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Thank you to everyone who took the time to participate in our annual listener survey! We really appreciate all the comments and feedback that you have gave to us and as a result, we strive to improve based on these responses.

To ensure that we are transparent with our listeners and demonstrate that we actually heard your responses, here are a summary of responses that we have recieved on our survey. Some of them involve changes to our show, while others state what many folks have said about our show.


1. Listeners have stated that they would like to see more exclusive content on our Patreon donor’s program. We are implementing changes to the program starting in October 2017 to make it even more affordable to join the program and get all the great benefits of being a Patreon donors, click here for more details. To those who have indicated they do not have the ability to donate, we will continue to allow access to great content on our podcast like you currently enjoy, but our Patreon donors will recieve much greater exclusive content. Please understand that while we understand changes to our podcast will not sit well with some listeners, we have to ensure our resources are used towards those who allow us to improve our podcast, which in turn will allow all listeners to have a positive experience listening to our podcast.

2. Listeners have indicated their favorite genres are J-Pop and J-Rock. We will continue to maintain focus on those music genres and our music director, Jordan, will continue to maintain focus on those music genres on our podcast.

3. Listeners have indicated that they have learned a lot about Japanese music from listening to our podcast and gotten them back into listening to Japanese music. Congruent with our mission, values and vision, we maintain our commitment to continuing to introduce our listeners to Japanese music!

4. Our listeners love our new host DC. She’s absolutely flattered by all your positive comments. And she is here to stay on our show!

5. Quality of our audio recordings needs to be improved. While we continue to invest in hiring some of the most talented and passionate folks across the world to join our podcast, one thing we have little control is with the audio recording equipment our hosts use. We have stated in the past that the reason why is that we lack monetary funds to invest in such equipment. However, our Patreon donors gives us the leverage to invest in such equipment, though we have significant funding gaps yet to fill before we can invest in purchasing better microphones for our hosts to use. As much as we want to improve the quality on this end, we cannot make something from nothing. Please consider donating to our show, either through our Patreon program or you can submit an one-time donation, using the donation button located on the sidebar (if you are viewing us on a desktop) or on our homepage.


Thanks again for all your participation in our third annual official survey. We really appreciated all your comments and we will maintain our commitments to strive for the best podcasting show that follows and listens to the needs of our listeners.

That is all for the specific concerns over our podcast with regards to the comments made in the survey. We have some additional improvements that we are going to make in the coming months and our listeners will definitely notice these positive changes onto our podcast.
Furthermore, if there is a concern, feedback or any comments you would like to make for our show, just pop us an email any time at and we would gladly hear more from you, the listener!

BTW, if you were selected as a winner to the survey, you would have recieved an email from us. Also, we have announced your name in our latest September Artist of the month episode with Ethel!

– Your Japan Top 10 Leads, September 3, 2017.

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