A little about myself:

Hello there! My name is Joanna and I’ll be working as an audio editor and content producer to continue improving my production and editing skills. I was introduced to anime and manga in my early teen years by my classmates and friends – Your Lie in April, Violet Evergarden, Haikyuu, and Studio Ghibli films being the most notable ones I still enjoy to this day.I also enjoy videography, photography, journalling, stationery, and travelling. Spring is my favourite season because of all the blooming flowers, and I hope to visit Japan someday during the cherry blossom season to experience Hanami (花見) and visit my friend’s hometown in Okayama!I’m looking forward to exploring more Japanese artists, songs and genres, and learning more about Japanese culture. JTop10 has a lot of new content coming up, so I’m excited to help out in producing future episodes for listeners to enjoy!

J-artists I’m currently listening to: YOASOBI, Yuuri, Aimer, Masaki Suda, Fujii Kaze, Anri, Kenshi Yonezu, Joe Hisaishi, Ikimonogakari and a bit of ONE OK ROCK and Yorushika

Japanese Film Recommendations:

• (糸) Threads – Our Tapestry of Love (starring Masaki Suda and Nana Komatsu)
• Your Lie in April – Live Action (staring Kento Yamazaki and Suzu Hirose)


Email: joanna@jtop10.jp