A little about myself:

Hi, I’m Luisa. I was born and raised in Hong Kong. I love Japanese food, Jpop, Jdramas and matcha especially xd. I’ve been watching Jdramas since I was 3 and it got me to the world of Japanese music. I also ended up minoring in Japanese studies in college. I grew up listening to Yui, Arashi, ayaka, AAA, superfly, Sekai No Owari, Greeen, Nishino Kana, aimyon … My new favourites are Official Hige dism, RyokuoushokuShakai, Yurri, Atarashii Gakko, Vaundy and Mrs Green Apple… I also love singing, playing piano and translating lyrics, I have an Instagram account which I upload covers: lulalula_musical_


Email: luisa@jtop10.jp