Welcome to the new year everyone and here at Japan Top 10, we are excited to bring you more great episodes for the 2019 year! We have a few changes/new additions to let everyone know so please read forward if you are interested in learning more about our upcoming plans for 2019.


  • 1. More music for Premium Plus Donors: Starting in 2019, Artist of the Month episodes + specially themed episodes will have 2 bonus tracks reserved exclusively for Premium Plus donors. That means, Premium Plus donors will get a total of 12 tracks in total for Artist of the month + specially themed episodes! Our Premium and public listeners will continue to receive the same length of episodes as before, no further changes will be made to change any content that these listeners will get.
  • 2. More Japan Top 10 Cultures: Overall, we had some great feedback from our listeners on our first pilot episode of Japan Top 10 Cultures, thus we are going to move forward with creating more episodes in 2019! So far, we have planned to release 2 simultaneously in February though one of those episodes will only be reserved for our Patreon Donors (but will be re-released to the public in May). We are still working on the scheduling portion of these episodes for the rest of 2019, but stay tuned, we will have more information about how these episodes will be integrated into our regular schedules.
  • 3. More indie artist/music: Japan Top 10 has always strives to showcase new and upcoming Japanese music talent from right around the world. In 2019, we will be more committed than ever to showcase more indie groups/musicians including conducting interviews to personally learn more about each individual’s approach towards creating Japanese music & being in the Japanese indie music scene. Stay tuned to our regular top 10’s for special Japanese indie music segments and to our future specials (including our Cultures episode) for interviews!
  • 4. More listener appreciation months: Listener appreciation months will be back in the beginning of 2019 starting in the month of February! Then we’ll have another in May! For more details about our listener appreciation months, please see this page: https://jtop10.mymti.org/listener-appreciation-months/
  • 5. More contests: We will be creating more contests in 2019 with more amazing prizes to be handed out to our listeners, during our listener appreciation months and also during certain seasons of the year. Stay tuned into our podcast and find out all the contests/prizes we have lined up for everyone!
  • 6. More surprises: Hey, we won’t give away all our secrets for 2019 just yet! Stay tuned to find out what we have planned for the rest of 2019!


– Japan Top 10 Team

January 1, 2019