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1. 平井 堅- 知らないんでしょ?

Shiranaindesho? / Ken HiraiEric’s thoughts: This number has a mournful, jazzy feel to it. Ken’s voice is still on point, add an emotion depth to the song that other artists may not have. The abrupt end leaves a dramatic note hanging in the air for the listener to think about and absorb. 8/10
Ken Hirai


2. 水樹奈々- BLUE ROSE

The Museum / Nana MizukiEric’s thoughts: The opening accordion adds a nice old European touch to this song. It’s use, as well as the string section, gives the song an almost Gothic feel. The shifting rhythms and dynamic vocals add an emotional and dramatic punch. 7/10
The Museum III [CD+Blu-ray]
Nana Mizuki


3. 宇多田ヒカル- Play A Love Song

Hatsukoi / Hikaru UtadaEric’s thoughts: I’m always happy to hear that Utada has a new song out. She balances lyrics that can on the bittersweet side beautifully with more upbeat music. This particular song is about one half of a couple asking the other to not focus on the troubles that they may have, as the good times and the love that they share are ultimately what they will want to remember. 8/10
Hikaru Utada



ODD FUTURE / UVERworldEric’s thoughts: This song, the season 3 OP for Boku no Hero Academia, never lets you sink your teeth too far into any one specific sound before they alter or add a new twist on the preceding sample. The vocals follow this trend, ranging from autotuned pop to a more rhythmic almost hip hop style. It rounds out with a nice little saxophone solo at the end. 6/10
ODD FUTURE [Limited Pressing / Anime Ver.]


5. ゲスの極み乙女。- もう切ないとは言わせない

Tatakatte Shimauyo / Gesu no Kiwami Otome.Eric’s thoughts: I love this groups use of arrangement and audio mix to bring the most out of all the instruments. The band displays their musical maturity through the thoughtful and progressive rhythm and style changes throughout the song, changing from pop to rock to a great jazzy breakdown towards the end. 9/10
Tatakatte Shimauyo [w/ DVD, Limited Edition]
Gesu no Kiwami Otome.


6. HUSKING BEE – 夜と霧の中で

Eric’s thoughts: Husking Bee’s brand of eearly 90’s alt rock is fully on display here. Fans of bands like Eastern Youth or American groups like Jimmy Eat World will definitely find joy in the interweaving guitar work of playful punchy rhythms. 7/10
Lacrima / Husking Bee


7. FES☆TIVE – 大和撫子サンライズ

Yamatonadeshiko Sunrise / FES TIVEEric’s thoughts: The group uses the seemingly current trend of thrash metal guitar riffs with dance pop beats, but not in a way that feels original. A rather forgettable song for me. 3/10
Yamatonadeshiko Sunrise [Type A]


8. Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas – Treasure in Your Hands

Greedy / Fear, and Loathing in Las VegasEric’s thoughts: The group from Kobe are ready to take you through a electro metal wonderland. Everything from the drums to the auto tuned vocals are tinged with technology and turned up to eleven. They have a small hardcore breakdown, but rather than dwell in the aggressive, they bring back the energy to the forefront of the song. It’s the music equivalent of playing Dance Dance Revolution in the middle of a mosh pit. 6/10
Greedy [w/ DVD, Limited Edition / Type A]
Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas


9. Sawagi – City Bounce (Rock Star Solo Mix)

Kabo Wabo / SawagiEric’s thoughts: Sawagi is a band that you can tell genuinely enjoy performing together. What could be a run of the mill guitar solo piece sidesteps a lot of the traps that are inherent in the genre. Instead of shining a solitary spotlight on Kannon, the guitarist in question, the band happily takes advantage of the ‘bounce’ that gives the song it’s title. And while Kannon does shred some great licks, he also good about finding and exploiting the rhythm of the song to great effect. 7/10
Kabo Wabo


10. LADYBABY – ホシノナイソラ

Hoshi no Nai Sora / LADYBABYEric’s thoughts: Ladybaby are back with a vengeance! This song kicks off and doesn’t let up with some great speed metal drumming and metalcore vocals from one of the three new members, Emily Arima. The band has certainly regained some of the focus that they’ve been missing as of late, delivering a tune that will certainly speak to those of us that remember listening to bands like Dragonforce. And for those missing Ladybeard, it’s been confirmed that he will be appearing on a future B-Side release. 7/10
Hoshi no Nai Sora [Regular Edition]