List of Songs Played/流されました曲のリスト

If you’re in need of something to brighten your day, then let us spring into action with April’s JTop10 countdown. Hosts Kirby & Anna treat you to an indulgent array of new tracks, from the likes of: aiko, UVERworld, and Wanima, as this month you get to experience top tier Patreon access, as part of our listener appreciation month!  We’re not fooling! 

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Hosted by: Kirby & Anna

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  1. AS ONE – UVERworld [NEW]
  3. 未来はみないで – THE YELLOW MONKEY [NEW]
  4. スターマーカーKANA-BOON [NEW]
  5. aiko – 青空 (aozora) [-1]
  6. 紅蓮華 (Gurenge)- LiSA [Re-entry]
  7. 春を待って – WANIMA  [NEW]
  8. Official HIGE DANDism- I LOVE…[-2]
  9. Good Morning〜ブルー・デイジー feat. aiko 東京スカパラダイスオーケストラ [NEW]
  10. Mr.Children – Birthday  [+1]

Indie Spotlight: UVOGIN – みちにまよってます (Michi ni Mayottemasu)

J-Rock Extra: Dir En Grey – RED…[em] (Live)

J-pop 60’s Flashback: 石田あゆみ (Ayumi Ishida) – 太陽は泣いている (Taiyou wa Naiteiru) (1968)

Scripted & Quality Assured by: Hayley

Hosted by: Dean & Haru

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April begins our listener appreciation month! Did you notice triple the number of songs on this episode compared to our usual lineup? You’re getting our highest Patreon tiered episodes for all of this month, to enlighten everyone’s spirits up a bit during this tumultuous period of time. Find out more information on our website at

So let’s get those piña coladas at the ready, and don’t forget some classic black ray-bans, as Dean and our brand new host Haru take things back to a more retro era with Dean’s pick for Artist of The Month: Yōsui Inoue. 


12) Pi Po Pa 

11) 5月の別れ (Go-gatsu no wakare)

10) ありがとう (Featuring: Tamio Okuda 奥田民生) 

9) 夏の終わりのハーモニー (with 安全地帯) 


7) 最後のニュース 

6) 旅から旅 

5) 夢の中へ (Yumeno nakae)

4) カナリア (Canary)

3) リバーサイドホテル (Riverside Hotel)

2) 氷の世界 (Kōri no Sekai)

1) 少年時代 (Shonen jidai)

Scripted by: William
Hosted by: Eric & William
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Join Will and Eric for this episode of Japan Top 10 Cultures as we dive into the world of songs by Japanese voice actors! Featuring the music of 水樹 奈々, (Nana Mizuki), 22/7 and more!


  1. Nana Mizuki – Phantom Minds 
  2. Oldcodex (Tatsuhisa Suzuki) – Rage On 
  3. Aice5 – Be with You
  4. 22/7 – Muzui
  5. Furukawa Roppa – Akarui Nichiyōbi

Open up the pit and lets get into with a special episode all about Japanese Hardcore Punk! Join Eric as he navigates you through this genre, featuring the music of The Stalin, Gauze, and Acute.


4) The Comes – Panic

3) Gauze – Pressing On

2) The Stalin – ロマンチスト

1) Acute – Pessimist

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Hosted by: Eric 

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Scripted & Quality Assured by: Hayley

Hosted by: Kirby & Anna

Audio Edited & Uploaded by: Dean

If the pace of March is getting you down, take the weight off your shoulders, sit back and enjoy this month’s Japan Top 10 countdown with hosts Anna & Kirby as they bring you a troop of brand new songs from the likes of: Aimyon, sumika, and Mr.Children, as well as a few chart dominating tracks.


10. Nakamura Emi – 東京タワー (Tokyo Tower) [NEW]

9. 林青空 (Hayashi Aozora) – 出航日和 (Shukkoubiyori) [NEW]

8. Keisuke Kuwata and the Pin Boys – Kanashii Pro Bowler [=]

7. sumika – センス・オブ・ワンダー [NEW]

6. 家入レオ (Ieiri Reo) – 未完成 (mikansei) [NEW]

5. aiko – 青空 (aozora) [NEW]

4. King Gnu- Teenager Forever [-2]

3. Aimyon – さよならの今日に (Sayonara no kyō ni) [NEW]

2. Mr. Children – Birthday [NEW]

1. Official HIGE DANDism- I LOVE…[+1]

Indie Spotlight: Becko Skie – VOID

Our host, Ethel, brings you one of Echo’s favorite artists, Fukashigi/wonderboy, for this time’s artist of the month. 

Scripted & Quality Assured by: Echo

Hosted by: Ethel

Audio edited & Uploaded by: Johnson 

4) Pellicule

3) 風よ吹け (Kaze yo Fuke)

2) いつか来るあの日のために (Itsuka Kuru Ano Hi no You ni)

1) タマトギ (Tamatogi)

Put your sunglasses on, fire up the time machine, and get ready for a night drive through the wonderful world of City Pop! We’ll explore this wonderful genre, its surprising resurgence in popularity, its relationship to vaporwave, and its influence on today’s J-pop artists.  

Scripted by: Recca

Hosted by: Recca & Dean

Quality Assured by: Hayley

Audio edited & Uploaded by: Dean


  1. 八神純子 (Junko Yagami) – 黄昏のBay City (Tasogare no Bay City) (1983)
  2. 山下達郎 (Tatsuro Yamashita) – Silent Screamer (1980)
  3. 竹内まりや (Mariya Takeuchi) – Plastic Love (Night Tempo 100% Remastered) (2016)
  4. Especia – Boogie Aroma (2015)
  5. Satellite Young feat. Mitch Murder – Sniper Rouge (2017)

This month’s top 10 episode has been sponsored by our friends at getyourgenki! Visit them at to find more information on what they are all about!

This time we have a few songs returning and mostly songs we haven’t played before, with a grab bag of musical styles. We have queens Mariya Takeuchi and Ringo Sheena both coming back into the spotlight, as well as newer sensations like Alexandros and Official HIGE DANDism catapulting themselves up the chart as usual. We also have a special indie spotlight we’re really excited to feature, too, so stick around ‘til the end for that and enjoy. 

Scripted & Quality Assured by: Echo

Hosted by: Kirby & Anna

Audio Edited & Uploaded by: Johnson


10. Survive Said The Prophet- Bridges

9. Mariya Takeuchi- Inochi no Uta

8. Keisuke Kuwata and the Pin Boys- Kanashii Pro Bowler

7. Exile- Ai no Tame ni ~for love, for a child~

6. Tokyo Jihen- Erabarezaru Kokumin

5. Alexandros- Philosophy (18sai Remix)

4. Superfly- Flare

3. Sumika- Negai

2. Official HIGE DANDism- I LOVE…

1. King Gnu- Teenager Forever

Indie Spotlight:

針スピ子 (Supiko Hari)- もうどうにでもな〜れ (Moudou ni Demo Naare)

Anime Extra:

中川翔子 (Shoko Nakagawa) – 心のアンテナ~細野晴臣オリジナルミックス~ (Kokoro no Antenna – Haruomi Hosono Original Mix) (from Pokémon: Arceus and the Jewel of Life) (2009)

Vocaloid Extra:

初音ミク (Hatsune Miku) – World is Mine

Scripted & Quality assured by: Hayley
Hosted by: Ethel & Andy
Audio edited & Uploaded by: Tadamichi

From Japanese nature, to all things Anime, delve into the world of Japanese, and Japanese-inspired, indie music as Andy & Ethel bring the first of Japan Top 10s indie artist interviews. Discussing everything from inspirations to future plans with two talented indie musicians, past Japan Top 10 Indie Spotlight artists Jared Kubokawa and Danny Dice.

Danny Dice:
‘Early Days’ 
‘With You’

Jared Kubokawa:
‘Goodbye, I Love You’
‘The Mountain’

Cute idol singers meet heavy metal?! Let’s rock out to Kawaii Metal, a genre that seems to be a living contradiction! From pioneering group BABYMETAL to “girls’ metal” and newer indie groups, explore the breadth of this recent and interesting genre. Don’t wear yourself out headbanging!

Scripted by: Recca

Hosted by: Eric & Andy

Quality Assured by: Miki

Audio edited & Uploaded by: Johnson


4. BABYMETAL feat. F.HERO – PA.PA.YA! (2019)

3. Aldious (アルディアス) – Without You (2017)

2. ぜんぶ君のせいだ。(Zenbu Kimi no Sei da.) – WORLD END CRISIS (2016)

1. Deadlift Lolita – キミテラスサイリウム (Kimi Terasu Sairiumu) (2017)

Scripted by: Echo & Recca

Hosted by: Kirby

Quality Assured by: Andy

Audio Edited & Uploaded by: Dean

2020 is finally here,  and we’re already excited to share all of the best Japanese music that will be released this year. Thanks for tuning in, and happy new year. Make sure to tune in to our next show to see how Japan’s best artists are gonna kick off 2020 for us. 


10. 秦基博 (Motohiro Hata)- 9 Inch Space Ship [NEW]


8. Superfly – フレア (Flare) [NEW]

7. MOL – See You Again [NEW]

6. King Gnu – Teenager Forever [NEW]

5. BOYS AND MEN- Gattan Gotton Go! [NEW]

4. ビッケブランカ (Vickeblanca) – 白熊 (Shirokuma) [NEW]

3. 平井堅 (Ken Hirai)- #302 [NEW]

2. 山下達郎 (Tatsuro Yamashita) – レシピ (RECIPE) [+3]

1.sumika – 願い (Negai)  [NEW]

Scripted & Quality Assured by: Hayley

Hosted by: Anna

Audio edited & Uploaded by: Tabamichi 

What better way to see off the dusty old year, and kick start a whole new decade, than with a blinding blast of pure punk rock joy. Join Anna as she brings you her Artist of the Month pick, a band who might just be energetic enough to power the world into 2020, WANIMA.


10) DRIVE (2018)

9) Charm (2017)

8)りんどう (Rindō) (2019)

7) ヒューマン (Human) (2018) 

6) 夏のどこかへ (Natsu no doko kahe) (2019)

5) TRACE (2015)

4) For You (2016)

3) GONG (2019)

2) Again (2019)

1) シグナル (Signal) (2018)