Agari no Step)
17. WANIMA – シグナル (Signal)
16. 宇多田ヒカル (Hikaru Utada) – Play a Love Song
15. 福山雅治 (Masaharu Fukuyama) – 零-ZERO- (Rei ZERO)
14. DAOKO x 米津玄師 (DAOKO x Kenshi Yonezu) – 打上花火 (Uchiage Hanabi)
13. JUJU – 東京 (Tokyo)
12. 安室奈美恵 (Namié Amuro) – Hope
11. 宇多田ヒカル (Hikaru Utada) – あなた (Anata)
10. サザーンオールスターズ (Southern All Stars) – 闘う戦士たちへ愛をこめて (Tatakau Mono Tachi e Ai o Komete)
9. ONE OK ROCK – Change
8. DA PUMP – U.S.A.
7. Mr. Children – here comes my love
6. 菅田将暉 (Masaki Suda) – さよならエレジー (Sayonara Elegy)
5. SEKAI NO OWARI – サザンカ (Sazanka)
4. back number – 瞬き (Mabataki)
3. 宇多田ヒカル (Hikaru Utada) – 初恋 (Hatsukoi)
2. 星野源 (Gen Hoshino) – ドラえもん (Doraemon)
1. 米津玄師 (Kenshi Yonezu) – Lemon

Scripted by: Hayley

Hosted by: Ethel

Quality assured by: Hayley

Audio edited & Uploaded by: Hiroki

12) DIVER (2011)
11) 夜の果て (Yoru no Hate) (2008)
10) Broken Youth – (2008) 
9) マシ・マシ (2016)
8) かけら -総べての想いたちへ- (2009)
7) Mr. Echo (2013)
5) 手をたたけ (2011)
4) ストラト (2016)
3) 天地ガエシ Tenchi Gaeshi – 2014
2) Hologram (ホログラム) – 2009
1) The Bungy – 2008