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1. 毛蟹 feat. DracoVirgo​ – 清廉なるHeretics (from Fate/Grand Order

Fate/Grand Order Original Soundtrack / Game MusicWill’s thoughts: This theme from the Fate/Grand Order franchise starts off innocently enough, with some soft vocals over a calm piano. It then transitions to a hard rocking hook with a stronger showing from the singer. Overall, it’s a nice track to rock to whenever you need a cathartic release.
Fate/Grand Order Original Soundtrack I
Game Music


2. Migimimi Sleep Tight​ – MACAU: The Massive Market

The Massive Market / Migimimi sleep tightWill’s thoughts: This one’s a peculiar rock-dance fusion EDM track that I can’t really summarize into a few words. It has a strange way of getting into your head and you’ll gradually grow to like it with its own catchy beats and very stylish music video..
The Massive Market
Migimimi sleep tight


3. Shuta Sueyoshi​ – Run Away

Jack in The Box / Shuta SueyoshiWill’s thoughts: “Run Away” is a great dance track with a great beat, chorus, and hook ready for any kind of party night. The English lyrics are also pretty well sung and Sueyoshi will convince you to croon along to this infectious beat.
Jack in The Box
Shuta Sueyoshi


4. Goose House​ – 笑顔の花

Egao no Hana / Goose houseWill’s thoughts: Goose House proves once again that there’s nothing better than the harmony of musicians coming together to produce a song. “Egao no Hana” is a pleasurable tune to brighten anyone’s day and it effectively showcases the group’s talented singers and instrumentalists. If you loved hearing some of their covers on YouTube, then you’ll also love this song.
Egao no Hana
Goose house


5. LiSA​ – だってあたしのヒーロー

ASH / LiSAWill’s thoughts: I instantly recognized this as the second ending theme for the second season of My Hero Academia (Boku no Hero Academia) and the franchise’s fans won’t be disappointed by LiSA’s contribution here. This is an energetic song meant to hype the heroes within us and face the incoming day ahead of us.
ASH [CD+DVD] [Limited Pressing]


6. 宇多田 ヒカル ​- あなた

Will’s thoughts: Hikaru Utada delivers yet another soulful performance in this engaging, personal track. It’s a wonderful mix of jazz and R&B and features some of the best backing piano and jazz accompaniment in the background. As Utada’s vocals get stronger, so do the instruments. This was a great song to listen to overall. Utada fans will want to hear a piece of it to discover
another side to the J-pop diva.

Download from iTunes here: https://itunes.apple.com/jp/album/id1313602294?app=itunes


7. Little Glee Monster​ – Jupiter

juice / Little Glee MonsterWill’s thoughts: There’s a lot of emotion being outputted in Little Glee Monster’s “Jupiter.” The vocal harmony between members of the group compliment the soft piano in the background, as well as the song’s silent bits. It all comes together through an expressive effort by members of the group in the second half and is what makes this a must listen for fans, new and old.
juice [w/ DVD, Limited Edition]
Little Glee Monster


8. JSB​ – Happiness

Will’s thoughts: JSB do a great job of making you happy by listening to this aptly titled song. I can really sense the passionate feelings this track conveys and the group members do their absolute best to let their voices be heard throughout the song. If you’re a fan of J-pop boy bands, definitely give this tune a listen.

Download from iTunes here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/j-s-b-happiness-ep/1314834962


9. 椎名林檎​ ー 人生は夢だらけ

Reimport Vol.2 / Ringo SheenaWill’s thoughts: I feel like I should’ve discovered Ringo Sheena much sooner because this song of hers is on fire. This is a delightful jazz tune and I love the way she plays with her vocals throughout it. It knows when to have its big moments with the accompanying jazz band and when to use a soft piano. The song goes by pretty fast, so you’ll have to take the chance of replaying it over and over.
Reimport Vol.2 [Limited Edition]
Ringo Sheena


10. ときめき宣伝部​ ー DEADHEAT

Deadheat / Tokimeki Senden BuWill’s thoughts: Tokimeki Sendenbu delivers some much needed attitude and spunk in the idol world with this song. It’s very dynamic and fast paced in some parts, as exemplified by its music video, where the girls fight each other in a caged MMA style fight. Don’t worry, no idols were hurt in the process of making that. Nonetheless, I really like the energy this track brings and it replaces the cute culture of idols with a far more assertive tone.
Deadheat [w/ DVD, Limited Pressing]
Tokimeki Senden Bu