Thank you to all our listeners who provided their feedback on our annual survey. Like we do each year, we make sure to respond back to everyone’s feedback, so that we can address some of your concerns about our podcast. We hope this transparency allows us to further improve our relationship with our listeners and the podcast as well.

  1. When we asked you guys what you want to see out of our Patreon program, there was a question about having our Patreon episodes on our third party softwares such as Spotify/iHeartRadio/Google Play, etc… The reason why we cannot offer this support for our Patreon members/episodes, is because of limitations from our these third party applications. They do not allow individuals to enter in a RSS feed, unlike the iTunes podcast application, which lets you to do so. If we were to put in our Patreon program’s RSS feed on these third party apps, it would become public and everyone will be able to see it. We cannot make a RSS feed “private”, this is not a feature that is technically available. Until these popular third party podcasting applications allow individuals to manually input a RSS feed, we cannot offer support to these applications on our Patreon program. Patreon episodes can continue to be heard on their site and also on some third party podcasting apps like iTunes (or Apple’s podcast app), Overcast, Podcast Addict and some more. More info is here:
  2. There are some questions about buying/downloading each song on our episodes. We have previously used CD Japan to link our songs (so listeners can purchase them on there); in the coming months, we are moving away from CD Japan and look at including YouTube playlist links onto our episode pages so listeners can find/listen to the songs we played on an episode. For our monthly song reviews, we are already providing YouTube video links to each song we feature and we also have links to where to download them, ie, iTunes, Amazon, etc…
  3. Also there are suggestions for listener music polls; we are starting to roll these outs in our social media pages, but we will make a consideration to do so for further inclusion into our website and episodes as well. However, this will require listener engagement and for more than just one listener to vote their favorite songs, so if we do throw up a poll, we have to be certain that listeners will provide their input, otherwise, it won’t be effective to be utilized on an episode. Also, we do have listeners who do really just want to hear what we personalize for them on the podcast, rather than having us ask their input for music, which is a key to our podcast (and radio in general), where a playlist is catered to the music tastes of an audience member.
  4. To also be clear about submitting episode themes, this a feature we offer to our Premium Plus donors in our Patreon club. If you part of our Patreon program in the Premium Plus tier, you are welcome at any time to provide suggestions about episode themes.
  5. Most listeners are fine with our current mix of collaborative and solo hosted episodes. In addition, most listeners also prefer a mix of hosts in the collaborative episodes, rather than having consistent hosts in our collaborative episodes. We will maintain status quo in this case and thank everyone for their feedback about this question.
  6. Most of our listeners would like us to start featuring cultural discussions in our podcast, aside from just playing and commenting about Japanese music culture. We are utilizing your suggestions to formulate a “beta” discussion and culture focused Japan Top 10 episode. We realize this may not be for everyone, as there are listeners who voiced they want to continue to hear music on our podcast and not to worry, we will continue to feature music in our podcast; we would like to diversify our focus to include more Japanese culture into our show. This “beta” episode may be released some time later this year, however, we have not fortified any ideas at this point yet and will release more details as they become available in the coming months.
  7. Audio levels are not consistent- we are aware of this issue and will bring it forward to our team. We have recently hired a new audio editor into the team and his focus is dedicated to improving the audio quality of our podcast.

If there is something that we missed to address and you would like us to bring forward, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us any time. Send us an email at about any questions, concerns or anything you want us to know. We are always available to hear what our listeners want from us and build a podcast that is specially catered to the needs of our listeners. This is one of our mission statements of our organization and will continue to spearhead for the betterment of everyone’s listening experience!

– Japan Top 10 team

September 21, 2018