Update August 29, 2019: Survey has since concluded. Our winner has been selected and his name is Paul V! Please see your email for instructions on how to claim your prize (and do it within 30 days, cuz otherwise you will lose this opportunity!). We will also announce this winner on our September 2019 Top 10 Countdown with Kirby! To see what changes we are implementing as a result of your comments from our 2019 survey, please see this page. In JP, click here.


Our annual survey is now out! We want to hear from our listeners about our podcast and how we can improve our show and everyone’s listening experience. This survey will take about 5 to 10 minutes to complete.

One lucky listener who completes this survey will receive a FREE $50 Costco Cash Card (US/CAD only) or a $50 Amazon Gift Card (US/CAD or to the listener’s home country currency’s rate). FYI, you do not need a Costco membership to use Costco Cash Cards!

You can complete the survey by clicking here or scroll below to fill out the survey on this page.

We ask all participants to read our privacy policy before completing this survey, as it applies to this survey and this website as well. Click here to read our privacy policy.





The purpose of the survey is to:

1. Gain insight into the demographics of our current listeners of our podcast show and curate needs to the demographic data.

2. Understand the needs of listeners and areas of necessary improvement on the podcast.

3. Highlight current areas of excellence on the podcast and continue to emphasize on those areas.

4. Provide a generalized information profile about the listeners of our podcast show to potential advertisers.

5. Potentially modifying and/or adjusting current practices of producing the podcast to meet needs of listeners.


1. ポッドキャストのリスナー層を知り、そのリスナー層に合ったポッドキャストを作成する

2. リスナーのニーズを理解し、ポッドキャストの改善すべき点を理解する

3. ポッドキャストの長所を理解し、今後も伸ばす

4. リスナーの一般的な情報を潜在的な広告主に提供する

5. リスナーのニーズに合わせるため、現在のポッドキャスト製作方法を変更する可能性を探る

This survey WILL NOT:

1. Sell any personal information from any respondents to a third-party.

2. Provide any third-party specific information regarding a specific respondent’s survey answers, UNLESS required by law.

3. Market any products to potentially sell to participants.


1. 第三者への個人情報の販売は行いません

2. 法律で要求されない限り、特定の回答者の内容を第三者へ提供いたしません

3. アンケートに参加していただいた方々へ物品の販売は行いません

Rules of the prize giveaway for completing the survey:

1. ONE entry per person ONLY. Listeners can submit their entry by completing the survey in English or Japanese.

2. Winners will be announced on September 1, 2019 online and on the next following episode on Japan Top 10. Winners will also be notified personally through an email.

3. Contest and survey ends on August 29, 2019 at 11:59am EST.


5. All possible entrants will notice a confirmation page once they have completed the survey. Entrants will NOT be notified by email, UNLESS they are selected the winner. The confirmation page denotes us receiving your entry and no further action will be necessary.

6. The winners’ first name and first letter of their last name will be announced online and on-air. By entering this contest, you give us permission to publicly acknowledge your first name and first letter of your last name on our podcast (online and on-air). This is in accordance with our privacy policy.

7. Current and past MTI Countdowns, KTop 10 and Japan Top 10 staff ARE NOT ELIGIBLE TO ENTER INTO THIS CONTEST

8. Costco, Amazon or any third party companies are NOT affiliated with this contest or survey.

9. The winner may choose between a $50 Costco Cash Card if they are from Canada or USA (respective to their country’s currency) OR a $50 USD Amazon Gift Card (respective to the winner’s country’s exchange rate, except for Canadians, who will receive an amount of $50 CAD). WINNER DOES NOT NEED A COSTCO MEMBERSHIP TO USE COSTCO CASH CARD.

10. The contest is open to any resident of any country that is not sanctioned by the governments of Canada or USA, however, if the listener wins from a country that does not have an Amazon store (and not from Canada or USA), they will receive a default amount of $50 USD to the Amazon.com store.

11. Costco Cash Card will be delivered to the winner’s physical address. Order will be sent out as soon as winner provides their address through their confirmation of winning email. Amazon gift card will be delivered through email (electronic gift card), after confirming their winning email. MTI Countdowns is NOT responsible or liable for the delivery of the gift cards, though every effort will be made to ensure accuracy.

12. In an event where the winner does not respond back to the personal email sent from us notifying their win for more than thirty (30) days, their entry will become disqualified however, a new winner will NOT be chosen.

13. Winners of past KTop 10 or Japan Top 10 contests are not eligible to enter in for this contest. However, they are still welcome to complete the survey.

14. There will not be any prize substitutions; prizes are final.

15. Value of the prize is approximately $50 USD or $50 CAD.

16. Rules of this contest may be changed, depending on our decisions, at any time during the contest period.


1. 一人当たりエントリーできるのは一回のみです。英語もしくは日本語のいずれかでお答えいただけます。

2. 2019年9月1日に結果をウェブサイトおよびJapan Top10の放送で発表いたします。選ばれた方々にはEmailで別途ご連絡いたします。

3. 2019年8月29日米東部時間の午前11:59にコンテストとアンケートは終了します。

4. コンテストに参加するために、料金の支払いや購入は必要ありません。購入か料金を払ったとしても勝率が上がることはありません。

5. アンケートを終了すると、通知ページが表示されます。こちらからメールを送ることはなく、確認画面がアンケート終了の証明となります。

6. 当選者の名前と苗字の最初のアルファベットをウェブサイトと放送で発表いたします。このコンテストに参加いただく際には、名前と苗字の頭文字をウェブサイトとエピソードで公開することになる点を了承ください。この点は、プライバシーポリシーに則っています。

7. MTIカウントダウン、KTop10、Japan Top10の現ナビゲーター、もしくは過去にナビゲーターを勤めた方は参加することができません。


9.当選者の方は、50ドル分のコストコカード(アメリカもしくはカナダ在住の場合のみ。各国の通貨で50ドル分)もしくは50ドル分のアマゾンギフト券(カナダの方は50カナダドル分、それ以外の国では各国のレートで50米ドル分) からお選びいただけます。コストコカードを使用する為にコストコメンバーになる必要はございません。



12. こちらからの当選のメールに対して、30日間返事がなかった場合は、失格となりますが、新たな当選者を選ぶことはありません。

13. 過去KTop10、Japan Top10で当選した方は、このコンテストに参加する事は出来ません。しかし、アンケートには是非ご回答いただけますよう、お願いいたします。

14. 賞品内容を変更することはありません。

15. 賞品の価値は50米ドルもしくは50カナダドルです。

16. コンテスト開催中にルールが変わる場合があります。