List of Songs Played/流されました曲のリスト

Skincare is deeply rooted in all cultures, but each country has a unique approach. And perhaps no country is as refined and dedicated as Japan in its philosophy to skincare, which actually dates back more than a thousand years. To understand J-beauty, we have to understand its heritage and history. In this Cultures Episode, follow Ai and Haru for a pamper session and a deep dive into the wonderful world of J-beauty!

Scripted & Quality Assured By: Kelsey

Hosted by: Ai & Haru

Audio edited & Uploaded by: Illya


1. Eriko Tamura – Locomotion Dream (1989)

2. Noriyuki Makihara – Kioku (2018)

3. Toshinobu Kubota – You Go Lady (2018)

4. Superfly – Happy Day (2018)

5. Ryoma Inoue – Negai (2020)

Join Haru and Dean as they bring you the latest in our series of Japan Top 10 Artist Interviews, featuring two amazing punk-pop rock bands Puffy Shoes & N-16.

Scripted & QAed by: Hayley M
Hosted by: Dean & Haru
Audio edited & Uploaded by: Vincent


Puffy Shoes
1: I’m Sorry Not Sorry
2: I Might Be In Love

3: Kawaii Ano Ko
4: Bed In

What better way to start off a brand new year than by joining, new to Japan Top 10, Hayley G and Dean for January’s J-Top10 countdown! Whether you’re feeling the need for a silent moment or it’s time to get loud we have all the biggest J-rock and J-pop hits waiting for you from the likes of LiSA, SEKAI NO OWARI, and milet, as well as this months brand new indie spotlight Keef Anthony!

Scripted & Quality Assured by: Hayley M

Hosted by: Hayley G & Dean
Audio Edited & Uploaded by: Jerome


10) Chemical Heart feat. Masato from coldrain – Five New Old [New]

9) 青春病 (Seishun Sick) – 藤井 風 (Fujii Kaze) [Re-entry]

8) Get Loud – 向井太一 (Mukai Taichi) [New]

7) 僕のSOS (boku no SOS) – Mahina [New]

6) silent – SEKAI NO OWARI [=]

5) 虹 (Niji) – 菅田将暉 (Masaki Suda) [-3]

4) Who I Am – milet [New]

3)  あいまいでいいよ (Aimai de iiyo) – 羊文学 (Hitsujibungaku) [New]

2) 炎 (Homura) (Flame) –  LiSA [-1]

1) 感電 (Kanden)- 米津玄師 (Kenshi Yonezu) [Re-entry]

Extra songs:

Indie Spotlight: Let Me – Keef Anthony

Today’s episode hosted by Ethel and Anna is all about the multi-talented Masaharu Fukuyama. The Nagasaki-born superstar isn’t only one of the most recognizable faces on Japanese television, but also one of the most popular singer-songwriter since the debut of his first single in 1990. Just this month, he released a new album, AKIRA, delighting die-hard fans all over the world. Be prepared to be serenaded by these ever-green ballads from Fukuyama – who was once voted Japan’s most eligible bachelor!

Scripted & Quality Assured by: Kelsey

Hosted by: Ethel & Anna

Audio Edited & Uploaded by: Johnson


4) Kazoku Ni Narou Yo (家族になろうよ) (2011)

3) Sakura Zaka (桜坂) (2000)

2) Saiai (最愛) (2009)

1) Shinon (心音) (2020)