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1. Bank Band with Salyu MESSAGE -メッセージ

William’s thoughts: Bank Band delivers a heartfelt performance with Message. While a good number of rock bands go for the hard, energetic sound, Bank Band chooses a subtle mix of guitar, drums, and strings to create an emotional tune. Guest vocalist Salyu brings a gentle tone to the second half of the song, which complements the lead vocalist towards a powerful ending to the song. If you want to hear something more uplifting in your rock playlist, then consider adding Message to your list.


2. Mrs. GREEN APPLE – 青と夏

Ao to Natsu / Mrs. GREEN APPLEWilliam’s thoughts: Used just in the time for the manga and live action drama of the same name, Ao to Natsu is another high energy rock song from Mrs. GREEN APPLE. It certainly captures the feeling of what it is like in high school, along with the high emotions and life changing events awaiting all of us. If you ever want to feel inspired or motivated to do something out of your comfort zone, Ao to Natsu is a great song to get you pumped up to do that.
Ao to Natsu [w/ DVD, Limited Edition]


3. 菅田 将暉 – ロングホープ・フィリア

Play / Masaki SudaWilliam’s thoughts: Masaki Suda’s theme song for the upcoming My Hero Academia movie is an impactful song to jam with your friends and family. Suda delivers an engaging performance throughout the song that captures the theme of the film and the franchise as a whole. All I can say is that My Hero Academia fans will enjoy this musical offering once the movie debuts in North America.
Play [w/ DVD, Limited Edition]
Masaki Suda


4. [alexandros] – Mosquito Bite

Mosquito Bite / [ALEXANDROS]William’s thoughts: Yet another theme song used for a live action film, Mosquito Bite is the anthem of the Japanese live action adaptation of the manga series Bleach. What I really like here is the awesome guitar hook and catchy drum beats that are consistently played. The chorus works really well with the hook and is good enough to rock out to at a party. Towards the end, there’s a really great instrumental portion that perfectly closes things out, so make sure you hear it the next time you play Mosquito Bite.
Mosquito Bite [Limited Release]


5. 山崎彩音 – ナイトロジー

Metropolis / Ayane YamazakiWilliam’s thoughts: Ayane Yamazaki has a really relaxed, cool vibe going on in this song. There’s just enough guitar in it to classify this song as rock, but it’s far from being high energy and intense. Yamazaki makes this a pleasant night time listen, with a really good chorus and instrumentation to close things off.
Ayane Yamazaki


6. butaji – I Love You

Kokuhaku / butajiWilliam’s thoughts: Butaji combines elements of jazz, rock, and hip hop in the single I Love You. It all comes together pretty well throughout the song and the backing vocals really compliment the low sound of the lead vocalist. Overall, I think this would make the perfect date song.


7. MANON feat. Ryan Hemsworth – COCO BOI ROMANCE

Teenage Diary / MANONWilliam’s thoughts: Ryan Hemsworth and MANON have teamed up to create a catchy EDM inspired pop tune. The weird techno synths add the song’s already infectious chorus, hook, and backbeats. MANON’s cute vocals work well with Hemsworth’s instrumentals and overall delivers something worth dancing to in a nightclub.
Teenage Diary


8. 伊藤美来 – 恋はMovie

Koi wa Movie / Miku ItoWilliam’s thoughts: If you wanted to hear something positive and cherry, look no further than Miku Ito’s happy-go-lucky single. The backing horns and light rock instruments showcase Ito’s cherriness throughout the song. The music video of the song shows her directing a film of her own choice, bringing her bright positivity to the big screen. Blast this tune on whenever you’re having a down day to get your high spirits back.
Koi wa Movie [w/ DVD, Limited Edition / Type B]
Miku Ito



IF / GOSPELS OF JUDASWilliam’s thoughts: Area 51 by GOSPELS OF JUDAS is a moody rock track with a great combination of guitar and drum instrumentation to keep it an energetic song. There’s a really great guitar solo in the middle of the song worth listening to. All in all, Area 51 proves to be a solid rock offering from a pretty good band.


10. SIRUP – Do Well

SIRUP EP2 / SIRUPWilliam’s thoughts: SIRUP brings a cool jazz vibe to a mellow jazz-hip hop inspired tune. His vocals throughout the song bring a pretty catchy hook and a pleasant listening experience. Apart from being somewhat simple, Do Well works as an evening summer song to jam or listen with your closest friends.