List of Songs Played/流されました曲のリスト

Scripted by: Echo & Recca

Hosted by: Kirby

Quality Assured by: Andy

Audio Edited & Uploaded by: Dean

2020 is finally here,  and we’re already excited to share all of the best Japanese music that will be released this year. Thanks for tuning in, and happy new year. Make sure to tune in to our next show to see how Japan’s best artists are gonna kick off 2020 for us. 


10. 秦基博 (Motohiro Hata)- 9 Inch Space Ship [NEW]


8. Superfly – フレア (Flare) [NEW]

7. MOL – See You Again [NEW]

6. King Gnu – Teenager Forever [NEW]

5. BOYS AND MEN- Gattan Gotton Go! [NEW]

4. ビッケブランカ (Vickeblanca) – 白熊 (Shirokuma) [NEW]

3. 平井堅 (Ken Hirai)- #302 [NEW]

2. 山下達郎 (Tatsuro Yamashita) – レシピ (RECIPE) [+3]

1.sumika – 願い (Negai)  [NEW]

Scripted & Quality Assured by: Hayley

Hosted by: Anna

Audio edited & Uploaded by: Tabamichi 

What better way to see off the dusty old year, and kick start a whole new decade, than with a blinding blast of pure punk rock joy. Join Anna as she brings you her Artist of the Month pick, a band who might just be energetic enough to power the world into 2020, WANIMA.


10) DRIVE (2018)

9) Charm (2017)

8)りんどう (Rindō) (2019)

7) ヒューマン (Human) (2018) 

6) 夏のどこかへ (Natsu no doko kahe) (2019)

5) TRACE (2015)

4) For You (2016)

3) GONG (2019)

2) Again (2019)

1) シグナル (Signal) (2018)